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Melaleuca promotes Frank VanderSloot to exec. chairman and Jerry Felton to CEO

by Maciej Maciejewski

On the way to success, one thing is certain – changes. In any business. Melaleuca has appointed Frank VanderSloot as executive chairman of its board of directors and has promoted Jerry Felton to chief executive officer.

Frank VanderSloot in his new full-time position as executive chairman, VanderSloot will focus on key initiatives such as corporate strategy, messaging, new product development, and corporate culture. He will continue to manage the company’s marketing and legal departments while training leaders across the company in management principles that have been critical to Melaleuca’s success. He also plans to spend more time teaching leadership principles to independent marketing executives throughout the world.

VanderSloot has served as Melaleuca’s CEO since he founded the company in September 1985 with just seven employees and eight products. Since then, he has led the development of the company’s innovative product line, guided its growth. In time, Melaleuaca has become a global enterprise that generates over $2 billion annual revenue.

Melaleuca emphasizes that VanderSloot’s transition to executive chairman of the board of directors is not retirement; he is not stepping down or even slowing down.

Jerry Felton, as the new CEO, will handle the day-to-day operations of Melaleuca. Felton will report directly to VanderSloot. Felton now heads all sales and operations of Melaleuca in the 20 countries and territories where it operates.

Since 2017, Felton was the president of Melaleuca. Prior to that, he worked for five years as the company’s senior vice president of international. He started at Melaleuca in March 2009 as senior vice president of sales, bringing with 17 years of experience as an executive at UPS, a leading shipping company in the world.

– Jerry has been extremely instrumental in the record-breaking growth that Melaleuca has experienced around the world. He is an exceptionally talented leader who inspires his teams to elevate strategy, communication, and processes throughout Melaleuca’s global operations. Jerry is an excellent example of passion, leadership, and innovative thinking, and he is extremely well prepared to take on this new role as the CEO of all of Melaleuca – VanderSloot said.

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