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Kim & Robert Kiyosaki. Interview about network marketing, business and investments

by Maciej Maciejewski

Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim started from scratch and became rentiers in less than ten years, achieving financial independence. Robert was born in Hawaii into a fourth-generation Japanese-American family. After graduating from high school, he studied in New York, and having received his diploma, joined the US Navy and was sent to Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot with the rank of officer.

Kim & Robert Kiyosaki

After returning from war, he began his career in business. In 1977, he founded a company that was the first to market “surf wallets” made of nylon with Velcro closure. This product – winning over world markets – earned the company many millions of dollars. In 1985, he left the world of business and together with his friends founded an international educational company that operates in seven countries, teaching tens of thousands of graduates about business and investing. At the age of 47, Robert Kiyosaki went into “retirement,” doing what he liked best: investing.

Robert Kiyosaki had “two fathers.” A biological one, who had a PhD and was the head of the Hawaii Department of Education, who never had enough money to make ends meet and who died very indebted. The other one, who dropped out of school at the age of 13, managed to fulfil his life plans and became one of the richest people in Hawaii. Kiyosaki owes his success to both of them – although their advice was very different.

Kiyosaki authored books that have remained at the top of the world’s bestsellers for over a dozen years and have become an invaluable source of knowledge and an impulse to work for many salespeople operating in network marketing and direct sales. Keeping in mind the increasing gap between those who have money and those who do not, he created an educational board game called CASHFLOW, which teaches the rules previously known only to the rich – how to deal with money.

Kim entered the business world when she was hired by the best advertising agency in Honolulu. At the age of 25, she ran the advertising department of a local business magazine. Soon after, an entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed in Kim. Two years later, she founded her first business – a clothing company, with a distribution network throughout the country. Soon after founding this company, together with Robert, she created another one that dealt with teaching business and entrepreneurship around the world. The business grew and had 11 branches in 7 countries. Tens of thousands of people benefited from their seminars and business trainings.

In 1989, Kim began her real estate career with the purchase of a small 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom rental home in Portland, Oregon. Today, Kim’s real estate investment company buys, sells and manages multi-million-dollar real estate. For over 20 years, she traveled with Robert around the world, sharing her knowledge about money and investing with millions of people. During the journey, Kim saw the need to write a book on investing. One that will be directed especially to women and that will offer a new perspective on the issue. Rich Woman, Kim’s first book, was released in June 2006. A month later, it was on the Business Week’s bestseller list, and is now an international bestseller.

Robert Kiyosaki’s lectures include areas such as: investing to achieve high return on investment while maintaining low risk; ways of educating children to prepare them to accumulate wealth; setting up and selling companies. All the issues raised by the author have one main goal:

To awaken the financial talent that we all possess. A talent waiting for our signal.

Anna Lipa: Robert, you have authored many great books. I would like to know what inspired you to write them.

Robert Kiyosaki: I wrote my first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, based on the true story of my two fathers. My poor father was a teacher in the state of Hawaii. A very good man, well-educated, but, as we know, most teachers know very little about money. Our family had financial trouble, my father worked hard and although he earned a lot of money, in the end he died with nothing. My rich dad was the father of my best friend. He wasn’t as well-educated, but he became a rich man. I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad because I saw that many other families, like mine, consisted of educated and extremely hardworking, really good people. They couldn’t understand why, no matter how hard they worked, they could never get anywhere financially. They could have afforded a nice house and a good car, but to keep it that way, they had to work even harder. That is why I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. My heart sank as I saw many families trying to achieve something, but without proper financial education, they would always fail. People fail to understand why the rich get richer and they can’t get rich. That’s why I wrote the first book. I’m still writing because I believe we need more financial education in schools. For some reason we don’t have it and I don’t like looking at people having financial problems. Kim has written Rich Woman.

Anna Lipa: Kim, and what prompted you to write your book?

Kim Kiyosaki: That’s interesting because in the last 10 years, since Robert’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad became so popular worldwide, we have traveled to many countries, many cities, where Robert conveyed the message of Rich Dad Poor Dad and I would stand on the stage for 10-15 minutes and surprisingly, I would be surrounded by women each time. Regardless of the city or country, the same topic and the same questions would arise. It is obvious that, according to statistics, more and more women in the USA, as may as 47% at the age of 50 are single due to divorce, so most of these women have to take care of themselves financially. Another example is women born during the baby boom, now between the ages of 40 and 60. 58% of these women, or around 10,000, will retire, and one in two will spend the rest of their lives in poverty, while 80% of them were not poor as long as their husbands lived. Bottom line: husbands dies, and the women have to deal with the finances themselves. But they don’t know what to do because they don’t have good education. These are statistics from the US, but this trend is now very similar in most other countries around the world. What surprised me is that many of these women around the world have not received financial education.

Anna Lipa: So, do you think education affects a woman’s success?

Kim Kiyosaki: Yes. It’s all about education, and both Rich Woman and Rich Dad Poor Dad are books on financial education.

Anna Lipa: Currently there are approx. 650 thousand people in Poland involved in direct selling and network marketing. About 92% of them are women. The situation is similar in other countries. Are you able to explain this phenomenon?

Kim Kiyosaki: Yes, I know; in the USA, Poland and Great Britain the number of women in small business is constantly on the rise. I believe this is a sign of the present day and of what I was talking about – the rising rate of divorce and women choosing to live alone. More and more of us find ourselves in a situation where we ourselves have to take responsibility for our financial security. While network marketing is a way for a woman to start with little capital and be surrounded by people who share the same principles, support their goals and dreams, it is logical that if women want to start a small business, network marketing is one of the easiest roads to do this available to them.

Robert Kiyosaki: They can also start at home, help their husband financially, and support the home budget. They can start their own business, work according to their own schedule. So, network marketing has many of the advantages that working for a large company does not.

Kim Kiyosaki: Especially when women have children and need to be home with them; a business like network marketing is very convenient for them.

Anna Lipa: We mentioned direct selling and network marketing. You often touch upon these topics in your books. Why do you think people are so interested in this form of business?

Robert Kiyosaki: One of the reasons I support network marketing is our school system. My “Poor Dad” wanted me to be an employee and become a doctor, lawyer or small business sales specialist. And the reason I support network marketing and direct selling is because they teach you to be an entrepreneur. And that’s actually how you build your business. And when you build a business you have other people working for you. But what you actually do in MLM is not hiring employees. What I like about direct selling and network marketing is that you actually train people to be entrepreneurs themselves. And it is these people who drive this system and thanks to them this system grows. My job, and I own several companies, is always finding the best people, and that is very important. People like my “Poor Dad” must be educated, wise, etc. But they are not looking for other people, they are looking for a job. People in MLM, in turn, are looking for other people; they build a business, and when their business is large enough, they may have enough profits to last them another 5 years and can start investing and move on financially. And that is the main reason why I promote network marketing – because my “Rich Dad” wanted me to be an entrepreneur. Direct selling and network marketing teach people to be entrepreneurs. So it all depends on you. If you want to be like my “Poor Father,” get yourself a job and start climbing up the social ladder. It’s all right. Lots of people do that. But I think it’s better to take control of one’s own life. And the main reason I support network marketing is that it educates people, gives them the courage and confidence to start their own business – to take control of their own lives.

Anna Lipa: My next question is: what direction do you think network marketing will go in? Do you think it will continue to grow so fast?

Robert Kiyosaki: It depends on the industry leaders. That is why I recommend your magazine to everyone. It is a great magazine that keeps up to date with the industry and helps you stay in touch with it and stay up-to-date. Back to the topic… in any business, it all depends on the leaders. For those who are into network marketing and a direct selling organization, the important thing is that they really need to follow the leader’s example. It’s like in America; we need a new leader and we need them ASAP. Otherwise we lose. So, leaders are extremely important. There must be good management in every industry. And for a business to develop, to be independent in an industry, it must constantly provide new, strong leaders. This is why I support network marketing: because these people make up a company that deals with education. In truth, they teach people how to become business leaders, and this is extremely important.

Anna Lipa: Network marketing is based on people and collaboration with others. When choosing the people you want to work with, do you take your gut feeling into account? Are you guided by your emotions in the selection of co-workers?

Robert Kiyosaki: Yes, I think I am. Well, I would like a leader who is tough, strong and charismatic. I wouldn’t want one who is weak, soft and agreeable. But that’s just my personal opinion. I’m a former Marine, I used to be a pilot in Vietnam and so on… I don’t appreciate pushovers or liars. So, for example, I think it is tragic that our president is waging this whole war, that he is sending our troops to this war like Bill Clinton did. Back to the point; leaders must do what they teach themselves, be strong so that everyone wants to be like them. But if someone prefers liars, then it’s up to them.

Anna Lipa: You mentioned the role of business leaders. What kind of people do you think they should be? What character traits should a good business leader have?

Robert Kiyosaki: First, a good leader should be able to set rules, be able to implement them, and follow them themselves. Because when there are no rules, business falls apart. So a leader must be strong. But they must also do what they require of others. They have to work like the others and do what they require of their people. So a leader must be someone who can lead through example. People must want to be like them. And what I like the most about network marketing and direct selling is the fact that here you have to be a really good leader and a great teacher. Your job is to teach others to be like you. In the corporate world, you are expected to stick to the bottom. In direct selling, however, leaders want you to climb up and become one of them. Which is why I don’t really like the corporate world, because there is only one leader. In contrast, direct selling and network marketing are expected to have as many leaders as possible.

Kim Kiyosaki: I think that another character trait good leaders have is their ability to encourage people. And what I have found in the network marketing sector, what impresses me is the amount of support, the number of people who push you forward and encourage you to reach for what you want. For me, negative people are like the kiss of death. People who tell you why you can’t do it, that you will fail, that you have lost your mind, that you are a dreamer… Those are people you shouldn’t be wasting your time with. And what I find in the best network marketing companies is that they want you to be successful. These people support each other on their way to achieving their goals and dreams.

If I had my own network business, I wouldn’t waste any time on cowards. If someone is constantly afraid of what their friends would say, afraid that they may get rejected…

It’s just a waste of time. Such a person should find a job and be an ordinary employee. But the most important thing about being a leader is that a leader will ask you to be better than you are, stronger, more confident. If that’s what you want, I want it too. If you are constantly afraid and expect that someone will take care of you and be nice to you, then you are unlikely to be leader material. First you need to find the right leader, but the point is, you need to be the right person yourself.

Kim Kiyosaki: One of the things I like about my relationship with Robert is that he pushes me further than I think I can reach. When I achieve something and feel fulfilled, he says, “ok, so what’s the next challenge?” And then I say, “oh no, I really feel good about what I’ve already achieved!” And that’s great.

Anna Lipa: OK, Kim… You write about women… Since a lot of women are involved in network marketing, please tell me what is it about this business that attracts women so much? What do you think?

Robert Kiyosaki: Because men can’t do that!!! Men are a lost cause… No, men are different. The great thing about women is that… Just like me and Kim. This is how it should be. We work together, we are partners. And it doesn’t matter that I’m a man, she’s a woman. We act together as partners. And what I like about network marketing is that men and women can work together there. We also work together as equals. If a business in the corporate world promotes a “me Tarzan, you Jane – me a man, you a woman” situation, it won’t work. But in network marketing… well, we are together 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work together, have fun together and have quality time together. And that’s what we like about it.

Kim Kiyosaki: Well, we made the decision before that: since we are doing business together, investing together, we want to make sure we can grow together. So many couples learn from their own experiences over the years and grow, but separately. Whereas in network marketing, you and your spouse can work together, build a business together, learn together, manage together and, above all, teach your children. So I think it’s a great way for couples to learn together, grow together and make money along the way. And have fun doing it.

Anna Lipa: You mentioned children… I would like to ask what would your advice be for Polish teachers and parents about teaching children entrepreneurship. What character traits should they help them develop in order for them to be successful in the future? Robert, you wrote a book for children, the aim of which was to develop specific characteristics in them… So what would you tell teachers and parents?

Robert Kiyosaki: Well, the most important thing is to tell the child what it should be like, but the parent should also be such as to be an example for the child. Few things are as distasteful as a parent who tells their child to read but does not read themselves; tells the child to learn but does not learn themselves; tells the child to work out, but drinks or eats all day long. You know, children learn by watching, not listening. That is why I believe it is very important that a parent be a role model for a child. They should be the sort of person they would like their child to become. So all you need to do is stop talking and start doing something.

Anna Lipa: We talked about network marketing… Please tell me what advantages and disadvantages do you see in this type of business, for both women and men.

Kim Kiyosaki: It all comes down to education. Of course, some network companies are better and some are worse…

Robert Kiyosaki: Good profile and bad profile…

Kim Kiyosaki: Education is crucial for us. It is a company and its profile, focused on supporting personal development, a company that supports your own development and the development of your business. These are the most valuable for me.

Anna Lipa: Kim, you write about successful women, about women who start their own business. What would you say to women who want to start their own business but their husbands hesitate or don’t even let them get started? What’s your advice?

Kim Kiyosaki: Two things, really… I know you’re trying to say something now… Two things… First, it all comes down to what kind of people you surround yourself with and who you spend your time with. Personally, I would not like to be with a husband or partner who doesn’t support my growth or cuts my wings. But I’m not a marriage counselor, so I won’t go into that. But women who want to start a business should do what they want. Just set it up, and do it. Often, when they get very excited about their business, when they start moving forward, the husband realizes how important it is to his spouse. And then they often join in and begin to support the woman. But don’t give up, never give up, even if you don’t have your partner’s support.

Robert Kiyosaki: Speaking of men… I believe that a man should encourage a woman to be more independent, to grow, and he should support her in business. After all, she is not his enemy. I have a friend in London. His wife worked with children as a teacher, nothing but teaching and teaching… Until one day she found one network company that caught her attention. And now? He showed her support and continues to support her and is so glad she is growing and thriving and doing what she really wants. She is a teacher and she still teaches, only now she teaches other people how to be rich. She is much happier, and her marriage is more successful. But I believe if he had wanted her to quit and not do what she was doing, she would’ve probably killed him (haha).

Kim Kiyosaki: Yes, that would probably be the end of their marriage…

Robert Kiyosaki: I believe it is important for a man to support a woman’s development. You know, she’ll get smarter, stronger and better as time goes on. I think the wife should do the same, because… if I had… Let’s just say I wouldn’t marry a woman who just wanted to stay at home doing nothing… I’d go find another girl. Because it’s about partnership, not just coexistence. So, in my opinion… I’m not saying, of course, that business is the only way to be together, but for Kim and me, building a business together is something that connects us, we talk about it all the time, learn together, read the same books, we have the same approach to life and we do it with enthusiasm. We are getting richer and happier, but… Well, money is important, but there is nothing to be afraid of. I do not need a job, I do not have to go to work, I do not have to stick to the set hours, I do not have to eat lunch exactly when I am told to, I do not have to worry about how much they will pay me, because how much money we get depends only on us, not on anyone else. These are some of the benefits that network marketing and direct selling offer people. This is not a business for everyone, but I believe that for many people it is a great start and a good way to start one’s own business at a low cost. Most franchises like McDonald’s in America require $3 million to start… You know, a franchise is an expensive thing and you can lose all your money… whereas network marketing gives you time to get rich, understand everything, learn what you need to know as an entrepreneur, develop certain skills, such as the ability to communicate with people, how to talk to them, how to deal with rejection, which most people cannot do. But most importantly, you start to grow, you get stronger, more and more confident, and that is really important.

Kim Kiyosaki: And I believe that what you just said is important for women when they start to build their own business and achieve success by constantly expanding their business. And I believe the number one benefit for women is gaining self-confidence. For me personally, as I became a better businesswoman and a better investor, my self-confidence grew and our relationship became better because I thought better of myself and Robert had more respect for me and our relationship strengthened. Love has grown stronger and mutual respect has increased. And these were the benefits – all priceless – I did not expect.

Anna Lipa: So what is your advice, what is your message to women who have great potential but are not confident enough to start their own business? Do you have anything to say to them?

Kim Kiyosaki: I always say that you have to start small, take small steps to move forward. If you are interested in network marketing, find out what it is about, do some reading, start looking at network companies – see which one suits you best. Since there are so many, and you need to find the one that suits you best. Start talking to people, take action every day. You have to take action, you have to get involved, not just think about it.

Robert Kiyosaki: As I mentioned before, you are what your friends are. Kim has six girlfriends. Who are they? What do friends do? They do nothing, they are a reflection of you. Kim has changed, and so have her friends. As she becomes more self-confident, she becomes more successful and richer. Some of her old friends won’t even move a finger.

Kim Kiyosaki: They don’t grow…

Robert Kiyosaki: They don’t grow. They say she had it easy because she has money. Yes, it is easier for her because she has grown a lot. And they don’t grow, they stay behind, they are so tiny next to her. This, as you can see, affects everything, even friends. So it is very important to surround yourself with people who, instead of cutting your wings, support you on your way to the top.

Anna Lipa: Please tell me… do you have any universal method of managing your home budget? Do you have any advice for those starting out in network marketing? How can they manage their wallet at home to save the money they need?

Robert Kiyosaki: There is no surefire way for that…

Kim Kiyosaki: I can give you one tip that works quite well. Maybe it is not so much related to the budget… I am referring to the fact that we start by paying ourselves money. This really helped us get ahead financially when we had very little. We had a really small income, but we agreed that for every single dollar earned that went into our household, we would take 30% right away and save it. The remaining amount will be used to pay the bills, 10% will go to savings accounts, 10% to investment funds and 10% to insurance. This 30% was our future and it led us to what we have now. It’s not about how much you save, it’s about the habit of doing it every time. You can use a business account, or anything else, but you will be surprised how quickly this money multiplies and how much it boosts your financial future.

Robert Kiyosaki: And if you spend it all, you will be poor, no matter how much you get.

Anna Lipa: My next question concerns the Internet. Is there any Internet business that can be a source of income?

Robert Kiyosaki: Anything can be that. It all depends on how you use it. It depends on how resourcful you are. It’s like the question I often ask myself: “Do you think the United States is a good investment? Are you a good investor?” So how good a business is depends on how good a leader and investor the person who runs it is. And it has nothing to do with the Internet, just how good you are at what you do, what kind of person you are.

Anna Lipa: Could you name three books that have inspired you?

Robert Kiyosaki: I have read many books and learned something from each…

Anna Lipa: Name three of them…

Kim Kiyosaki: Allow me. I have one. One of my favorite books is one written sometime in the 1800s. Its title is As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. This book is about how thoughts create one’s own reality. In other words, what you think is what is happening in your life. I am a very difficult reader and have to revisit this book often. What you say and how you think reflect what is happening in your life. It’s very easy to read this book, I read it a few times a year just to remember that whatever I put in my head, whatever I think makes up my everyday life.

Robert Kiyosaki: I read books on economics. Most people don’t read them because they are difficult books. I read a lot, it’s fair to say I devour books. The last book I read was The Empire of Debt by Eddison Wiggin and William Bonner. This book shows the reason why I recommend network marketing. This book is about how the government deceives the people. And since the government deceives the people, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And that’s why I talk about it a lot. If you don’t have enough economic, financial or business knowledge, you just get poorer, no matter how much you make. Look at the US dollar. Its value is dropping fast now, and all the silly hardworking Americans are saving money and losing out on it. These are the books I read and these books give me the motivation that I am talking about. And that’s why I like network marketing, because people should get active these days.

Anna Lipa: Ok, thank you Robert. Another question for you. Who would Robert Kiyosaki be if he had not become young rich rentier?

Robert Kiyosaki: That is not something I would like to think about. I like what I do. I love what I do. I would not like to do anything else.

Anna Lipa: So what would you recommend to those who want to be successful like you?

Robert Kiyosaki: This has to do with what I have already mentioned – surround yourself with people who help you move forward and help yourself on your way to the top. Likewise, if you want to be healthy, you should surround yourself with healthy people. If you want to be rich, you should surround yourself with people who also want to be rich. It’s very simple. I don’t want to hang out with people who want to be poor. There are many of them. I’m nice to them, I like them, but I don’t spend time with them because my time is too precious for me to waste with people who aren’t ambitious. They may be good people, don’t get me wrong, but if someone isn’t ambitious, they’re not moving forward, so why should I hang out with them? You know, a new book that I wrote with Donald Trump will be coming out soon. Donald Trump is a great man, but he wouldn’t hang out with me if I wasn’t a successful man. This new book is coming soon, and will explain, among other things, why Donald Trump and I recommend network marketing. If you are lazy, fat, ugly and insecure, you will not be successful. Well, Donald and I stick together. On Monday, we will be flying out to meet and talk about business… You have to remember that your friends are your showcase, you are like the people you spend time with. It’s a simple matter. If you hang out with people who don’t want to be successful, you lack someone you can rely on, you lack determination and you don’t dream big. So change friends. This is the best advice I can give you. And you must learn. We work really hard and learn a lot and we have good friends. That is all there is.

Kim Kiyosaki: Speaking of Donald… Donald Trump says if you want to be successful in business, you have to do what you like. People may think: “Oh cool, I’ll do what I like and the money will come…” No, it doesn’t work that way. Like Robert said, you have to work hard.

Robert Kiyosaki: Be thoughtful.

Kim Kiyosaki: Ask Donald. He works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He works hard, he’s smart, he gets it. But if you do anything just to make money, you won’t be very successful.

Robert Kiyosaki: My friends sometimes call me and offer to play golf together. I often tell them that I don’t have time. I like golf, but you know… all they ever do is play golf. They can be millionaires all they want. But I’m not happy to be just a millionaire. Business is my game. I love my game, I love making money, I love being a businessman, I love investing and I just don’t have time to waste. My friends, Kim’s friends, are part of our job.

Anna Lipa: Since we’re talking about spending our spare time… what do Kim and Robert Kiyosaki do when they’re not working?

Robert Kiyosaki: This is our game… You see, for some, the game is to climb up the social ladder; for others it is to have 25 children; and for others still, to be an alcoholic… Our game is to build businesses and invest money. Earning points is an important thing, but not the most important one. Winning is important, but not the most important thing there is. The most important thing is that we are as good as we can be. Find a game that you can be the best at. If you can be the best employee, be that. We just got back from Wimbledon and saw Federer. He’s currently the best in the world, but next year he’ll be back and will want to be the best again. If you don’t share this attitude, you won’t try enough times. We, too, want to be as good as possible. We like to win, but sometimes we lose and the points we earn are money. But most people just want to make money, instead of trying to be the best at what they do best. And in network marketing, you have to set a goal to be the best at what you do, and that’s not easy. Being Federer and playing tennis at Wimbledon is not easy. Being Tiger Woods and being the best in golf is not easy. So the reason most people fail is because they think it should all be easy. You have to think about what you can be the best at. Kim wants to be the best at what she does. She wants to take on challenges.

Kim Kiyosaki: Always. I always crave new challenges. People often ask how I manage to keep my balance. Well, to be successful when it comes to network marketing, you need to be a successful person in general. However, I do not think that any balance can be maintained. We are doing business, we are investing, but when we want to take a break, we just take a break, but there’s no balance to it. And that’s what we do all the time.

Anna Lipa: And now for my last question about balance and women. Since women usually have children and a family life, how can they balance out work and family? What do you advise?

Kim Kiyosaki: I can’t give advice on this because Robert and I don’t have children. It was our conscious choice. You just have to think about what you really want to do, what area of life you want to be successful in.

Robert Kiyosaki: In all honesty, the biggest problem with adults and children is that people use their children as an excuse for why they are not successful. All our friends have children and everyone…

Kim Kiyosaki: And everyone is happy to have them.

Robert Kiyosaki: They spend time with them but never treat them as excuses. What you asked is one of the things that really makes me angry. People say things, like my “Poor Dad” used to tell my mother, “Oh, we would be really rich if we didn’t have your children.” What’s wrong with you, Dad? You just used your children to justify you lack of success. How do parents even dare say that?! It’s like saying “my boss won’t give me a raise and that’s why I’m not rich.” The real reason you’re not rich is because you always make excuses. “It’s all so hard” is one of the excuses. People often say, “I have no money.” It’s so easy to say “I have no money,” “I don’t have time”… Lazy, incompetent people will say “I can’t afford that”; poor people will say “I can’t afford it.” People always use excuses like “I cant afford it,” “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have money.” If you are such a person, you will never be successful, and it gets even worse if you say, “I don’t have money because I don’t have time, because I have children.” I would come to hate a parent who says that about me. And my “Poor Dad” would talk to me like that all the time. The question is, will you only be making excuses your whole life or will you finally do something about your life? Who said life is easy?

Kim Kiyosaki: One of the excuses I hear all the time is “I don’t have time.” When Robert and I started investing, we were in Oregon, USA. We were on the move, traveled on business, mostly international trips. We were away a lot, we were traveling on business. But at the same time, we were constantly investing, wondering how and where to do it. And it was a period when I started to invest, so I also had to learn a lot and I was constantly learning. This involves the question you asked earlier: “what do you do in your spare time?” The question should be: “what is spare time, really?” And most importantly “what do you really want to do?” Well, I agree that “no money, no time” are just excuses.

Robert Kiyosaki: Just like kids, that’s an excuse too. It’s terrible to let excuses rule your life. We came here from New York, we are about to fly to Sweden, Israel, China… That’s really a lot. This really does take a lot of time. But we still have our own life, we keep our balance, we find time for vacation, we do this or that, we have friends, we make time for them, we invest. This is all part of our life. And it really makes me very angry when someone uses their children as an excuse for not having the time or money for what they really want to do. Don’t use your kids as an excuse, take the blame yourself.

Kim Kiyosaki: We spoke to one doctor in London. He is a general practitioner. We talked about health issues people have and those that may yet arise… And he said: “You know what? Forget all that. Focus on what you really want. Don’t focus on the things you don’t want.” Don’t focus on excuses like “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have money,” “I’m too busy.” Focus on what you want. That was the most important thing I learned from this conversation and it makes everything so much easier. So let’s all remember this lesson, this message, “focus on what you really want.”

Anna Lipa: Kim, Robert, thank you very much for the interview and your time.

Rich dad used to say: “If you want to be rich, you have to build networks and connect them to other networks. It’s easy to get rich with networks because that makes being generous easier. On the other hand, those who work alone tend to limit their chances of economic success. Networks, he added, are groups of people, companies or organizations based on favor, since you support them and they support you. Networks are a powerful form of leverage. If you want to be rich, build a network.” (Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich, Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Lechter)

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