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Witold Casetti lands with ULYFE on the Polish market! The Neworkom project has great potential for development and earnings

by Maciej Maciejewski

At this particular time for the global economy, the network marketing sector shows some very interesting changes. Among the many companies trying to offer something innovative and profitable on the markets, sometimes a real jewel of the business can emerge…

Witold Casetti

An interesting proposal has been developed by Neworkom, which, while implementing its expansion strategy in the Eastern European market, has chosen for this purpose a person we have already had the pleasure of writing about. Witold Casetti has already been a guest on our website, but with this interview we want to understand why this famous gentleman has made such a choice at this very moment. It could be an extremely interesting case study…

Maciej Maciejewski: You are a very important public person. Almost everyone in Poland knows you, so people come to you every day with a variety of commercial offers. And certainly many of these are very interesting and attractive offers. Why did you choose Neworkom?

Witold Casetti: First of all, a greeting to all Network Magazine readers! The answer to this question is simple: I was looking for something different, something with great potential, possible to realize in this new situation in which the whole world is now. This came about when my friend Max Dramisino introduced me to Neworkom and a project on which specialists have worked hard over the last two years. This project is ULYFE. Briefly: I fell in love at first sight! Neworkom and ULYFE offer unlimited opportunities for personal and professional development, and therefore high earnings from the start.

Maciej Maciejewski: What exactly does Neworkom do?

Witold Casetti: I will tell you what ULYFE is. It is a very innovative project, in which the human being is at the centre of everything. First of all, it is structured like a normal social network, but of a new generation that works only on invitation and in a shared digital economy. It is strongly linked to a special e-commerce system. What does this mean? It means that most of the transactions that take place on this platform are shared by the whole community. On ULYFE, you can open your own website, create your own online shop, sell and buy various items – used or new. The fact that you pay for some of these services sets the whole circle of the shared digital economy in motion. When one of my Ulyfers buys a lamp in Bangkok, I get a very small part of this transaction. Another Ulyfer opens a shop in Rome and I get a small part of the online and offline transactions that take place in that shop. This happens every day, all over the world, with millions of transactions. As a digital consultant for Neworkom, I also have the exclusive right to propose this solution.

I am at the centre of the ULYFE map. With a whole universe of shops, products and services around us. I am part of the whole system, not just a product, as is the case with most social networks.

Maciej Maciejewski: Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, eBay… Now is it time for Ulyfe?

Witold Casetti: Yes. You mentioned the big companies that move in IT, e-commerce and social networks, which are the fastest growing markets today. Neworkom and ULYFE are a mix of all these incredible industries. We started with a bang – after the first eight weeks we have 60,000 people on the platform and this is just the beginning. Suffice it to say that the market for innovative projects and startups now reaches a billion dollars. And we, the digital consultants, are the “promoters”. It has to be said that social media has become a permanent feature of our homes – I think it’s safe to say that many people are also addicted to some social media, and e-commerce is growing at an incredibly fast pace in today’s world – you’ve also mentioned it lately in Network Magazine. Times when we are in trouble force us to move our business on the Internet, so I can’t imagine not taking this business opportunity!

Maciej Maciejewski: So why do so many smart people still recommend working in sectors affected by a serious crisis? Why are they pushing people towards traditional markets and companies that are literally collapsing instead of following the global trend of the new digital and technological economy?

Witold Casetti: Because it is difficult to get out of the comfort zone. The markets we talked about need an entrepreneurial spirit and defined, safe and transparent projects. And as we know, there are few opportunities like this. I have always thought that it is not worth fighting the trend and that is why I accepted this new challenge. To develop this project I will use all my skills and experience acquired in the sector over the years.

ULYFE is a project that allows us to create a fertile environment where we can have our voice as users and as digital consultants. This is really something innovative. Something that will bring great benefits to the community in each country with the help of everyone.

Maciej Maciejewski: What would you like to say to our readers in the end?

Witold Casetti: Dearest. Think about how many friend requests you have sent on the various social networks. How many people have you recommended the e-commerce platforms you use? And what financial benefits have you derived from them in recent years? Maybe the time has come to change this trend? At ULYFE, we earn money by inviting new users to the platform and, more importantly, we earn money every time this community generates revenue – it offers great opportunities to quickly build a passive income. If you don’t think you’re earning enough, then start being part of my team! Now!

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