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Dr. Lars H. Høie speaking about Norvia as a revolutionary nutritional system

by Maciej Maciejewski

Norvia is a revolutionary product in the nutritional and slimming supplements market. For many years, people who have applied Norvia in their diets have been sharing their amazing and wide-ranging results both in health and physical looks. Who is behind it?

Dr. Lars H. Høie

During the DLG conference in Warsaw, Dr. Lars Høie said: “The history of cardiovascular diseases in my family and early diagnosis – high cholesterol levels at an early age inspired me to explore the issues and to holistically prevent these diseases. That’s why I got involved in seeking out natural ingredients to discover nutritional solutions for poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles. I have spent over 30 years researching natural ingredients and developing natural supplements that could prevent lifestyle disorders. I co-founded the Center for Heart Medicine, where I treated patients with a natural, plant-based formula, which I developed based on my extensive research. This is how Norvia was born.”

Now I am very excited to introduce the Norvia product to Poland after its Scandinavian success. May it help you live in happiness and health. (Doctor Lars H. Høie)

Norvia is a revolutionary product in the market of nutritional and weightloss supplements. For many years, people who use the supplements have been raving about it’s incredible health and slimming benefits. I had the opportunity to test Norvia products on myself – before the company started operating in Poland, as part of my private slimming and repair campaign, which I wrote about in Network Magazine.

At first, I was fascinated by the product and its effects, so the next step was to get a chance to speak with the creator of this product. It was not an easy task, as he is incredibly passionate about his work and hard to reach, but in the end I managed to get a moment with Dr. Lars H. Høie who is from Norway. He graduated from the Danish Aarhus University with a Ph.D. in vertebrate at Dr. Philos at the University of Oslo. He is married and has two daughters. He is very fond of all kinds of sports and travels.

Maciej Maciejewski: Some people say that the use of supplements and products supporting diet and nutrition is not a good idea. They say that it is better to eat healthy food and get their vitamins, minerals and all the essential ingredients from their diet. What will you tell them?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: The products I have developed have been extensively researched and tested over 30 years with professors and other leaders of important medical professions in many university hospitals around Europe and the United States. They provide huge amounts of proven safety and health benefits which include Weight loss, lowering blood pressure, lowering lipids, regulating blood glucose, etc.

Maciej Maciejewski: How was Norvia created? Where did the idea to create such a product come from and for what purpose?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: My family has a lot of cardiovascular disease, which is not unusual as these disorders cause about 60% of all deaths worldwide. Too early in many cases. Norvia was created to prevent such cardiovascular disorders and was initially developed on the basis of 5 years of research into traditional Chinese medicine, which for centuries focused on preventing and counteracting these types of ailments.

Maciej Maciejewski: How did the work on Norvia evolve prior to achieving what is available now?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Originally we used different sources and ingredients, but the latest developments in Norvia’s products are now based on all-natural and plant-based products, which was a very difficult task. We tested hundreds of components and spent over two years, initially with food scientists from Europe and later in California, before we were able to develop the latest Norvia out of all natural and plant products in Norway. It has taken many years of complex research and hard work to achieve this.

Maciej Maciejewski: Is this product safe? What tests and certificates does it have?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Norvia products are very safe. The slimming products I have developed have had over 60% of the market share of slimming products in the Scandinavian countries since 1989, i.e. for over 30 years. Norvia products contain soy and other ingredients that have been used by millions of people in the Nordic countries without any serious side effects. A total of 33 published clinical and doctoral studies also prove that Norvia products are very safe.

Maciej Maciejewski: I know people who, thanks to Norvia products, have amazing results in weight loss. How does it happen? Why is Norvia so great in the fight against overweight and obesity?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Norvia VLCD stands for a highly dietary product that is the most effective weight loss product. Additionally, Norvia is an extremely nutritious product that is much more effective in losing weight than weight loss medications. The Norvia VLCD slimming product contains all the nutrients you need, but its energy/calorie intake is very limited, which is why it is so effective in losing weight. Norvia’s plant-based ingredients lead to a significant reduction in overweight and obesity, and provide many other health benefits, including a significant reduction in cardiovascular risk factors.

Maciej Maciejewski: Yes, I know from many consumers that thanks to these products, in addition to losing weight, they significantly improved their health.  What health ailments does this product have a good effect on and how does this happen?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: There are special bioactive substances derived from specialty soy proteins, fibers and phospholipids that offer profound health benefits. All of this has been clearly and reliably documented in the published clinical studies I have already mentioned. I recommend you to read some of these very interesting materials (link).

Maciej Maciejewski: Who should use Norvia Weight Loss, and for whom is Norvia Sport a better fit?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Anyone who wants to lose weight successfully or maintain weight loss should use the Norvia VLCD slimming product. However, anyone who wants to improve their mental or physical abilities should consume Norvia Active Performance/Sport.

Maciej Maciejewski: Why did you not add amino acids to Norvia products?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Norvia products contain specialty soy proteins that contain all the amino acids humans need, including all the essential amino acids that humans cannot make. Therefore, it is not necessary to add amino acids to Norvia as all the amino acids are already there. And they come in sufficient quantities.

Maciej Maciejewski: What are your plans? Apparently you will soon surprise the world with a new product?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Yes, we have been working intensively on this for two years. It will be Norvia Longevity. This new product will provide consumers with important health benefits by systematically increasing blood flow, providing more oxygen and nutrients, reducing lipids and blood pressure, and providing powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It will prevent serious cardiovascular and cerebral disorders.

Maciej Maciejewski: Fantastic. What will the composition of this product be?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: In addition to selected vitamins and minerals that support cardiovascular function, Norvia Longevity consists of a combination of protein, fiber, phospholipids and soybean embryos, all of which are certified genetically non-GMO. Its effectiveness has been proven in 10 published international clinical trials that showed a significant reduction in LDL and total cholesterol, as well as a significant reduction in other risk factors for cardiovascular disorders such as homocysteine, apo-lipoprotein B, clotting factors and blood pressure. Soy protein and soybean germ contain bioactive substances called isoflavones.

Maciej Maciejewski: How important are isoflavones in nutrition? What do they provide us?

Dr. Lars H. Høie: Isoflavones are divided into different classes. The most important isoflavones are called genistein, daidzein and glycite, and they come in cis and trans forms, the so-called mirror forms, so their nature is complex here. Importantly, these isoflavones provide a strong anti-inflammatory effect, which means that inflammation in the body is systematically reduced, and yet inflammation is involved in all diseases. Isoflavones are part of plant substances that are referred to as plant estrogens, but do not exert a feminizing effect on human estrogen and significantly reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and many others.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you for the interview.

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