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Today for Tomorrow | International Convention – an event full of cosmic possibilities

by Maciej Maciejewski

Almost 4,000 participants, including over 1,000 people from the international community from 27 countries, simultaneous translations into 10 languages and 19 speakers on the stage! On 1-2.04. 2023, another event from the Today for Tomorrow | International Convention took place and was organized by DUOLIFE. TFT is one of the largest training and business events in Central and Eastern Europe, which gives participants a unique opportunity for personal development.

Today for Tomorrow | International Convention (1-2.04.2023, Arena Gliwice)

The best in one place

Today for Tomorrow | The International Convention is an event that has been organized by DUOLIFE for several years. Its 5th edition took place at the beginning of April. It brings together the best leaders and trainers in the field of personal and business development. The last episode of the event was no different. As many as 19 speakers appeared on the TFT stage – 19 different personalities, and at the same time experts in their fields. Substantive lectures and the power of inspiring and motivating stories told by outstanding speakers are one of TFT’s hallmarks. The co-founders of DUOLIFE SA also had their appearances and spoke about plans for the future and presented the directions of development in which the company is to go.

Co-founders of DUOLIFE SA – Piotr Pacyga, Norbert Janeczek, Łukasz Godyń, Bartosz Królikowski

Such a great event requires organization in a unique place! TFT was held in Arena Gliwice which is a modern and prestigious facility. The event was attended by almost 4,000 participants. They had a unique opportunity to look at their professional and private life from a completely different perspective and learn about #CosmicPossibilities offered by belonging to the DUOLIFE Club.

It was #CosmicPossibilities that was the main idea of TFT. Of course, it wasn’t a random catchphrase. DUOLIFE gives its club members unlimited possibilities on their way to success. The organization supports them through various business and recruitment tools, training events and a Compensation Plan that provides measurable benefits. The rewards for the best are incentive programs covering trips abroad or luxury cars.

Speaking of incentive programs… during the event there was a summary of the first edition of DUOLIFE PRESIDENT’S CLUB. On the TFT stage, the organizers presented 600 club members with unique pins, which symbolized their hard work and determination in pursuing their goals. Thus, they joined the elite group of the fastest growing leaders of the DUOLIFE Club.

But that’s still not all. On the stage of Arena Gliwice, participants of the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB were also distinguished, who will go on an unforgettable cruise on board the DUOLIFE YACHT together with the co-founders of DUOLIFE. The TFT organizers also prepared a special car zone, where the company’s partners had their stands – Mercedes Benz Sobiesław Zasada-Automotive Nowy Sącz and Audi-Porsche Inter Auto Rybnik. Here, club members picked up the keys to new, luxurious cars.

Moreover, on the event dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz – Chairman of the Scientific Board of DUOLIFE SA presented to the participants company’s new products. New supplements have been added to the DUOLIFE portfolio recently – DUOLIFE Collagen Powder and DUOLIFE Vita C Powder. New products in the form of sachets contain a high portion of collagen and vitamin C. They support i.a. skeletal system, immune system and proper muscle function.

Dr h.c. Piotr Kardasz – Chairman of the Scientific Board of DUOLIFE SA

Rebranding for new times

One of TFT’s most important moments was the announcement of the new DUOLIFE logo. After 10 years of presence on the network marketing market, the company decided to rebrand. It aims to mark and strengthen the position of DUOLIFE in the world. It is also a kind of emphasis that the organization operates globally and plans to expand its activities in other countries. The new DUOLIFE logo symbolizes the three pillars on which the company is based, i.e. health, development and business. It also emphasizes the size, nature and dynamics of the organization and symbolizes of warmth, security, balance and it refers to unrestricted freedom.

Laurates of the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB program and DUOLIFE’s new logo and brand identification

Rebranding is also a symbol of entering a new decade which will be full of new challenges, opportunities and possibilities. The co-founders are convinced that the new trademark will allow DUOLIFE to share the company’s mission and values in other countries, while instilling the organization’s DNA.

The international character of the event

Today for Tomorrow | The International Convention is also an international event with participants from 27 countries. Each lecture and presentation was simultaneously translated into English, Czech, Slovak, Russian, French, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, German and Greek. Thus, the event is a perfect place to make acquaintances and make friends with people from all over the world. It is also an excellent recruitment tool that shows the world of DUOLIFE from the inside and encourages people to become a part of it.

The international nature of TFT symbolizes the great success of DUOLIFE after 10 years of presence on the market. From the beginning, the company was guided by the idea of leaving Poland for international markets. The presence of club members from many nationalities at TFT shows that the organization has achieved this goal. Today, the members of the DUOLIFE club, as well as the speakers appearing on TFT, are people from all over the world.

TFT is not only lectures and discussion panels. The April event was traditionally crowned with a grand party hosted by a DJ. What characterizes TFT is the balance between development, learning and having fun.

 10,000 participants for the tenth anniversary

The past TFT was a warm-up before the September edition of the event. On 16-17.08.2023, the culminating point of the jubilee year for the company will take place. Then DUOLIFE will celebrate its 10th birthday and will also… fly into space. At this unique event, the company plans to gather a record 10,000 participants! All the best is still ahead of DUOLIFE.

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