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LifeVantage announces new comp plan LV360

by Maciej Maciejewski

During its Rock the Rhythm event that was simulcast to over 10,000 people, LifeVantage Corporation announced LV360, a new consultant compensation plan and customer loyalty program that the company describes as “a modern approach to the evolving direct sales industry”.

sources: Pixabay

– We call this strategic transformation LV360 because we looked at not just one aspect of our consultant and customer experience, but every touchpoint in our model – said Steve Fife, president and chief executive officer of LifeVantage.

– We have been laying the groundwork for this shift over the past year with updates to things like our incentive program as well as product differentiation and positioning. Each element of this groundbreaking transformation was designed in response to evolving consumer trends, while also supporting growth opportunities and multiple paths to earned success for our consultants, previously known as our distributors. It’s truly an undertaking that is the first of its kind in this industry – added.

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