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Bogumiła Sroka. Top MLM business leader

by Maciej Maciejewski

Bogumiła Sroka has been involved in artistic ceramics for many years. She has been working in the MLM industry since 1992. She has been cooperating with the current company since 1994. Together with her husband Jan, who unfortunately died last year, they built the company’s largest structure in Poland. They are diamond manager. Today, let’s introduce her figure and her remarkable achievements at the world level.

Bogumiła Sroka (foto: Jan Sroka)


Among over ten million distributors of Forever Living Products, a company operating in 158 countries around the world, Bogumiła Sroka is in the VIP group – among the 20 best leaders in the world!

Bogusia has created her own effective training systems. She works in several countries, but mainly on the Polish and American markets. Thanks to her work in the network marketing system, she was able to fulfill her big dreams by helping others to implement their plans. Her entire family is involved in this business. On February 2, 2011, she participated in the Entrepreneurship Gala organized in the presidential palace under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, where she was awarded for promoting entrepreneurship among young people. She is a laureate of the prestigious Polish National Sales Awards “Professional Seller of the Year” competition in the category of “MLM Industry Manager.” During the second edition of the European Alternative Business Forum in the MLM BUSINESS AWARDS 2014 competition, she won an award in the TOP MLM LEADER – ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2014 category.

On her website, Bogumiła Sroka wrote: “I am happy that several years ago I had the courage to make radical changes in my life. At 45, I was very sick, with no hope of finding a job. It was then that I was offered cooperation with the American company Forever Living Products. My first fascination was the products that helped me and my family regain health. But what fascinated me the most was the opportunity to learn a new profession.”

After a year of work, Bogusia was already a world-class leader and a financially independent person. “I owe a lot to those who trusted me and started working with Forever. To those who did not say ‘I’m afraid, I am not suitable for that,’ but instead implemented what we had planned together step by step. It costs nothing and can change a lot in one’s life.” And that’s what Bogusia is like. Short, concise, specific and to the point. Here is an interview with Bogumiła Sroka…

Maciej Maciejewski: What was your life like before starting your MLM business?

Bogumiła Sroka: For many years I have been dealing with artistic ceramics, I am a student of the late professor Bolesław Książek, one of the greatest Polish ceramists. I was lucky that he wanted to tell me the secrets of his technology. Earlier, together with my husband, we made hand-painted ceramic sets and ceramic jewelery. After meeting the professor, we only dealt with ceramic paintings. The technology that Professor Książek gave us was very expensive and at one point we could not afford to continue our creative work. We regretfully had to close our studio. My heart sank all the more since when I sent my works to the world competition, where 40 artists were qualified in 20 fields of art, i.e. two people from each field, my works were accepted and I was invited to the post-competition opening of the exhibition in New York. Unfortunately, we could not afford this trip back then.

After the studio was closed, I was the director of a cultural institution in my city – Bochnia – for two years. I made the ruined institution flourish, I opened an art gallery and a bookstore. At that time, I organized many exhibitions and vernissages, where I successfully sold the works of the exhibiting artists. The bookstore also brought considerable income, and the funds raised were spent on renovating the building’s interior. I had big plans for this activity and I was very involved, but suddenly the spell was broken. It hurt so much that people whom I had absolute confidence in had failed. Parting with the facility ended with depression and other health issues… so I went on a sickness allowance. I felt burned out and professionally exhausted. It was the most difficult period in my life and I saw no chance for any possibility of professional activity.

At such a difficult time for me, a friend of ours showed up and suggested a meeting with the leaders of one of the first Polish multi-level marketing companies. At the time, I insisted that I was not fit for this sort of work, but he was persistent and for the whole month, he would “drop in” for coffee every day. After a month, I decided to take part in a meeting with Wrocław-based leaders of this company. I was very impressed with their presentation and after the first meeting I decided that this way of professional activity suits me very well. It was them who showed me what extraordinary opportunities the MLM system creates and awakened my will to act. Within a few months, I had built a structure of about 500 people, but the money I was earning was small, and even worse, after a few months, the company ceased to exist. There was great disappointment. I was left with my structures without product and money. It was then that I started working with another Polish company, but there, too, despite my high level of activity, the marketing plan did not allow for high income. That company is also no longer on the market.

Maciej Maciejewski: What was the basic stimulus to start cooperation with another MLM company? How did your career at Forever go?

Bogumiła Sroka: Despite previous failures and unfavorable circumstances beyond my control, I did not quit and joined another company, this time an American one: Forever Living Products. What gave me the strength to act was my inner motivation. I really wanted to make money to educate my children. And it didn’t matter that many people did not want to cooperate with me, seeing my previous failures. Fascinated by the Forever products, which helped me and my loved ones regain our health, and the perfect formulas for everyday use, together with my husband Jan, I built a management group within six months. They were only 40 people, but the income reached over 13 thousand zlotys per month. The year was 1994. After a year of very active work, we have built 10 management groups and became sapphire managers – world leaders, financially independent people. It was possible, among others, due to Forever’s marketing plan, which is excellent, but what encourages structuring are many recognition programs for those who will take their business with this company seriously.

After the first seven months of active work, we qualified for the incentive program, commonly known as the car program. This is an additional bonus intended for financing the purchase of a fixed asset, freely chosen by the participant. Distributors typically use their bonus to buy a car, real estate, or to cover study expenses. This additional bonus will be paid over the next 36 months. After nine months from signing the contract, we qualified for another, extremely attractive program, which was a trip to the Super Rally FLP to the United States – San Antonio. These events were organized in August each year and several thousand of the best distributors from around the world participated in them at the company’s expense. The convention lasted three days, after which we were invited on a tour – visiting a huge factory in Dallas where aloe vera products are shipped from to all countries, aloe plantations in McAllen, visiting the beautiful head office in Scottsdale, Arizona, and three days in Las Vegas. Obviously, the company covered the cost of flights and accommodation in luxury hotels; participants received additional pocket money for their own expenses. At first it was $500, and since we entered the VIP group we get $2000. Three years ago, this event changed its name to the Global Rally and is taking place all over the world. In 2013, it was Hawaii, in 2014, London, and in 2015, soon, Singapore. Since we are part of the Global Leadership Team – the Forever elite, our pocket money for each trip has increased to $3,500.

After nineteen months of working with Forever, we qualified for the World Congress to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and China. These were April conventions for the best leaders. It’s hard to believe how many wonderful moments we have experienced during the 21 years of working with Forever Living Products. The conventions we attended in the following years were in:  Czechia, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Norway. We have been to some countries several times. Several years ago, this event, available only to the best leaders, has been turned into Eagle Manager and is the easiest program to implement after being promoted to the manager position. That’s why thousands of managers participated in this extraordinary event in Lake Tahoe in 2014, on the border of California and Nevada, which ended in Dallas. In 2015, eagle managers will be celebrating in Cancun, Mexico.

After three years of great adventure with Forever, we have qualified for the Profit Sharing program. For us, it was a significant amount of PLN 280,000, but at the moment, when the company is developing extremely dynamically in 158 countries around the world, every year many millions of dollars are allocated for distribution to all those who qualify for this program, and the largest checks in Europe are over one million dollars. This is the “thirteenth salary” for the best-working leaders. We currently have 21 frontline managers, and our entire structure has over 50,000 people in Poland and over 8 thousand abroad.

Extremely satisfactory cooperation with Forever Living Product and quick achievement of high income have shown me that by associating with the right MLM company you can achieve great success and make your wildest dreams come true.

Network marketing changed the lives of our entire family and allowed us to return to creative work as well. We were finally able to organize exhibitions of our works not only in Poland, but also in many cities in the United States.

Maciej Maciejewski: How do you do that, with what methods and what should you pay special attention to in order to build such a durable and, above all, stable MLM system?

Bogumiła Sroka: To me, working in the network marketing system consists of three elements: product, business and lifestyle – a way of life. The owner of the company, Rex Maughan (died July 17, 2021) gave us the ability to function on many levels: customer, salesperson, director, manager or leader. The possibility of unlimited, direct sponsorship allows inspiring a large group of distributors to choose their own path and their individual pace of development. Everyone who is introduced to the company and makes the first purchase has direct access to a huge database, back-up facilities that they can use.

Since February 14, 2015, we are no longer independent distributors of Forever Living Products, but Forever Business Owner – FBO, Forever entrepreneurs, proprietors of the Forever business.  Regardless of who the sponsor – the introducing person – is, who you will be tomorrow in fact depends on what choice you make today. It is you who decides what your Forever Living Products business should look like.

From the very beginning, I have always wanted the people who signed a contract with me to achieve the highest possible income. Helping people achieve financial independence is the most important challenge for me. I have created an original work system that is simple yet effective. I help people prepare an individual business plan and teach them how to implement it. I organize many training courses and product and marketing workshops.

There are many elements to success in network marketing; I will mention the most important ones. First, the right business partner. I am referring to the company which you are starting cooperation with. Second, our “why,” which is a strong internal drive which, despite many obstacles and failures, allows us to implement what we had planned. Third, faith in people. I have great faith that anyone who decides to cooperate can achieve success by working in the MLM system. This is group work, team work. However, this business must be able to be tailored to the individual needs of each person, and Forever creates opportunities to work in many ways. You just need to listen to the needs of another person and help them create a vision of functioning in accordance with their skills and predispositions.

Each link of the structure is a different person, with different talents, different skills, different expectations, and the most important thing is to be honest, work on self-development and be persistent.

And to never give up – in this business you are not alone, you can always count on my help. I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience with my business partners.

Maciej Maciejewski: What are your greatest achievements in MLM?

Bogumiła Sroka: My success would not be possible were it not for all these wonderful people who trusted me and started working with me. I have helped many people, but now I often use their experiences myself. I can enjoy the company of many great business partners. In the marketing plan, I am in the diamond and sapphire manager position; we have built the largest structure in Poland and it is a family business for us. All my children could get the education they dreamed of, they developed their talents, and now they support us in the development of our business, while pursuing their passions. I am in the GLT group – top 20 distributors among 10 million worldwide. And the last few years have been a particularly special time for me…

On February 2, 2011, in the pillared hall of the presidential palace in Warsaw, a ceremonial Gala of Entrepreneurship was held with the participation of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, Undersecretary of State in the Chancellery of President Irena Wóycicka, Minister Olgierd Dziekoński and advisor to the President of the Republic of Poland Jan Lityński. During the ceremony, statuettes and diplomas were presented to the winners of the 7th edition of the “Entrepreneurship Day.” I was among the 27 winners and received an award for promoting entrepreneurship among young people. 19 thousand companies, institutions and offices were assessed. To me, this award is a great distinction, joy and satisfaction, but most of all recognition for the MLM industry in Poland. In 2011, I was also a laureate of the prestigious competition organized by the Polish National Sales Awards. I won in the “MLM Industry Manager” category. And an award in the MLM BUSINESS AWARDS competition for lifetime achievement…

Maciej Maciejewski: About that… How do you recall the emotions associated with this?  What do you remember about the final gala?

Bogumiła Sroka: I must admit that participation in the European Alternative Business Forum 2015 was a great honor for me. I stood alongside young, dynamic leaders – Piotr Mosio and Dariusz Holeniewski, in front of an audience of several hundred people, distributors of many different MLM companies. I met with great kindness and appreciation.

Maciej Maciejewski: In your opinion, what good can the fact that we have such a competition bring to the entire DS/MLM sector? Why should companies and leaders apply for this competition?

Bogumiła Sroka: I was able to show what great opportunities are created for society by companies operating in the MLM system. They offer an opportunity to learn a new profession and offer such a remuneration system and incentive programs, thanks to which we can work with passion, have recognition and great satisfaction from the fact that by helping others to implement their plans, we make our wildest dreams come true. After all, there are no limits in this work! So every leader should take advantage of the opportunity undoubtedly offered by participation in such a great event – the European Alternative Business Forum. It is also an opportunity to meet leaders from other companies and listen to interesting lectures. This year, the invited special guests were the outstanding Tomasz Kammel and Fabian Błaszkiewicz.

Show your achievements, present the companies that made you free and financially independent people. I am very grateful to you, Maciek, and to everyone who helped in the preparation of this event, to the entire MLM Group. This is an extraordinary event on a global scale. Thank you for your words of appreciation and many emotions that the leaders of not only my company but many other network marketing companies have given me. It is a great experience, one that inspires to continue our active work.

Maciej Maciejewski: Is there anything else in this business that you would like to achieve?

Bogumiła Sroka: As for my business plans, I am working on getting a promotion. The most important thing for me, however, is that my team is integrated. I have many great business partners. Everyone brings something new to the business, everyone builds their own company not only using their potential, skills and experience, but inspiring growth and supporting new people. Duplication – that’s the most important element in MLM.

I have developed marketing materials that help to prepare an individual business plan, help to understand what planning and effective operation in MLM is. What do you need to do to earn as much as you want, and importantly – to enjoy all the incentive programs available in our company, i.e. receive additional money to buy a car or apartment, qualify for the eagle managers and Global Rally group, go to great events in the most beautiful places in the world. All trips are funded by the company for two. And to take advantage of the Chairman’s Bonus program, i.e. the “thirteenth salary.”

I have more and more distributors working in different countries and this also mobilizes me to carefully set up a work system based on my own experience, which is proven and effective. Many distributors from Poland and around the world took advantage of the opportunity created by Rex Maughan for millions of people. There are no limits here. I am happy that I had the courage to change my life and gain the ability to inspire others to take this opportunity. Happy that I found an internal drive that gave me the strength to overcome all problems and obstacles, to persistently implement what we had planned and help others through training, workshops and individual talks. I am grateful to all of my enormous structure. Our success is the success of many people. Both those present and those who left – each of them left a mark and each contributed to our growth.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you for the interview.

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