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Aneta Molnar: dōTERRA has transformed me to focus on living a healthy lifestyle

by Maciej Maciejewski

“I can say confidently that joining dōTERRA was a very good decision. I believe I found out about Multi-Level Marketing far too late in life. Looking back and knowing today the possibilities of this type of business, I wish it would be included as a curriculum in schools.”

Aneta Molnar

Aneta Molnar is the mother of two wonderful girls and the wife of a wonderful man. She is crazy about living a healthy lifestyle and self-improvement. She loves to travel, enjoys life to the fullest, surrounds herself with good people. She enjoys living in harmony with herself and the world. Her passion is tango and helping people achieve their health goals through proper nutrition and the use of dōTERRA essential oils, supplements and skin care products. She is an Environmental Protection engineer and Bio-Technologist by education. She graduated from Environmental Protection studies at the Agricultural University of Szczecin. “I’ve always been fascinated by natural sciences and chemistry. However, to be able to study, I had to work. My parents helped as much as they could, but it was not enough, and there weren’t any incredible earning opportunities in my hometown.  So, I approached my hurdle on a task basis – I had to work to study” – explains Aneta.

Maciej Maciejewski: How does a young woman begin her professional life in Poland approaching her obstacles in a task-oriented manner?

Aneta Molnar: I worked in a local jewelry store. Working in this trade taught me to approach the needs of each client individually and serve them so that they felt their requirements were most important to me and I wanted to fulfill them by making every effort to do so.  Later in life, I wanted change, I was drawn to nature. I started working in a tree and shrub nursery where my passion and studies could come together. However, I was still missing something. After graduation, instead of looking for a job in my learned profession, I decided to go to the United States to become a babysitter under the au-pair program.  I thought to myself I am still young and do not want to spend my whole life in the town of Skwierzyna, Poland. My plan while there was to become a student, learn English, divulge myself in a different culture, and experience a different life. I ended up staying longer than I originally intended. Now just passed my 16th anniversary of living in the USA.  At that time, I met my current husband and with his enormous support, I went on to continue my education. I graduated with a degree in Biotechnology when I was 6 months pregnant. When I gave birth to my first child Emily, I devoted myself to raising her, two years later my daughter Julia was born, at that time I put work aside and spent a few years focusing on raising my children until they went to school.  It was then that I could start to develop and fully devote myself to work. Unfortunately, as before in Poland, many things were lacking in the new opportunities I was seeking. Rigid working hours, lack of freedom, no development opportunities, and a financial ceiling.  In the end, I found dōTERRA. I started working in this MLM system and disseminated knowledge about the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils.  I educate people on how to best use these products, aromatically, topically, and internally as a part of their everyday life.  I am continually developing myself as well as building an international team.

Maciej Maciejewski: And never before has anyone shown you the possibilities of network marketing?

Aneta Molnar: Many years ago, I heard a little bit about this business system, but I was not interested in it, so I did not waste time or energy to find out more about it on my own. Network Marketing in general at the time did not enjoy favorable opinions. People have associated network marketers as quack doctors and snake oil salesmen.  Five years ago, while searching for natural solutions to my daughter’s health problems, dōTERRA products appeared in my life.  A friend recommended an oil to me and it worked amazingly. Our whole family started using dōTERRA products, and knowing their capabilities, I recommended them to others.  However, I didn’t want to “play” with selling back then. I was afraid of looking like some intrusive peddler squeezing products into people’s homes.  Unfortunately, at that time I was unaware of what MLM really was and I did not realize what working with such a company could mean for me.

A year after using essential oils for the first time, my friend who introduced me to this company and its products said that since we both are not working, it is actually worth getting to know the possibilities of building this business. I had nothing to lose. It was then that I started educating myself on the operation of the MLM system. I’ve read a lot about this type of business. I delved into the principles and policies of this model and to my surprise, everything surprised me positively. Not only the way network marketing works, but most of all the opportunities it opens up for us. It was then that I considered whether I wanted to work with dōTERRA.  I took a closer look at the company itself, its product offerings, compensation plan, what development opportunities it proposed and whether I would be able to work globally, e.g. if I would be able to operate in the Polish market while living in the USA.  After detailed analysis, I made my decision.

Now I can say confidently that joining dōTERRA was a very good decision.  I believe I found out about Multi-Level Marketing far too late in life.  Looking back and knowing today the possibilities of this type of business, I wish it would be included as a curriculum in schools.

Maciej Maciejewski: What motivated you then to build this business?

Aneta Molnar: The first and most important driving force was the belief in the product. It started when my older daughter had quite serious health problems with her upper respiratory tract. She had to use inhaled steroids, and prescription medication for a while. I was not happy to be told my child would have to continually take medication and administer a steroid inhaler in case of an attack.  Fortunately, after a few weeks, the aforementioned friend from dōTERRA showed up. With the regular use of essential oils, supplements, the elimination of candles, contact fragrances, and all chemicals from our home, we noticed that her breathing problems receded to the point that she no longer had any symptoms. From that moment on, oils are our natural home medicine cabinet. I decided since our whole family was amazed at how dōTERRA products benefit our health and well-being both physically and mentally why not recommend them to others.  Everyone has one life, the only way anyone will live to their optimal potential is to take care of their health.  Appreciating and caring for this treasure to live one’s life free from illness is the most important mission in life without health nothing else matters.

Second, I’m a geek. I am passionate about science and I constantly strive to deepen my knowledge. I was fascinated by how one drop of essential oil from a plant can do so much good for human health and well-being.  They are not synthetic chemicals and do not harm the environment. I read a lot of scientific articles about the chemical profiles of oils, how microparticles diffuse into the body through the skin, how oils are cultivated, extracted through processes of steam distillation, and mechanical pressure or expression. I passionately study scientific research confirming the effectiveness and impact of these products on the human body.

I know, I know … It does not sound fascinating or interesting, but for people who are passionate about biotechnology, it is amazing knowledge and a great discovery. dōTERRA has made me crave a healthy lifestyle and care for the cleanliness and sustainability of our environment.  I now lead an Oil Revolution.

Third, I cared about the time and financial independence that MLM provides. I wanted to be able to combine work with raising children, but I also didn’t want to deny them the opportunity to pursue their passions. In a full-time job or in a traditional activity, I would not have time to take my children to school, to piano lessons, swimming lessons or an art course. Now I can do all of these, and I still have time for a tango lesson with my husband, yoga, and the usual home chores. I live without stress, without tensions and anxiety about every day, because my financial situation is stable.

Maciej Maciejewski: Now there is no stress and there is money, but Rome wasn’t built in a day… How was it at the beginning?

Aneta Molnar: My beginnings were difficult. When I started working with dōTERRA, I didn’t have any practical knowledge of running a business, just a bit of theory. That’s why I decided to act immediately. I started by organizing meetings to which I invited my friends by phone, and they encouraged their friends. I gave information about workshops on my Facebook profile, my clients also tried to help by inviting their relatives to meetings. Some of my invitations met with a response and many people came, but more than once only one person came. There were also a few so-called secret meetings where no one showed up. The most important thing is not to negate and give up. I am stubborn by nature, so I kept trying with enthusiasm and did not get discouraged. I was learning from my mistakes as well as literature and experiences of others in order to find clients and colleagues more easily. I participated in all possible trainings and workshops – mainly they were my driving force. They developed me incredibly, motivated me and gave me strength to keep pushing forward regardless of various adversities.

A turning point for me was a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, for a global convention, where I was able to meet 32,000 lovers of essential oils. This several-day training, conversations with leaders from different levels and their lectures confirmed my belief that I was in the best place at the right time. And so, to this day, I consistently move one step forward every day.

I pursue my goals, make my dreams come true, although the road is not always easy. The most important thing is not to give up at the beginning when it is the hardest and remember that consistency is our super strength, combined with perseverance, will always bring success.

Maciej Maciejewski: How important are products in this business?

Aneta Molnar: Of course, I chose dōTERRA through the prism of my positive experiences with these products – the aforementioned health problems of my daughter. For me, the most important thing is that they are natural products, and the process of their production is controlled from the moment the seed is planted in the previously tested soil and climate matched to the plant’s requirements. All dōTERRA products carry the CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ™ quality certification. This means that our essential oils are subjected to rigorous quality tests both by dōTERRA laboratories and external ones.  For me, as an environmental protection engineer and biotechnologist, it is very important that these tests consist of organoleptic evaluation, gas chromatography (both are used to determine chemical composition), chiral chromatography (used to ensure the absence of synthetics), isotope analysis (ensures no adulteration has occurred), mass & fourier spectrometry – determines the quantitative composition of individual substances (this is of great importance when it comes to the efficacy or effectiveness of an essential oil). It may sound incomprehensible, but this research is for everyone to be sure of the quality and purity of dōTERRA essential oils.  Especially when we want to give them to our children, and pets.  dōTERRA also fits perfectly into the current trend and need to return to natural methods of supporting health. Therefore, the product in our business is very important and crucial. It is important that these products are of the highest quality.

Maciej Maciejewski: What other aces do you have up your sleeve?

Aneta Molnar: I was captivated by the company’s extreme ethical approach to the environment, their support of local farmers and women in developing countries. In addition, every drop of oil is helping people, refugees, children in third world countries through dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing initiatives as well as their philanthropic Healing Hands organization. The company’s mission is in line with my beliefs and philosophy of helping others in need, giving them hope for a better tomorrow, to promote a healthy lifestyle thanks to natural products, to care for our planet and to strengthen financial independence.

Maciej Maciejewski: And what aces came from network marketing that you cannot have in a full-time job or running a traditional company?

Aneta Molnar: No fixed time schedule and place of work. In MLM I work when I want, when I can, and where I want. I can get up at 5am and work in my pajamas on the couch or go out to the park at 4pm with the kids and work on the bench.  Zero restrictions, unlike a full-time job. I am my own boss, nobody gives me orders. What is very important, working in network marketing does not require me to spend thousands on expenses like purchasing or renting premises, borrowing or leasing equipment. Our registration kit costs several hundred PLN. The lack of financial risk is also very important.  In MLM you will not lose tens of thousands of PLN, at most I will spend time and energy. Another advantage is the lack of investment in employees, new equipment or larger premises to create opportunities for development and expansion of your business.

The important thing is bureaucracy, which is not in MLM at all.  When it comes to business activity, every entrepreneur has to deal with queues in offices, “millions of tons” of paper – permits, concessions, invoices. This is definitely not for me!  When it comes to full-time employment, the worst is a fixed salary and the insurmountable financial ceiling. The employer sets the salary in the contract and regardless of whether I would work overtime or replace my friend on vacation … my salary would not change. In MLM it’s fair, how much you earn, is how much you earn. Similarly, my development and promotion depend only on me, my work and the work of my team, and not on the sympathy of my supervisor or other connections. If I took a job “for someone”, I wouldn’t have any influence on who I would work with. It is the employer who selects his employees. In network marketing, I choose who I want to build my business with. Moreover, when I decided to conduct network marketing, I did not have to worry about the limitations that I would be able to build a business only in the USA.  Currently, I work with people in many countries around the world.

Maciej Maciejewski: What kind of person do you need to be in order to achieve success in network marketing?

Aneta Molnar: The most important thing is to experience the positive effects of the products that we sell. When a person selling a product knows everything about it and tells their story on how a product changed their life, they are credible, authentic, and thanks to their true passion for the product, they have a chance to become the most effective leader in this business. In addition, a person in network marketing must have an appetite for success based on a positive attitude to work and life, he or she should be willing to change their life and take it into their own hands.  A person in this industry must know their success depends on their relentless pursuit of education and work. It is important that one focuses on pursuing goals, looking for solutions and faces problems head on, and does not feel sorry for, find excuses or blame others for their failures.

It is very important that a person working in network marketing is demanding of themself. You should constantly train, take part in various business workshops, learn from your leaders and people who are successful in this field. Such a person must remember that we learn all our lives, so you must like to work on yourself and improve yourself.  However, this cannot be confused with selfishness.

This business is about building success by helping others. That is why you need to love people, be empathetic, communicative, and be able to build positive and long-lasting relationships by finding yourself willing to help others.

Another important feature is realism and the ability to look to the future. You have to know that the way to the top in this business model will take more than a few months, a year, or two. You should set yourself ambitious, but small achievable goals that over time will make your dream come true.  This approach ensures that the motivation to act does not disappear and at the same time there are no disappointments. You also need to be stubborn, determined and focused on achieving your goal, be able to draw conclusions from individual failures and apply them in practice. Our full commitment is not always approved, sometimes we put our whole heart into our work, and at the end we hear “no”. Therefore, persistence and resistance to failure is important in this work. You have to treat situations like tips to eliminate your weaknesses.

Work should be for living, not living for work, but it is worth being ready for some concessions and sacrifices, especially at times when we are close to achieving our goals. I like to do several things at the same time. When I’m shopping or making lunch boxes for kids, I listen to an audiobook about the ins and outs of MLM. Instead of sitting idle in the car waiting for the kids to come out of the pool, I plan a social media post. Everything is compatible, but you need to have a lot of self-denial and discipline, because working from home can be very distracting.  Besides all these essential qualities… you just have to be yourself.

Maciej Maciejewski: Where to get new people for your structure? What methods do you use to attract new business people?

Aneta Molnar: As you know, network marketing is a business based on long-term relationships, so I always try to build them gradually, in small steps, not intrusively. So that our potential partner does not get discouraged by us. You need to stay in touch with every person you meet, and one day comes the right moment to present the opportunities that I, my team and our entire company offers.

Most often, I meet new people with whom I have the opportunity to create a business with dōTERRA at networking events – there I meet many active people looking for something other than a full-time job in life. In addition, it is nice and pleasant to work in the privacy of your home, but you also need to leave this safe zone. That’s why I often take part in group activities, such as a tango lesson, swimming pool, or yoga studio. I also try to participate in social projects, such as the series of meetings “Coffee with an active woman”, where you can meet new people, introduce yourself and your business. It is important to search for informed people who can benefit from introducing our product into their practice. More and more physiotherapy and beauty salons decide to support their treatments with dōTERRA oils.

Of course, the fact that we live in the times of highly developed Internet and Social Media gives great opportunities. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, you can make contacts with old friends, but also meet new people. It is also important to belong to and identify with specific groups on the Internet. I mean the thematic groups on Facebook. I choose those that interest me and are identical with my lifestyle and interests. I am active in them and establish and build new relationships with other members of this online community.

The last and probably the most important option of acquiring partners for building an MLM business is positive opinions, experiences and recommendations of other satisfied people who in their environment of friends and relatives recommend me as a leader for cooperation. When it comes to specific methods, I try to look for those character traits that I said are necessary to work in MLM. Of course, not everyone knows that they all have them at the beginning of building a relationship. Sometimes I see a potential in some one and I know that over time you can get more out of them than they think they can give.

Finding people to help you build your network marketing team is a skill that must be learned and consistently repeated. Nobody is born a lawyer, doctor or MLM leader. You have to work hard for such things in life.

Maciej Maciejewski: What are your plans for the future?

Aneta Molnar: Professionally, I intend to consistently continue to operate and develop my dōTERRA business. Few days ago I reached the rank of Gold. My current goal is to reach the level of Platinum and then continue to grow in this business. I want to find even more business partners, especially in Poland, because it is in my home country that dōTERRA is just beginning to enter the market, but with a big boost, because it is growing rapidly. I also plan to support and help partners from my business structure on their way to success. Helping them, respecting their work, appreciating their successes, providing constructive feedback of the failures they encounter molds me into a better leader and person overall. In the next 3 years, I also have the ambition to significantly increase my passive income so that my husband can retire from his current job. He will then be 45 years old and with me he will be able to devote himself fully to building our MLM business. As for my private life plans, I want to continue traveling the world with my family and support my children in their education and interests. I’m still going to read a lot, dance, do yoga, help others and spread the Oil Revolution.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you for the interview.

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