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Rodan + Fields donates $1.5 million to empower young people

by Maciej Maciejewski

Rodan + Fields announced the second round of donations from the Youth Empowerment Fund through their support of the “Prescription for Change” project. This fund was launched in August 2021, and will invest a total of $5 Million USD over 3 years to empower young people to lead social and environmental change. In 2022, donations totaling $1.55 Million USD will support 11 nonprofits to underserved communities in North America and Australia.

sources: Pixabay

Rodan + Fields’ support of The Youth Empowerment Fund builds on its proud legacy of changing lives together with its Independent Consultant Community, having invested nearly $18 Million USD in nonprofit partners that have provided educational and career assistance, service learning and disaster relief to 1.7 million young people globally since 2008. The Company is proud to have donated a total of $2.8 Million USD from the Youth Empowerment Fund since 2021 to advance the Company’s commitment to giving, marking that they are over halfway to their 3-year goal.

Lindsay Vignoles, director of environmental, social, and governance of Rodan + Fields, said: “We believe that philanthropy is a powerful tool to empower young people to become leaders and positive change agents in their communities. Giving back is a fundamental part of our Do Good strategy, and we are honored to support existing and new partners to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.”

As social and environmental challenges continue to grow, Rodan + Fields sees its investments in young people as a part of the solution and has aligned with its mission to have a life-changing impact on people and the planet.

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