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Ryszard Gaczkowski. Top MLM business leader

by Maciej Maciejewski

His adventure with network marketing has been going on for almost 40 years. He is an electronics technician by profession, and passionate about fishing. He tries to achieve mastery in every action and does not hide that he likes to win. How does he do it? Above all, he focuses heavily on getting the job done. Here is an interview with this extraordinary man…

Maciej Maciejewski & László Gaál & Ryszard Gaczkowski

He has repeatedly stood on the top podium for the winners and received the main prizes. Failure is not an option for him. In the first edition of the prestigious MLM BUSINESS AWARDS competition, during the second edition of the European Alternative Business Forum, he won the TOP MLM LEADER award.

He was shaped by crises and problems that he had to deal with many times in his life. He is a born optimist and dreamer. He claims to be a real lucky man because he got to truly share the love. He likes a challenge, and network marketing has become a challenge for him and he devotes his whole life to this industry. There was no competition when he started. Building structures was child’s play – always 100% effective. It took several months to achieve the highest positions at the time. Not all the owners of the companies with whom he worked coped with rapid growth and successes. Time has verified their true intentions and, unfortunately, these companies are no longer on the market. With time, there was a lot of competition and various complications as well as numerous MLM systems on the market. In 2006, as a bankrupt, he faced a choice: where to invest his strength and the experience gained over the years? He was looking for the Perfect Idea. A program that will always stand its ground. A company that has its own patented product and factory. The choice fell on Flavon – it was a business that Ryszard achieved mastery in.

“I was delighted with everything about it – the owners, a clear, legible, simple marketing plan that creates unlimited opportunities to generate income and an ideal product that everyone needs, the effects of which are supported by scientific evidence. Together with my wife, I made the decision – this would be our last and only network marketing company with which we are associated for the rest of our lives,” recalls the Top MLM Leader 2014. He committed himself wholeheartedly and in two years reached the level of president. Today he is a ruby president. In the meantime, he obtained the titles of the best sponsor in individual months and years. He has traveled a million kilometers helping his co-workers. He has hundreds of hours of training, hundreds of auditioned recordings listened and books read.

His private university is the car and his way to success is intensive action, full of work with people.

Today, from the perspective of several years of cooperation with Flavon, he claims that it was the best choice in his life. Here he worked out what he had failed to reach before – a stable, high passive income. With that, he was able to live his dream life for the last eight years. Currently, his commissions have already exceeded the amount of one million zlotys a year. “But this is just the beginning, the best times are yet to come. As in any endeavor, everything has to be learned all the time, and new ideas, experiments and their results are verified by life itself,” he told us during the interview. He is very cautious about his experiments. “Young people are trying to speed things up and often don’t see the curves,” he says. He is a traditionalist, faithful to fundamental values that can be changed by no one and nothing.

Currently, he is focusing on his international groups – England, USA, Spain and the starting Ukraine – those are his primary goals. Due to his profession, he is not afraid of technological achievements. He often uses online tools, but in his opinion nothing can replace the energy brought by direct contact with people. He often repeats that the best bond is always trust, a sense of security, care, kindness and gratitude. On such foundations he has built, and intends to continue to build, the largest Flavon organization. This model of work has been successful to date and with such methods, Ryszard and his team have generated over one billion zlotys of turnover. It introduced 200,000 activations. From rags to riches – this was his career path. But he himself is extremely modest – he doesn’t feel like a hero. He says: “I have paved the way, it is a simple and safe road. I can fully attest that this is the right path. Anyone who trusts me and lets me lead them will at least achieve what I do. The only difference will be time. Others will make it to the top twice as fast, if they follow instructions.”

Today, he enjoys his own three-hectare estate, a beautiful house, and several unique car models. However, the friendships he made are the greatest value for him. Those who became his soul mates and who he can always rely on. And he is satisfied with what he has: “Since I joined Flavon, I have been living in a piece of heaven.” His last purchase – a Porsche Panamera, was his wife’s dream come true. He likes giving gifts, so he shares what he has with his family, his colleagues, and is also involved in charity activities.  His daughter’s school gained a lot from it. He enjoys making the dreams of his children come true, both small and large. The secret he tells others is:

The better you become in the conquering process, the further you will go.

Maciej Maciejewski: Having listened to your lectures many times, I know that there is one thing that, in your opinion, is certain, unchanging, one that you often emphasize when educating your colleagues…

Ryszard Gaczkowski: Yes. It’s the statement: “There are no shortcuts.” Because every plan, every product and every business that is to survive difficult times and wants to be there forever, has been working out standards for years. These are the foundations, the structure that people build. There are no miracles, there is only work. When you focus on people and build the enterprise with your heart, you will always win. That is why I am very happy with our company current, new policy. Focus on supporting entrepreneurship, programs that reward the activity of colleagues. This gives phenomenal results and dynamic growth in all markets.

Maciej Maciejewski: Do you have to find your way of life to be successful? Your passion? Can multi level be such a passion?

Ryszard Gaczkowski: Of course. It is a driving force. If you have passion, you break away from patterns and stereotypes. You are becoming extraordinary. Life takes on more meaning and true value. You find paths that cannot be found by those who use rational solutions only. Passion is born of the need for growth. Only then does determination appear. I remember my childhood. I had lost my father early, and my mother worked from dawn to dusk to raise my brothers and me. I was the eldest, so part of the caring responsibilities fell on me. When a younger brother was ill, my mother had to go to work. I would stay at home to look after him. It was a difficult experience, but when I closed my eyes, I imagined a rich guy driving up to our house. I heard the screech of tires and his voice in my head. “Do you want a luxury car?” he asked, and I answered… “Yes? Really…?” “Then let me show you the future,” the stranger replied. And I was flying in the clouds. It wasn’t about the car, it was just a metaphor for prosperity, a longing for security, a desire to create a beautiful world for my loved ones. Perhaps that is why, as a child, I quickly learned to work out my little goals with my wits. I would sell bottles, so I had money for ice cream, cinema or a bicycle. I was passionate about electronics. As a teenager, I was able to assemble radios and amplifiers. And since those were times when such devices were unavailable, an ideal market was opening up for me. Then I could afford a motorbike.

I was always looking for new solutions. I was 14 when I designed my first smart home for my mother. I was bored with the daily sliding of the curtains, so I invented an electronically controlled slide beam. However, I did not get wealthy through that. But that is not the most important thing. Because I was already on the right track. Even a tiny bit of passion makes you a winner. This is the way that shapes you, refines your character, then brings you to the next opportunity and ultimately to your goal. When I first saw MLM, I jumped out of my chair. I thought… wow, this is it. I got down to business immediately. Without knowledge, but with passion. I did what I was told to. I had wonderful teachers whom I tried to emulate. They were better and better. I listen to the best of them to this day. They revealed before me worlds that were previously inaccessible. Like quantum physics. Their lessons are like Bible quotes – timeless. My fate went down different paths, but I never gave up. Why?? Because MLM has become my passion. And that comes from the heart. You can only pass on to others what you have in it.

If you have a passion, you will have the strength to overcome all obstacles, you will gain knowledge that will allow you to steer clear of dangerous corners.

If you act with passion, you grow wings. Then you phase into a different space-time. You hear on different frequencies. You receive, see, feel more and more. You recognize subtle differences that one who is firm on Earth would not.

Maciej Maciejewski: In a business such as MLM, what do you think motivates a successful person to work? Do you think everyone can be motivated in the same way?

Ryszard Gaczkowski: Dreams inspire. Only they cannot be confused with fantasizing. These are deeply internalized, true desires. They are individual. There are as many of them as there are people on Earth. It’s great because we have endless ways to do it. It’s wonderful to discover the power of human possibilities. Fortunately, everyone has their own secret way to prosperity. The door is close and the keys are in the hearts of the owners. I am very happy with what I achieve, but when I see the joy of those I help, it releases even greater positive energy. People have goals both big and small. Such seemingly tiny ones as the opportunity to buy a wig for a child who is sick, the joy of being with a group of friends, or large ones, such as building a house or buying a car. This is a great drive for me. More than buying a Porsche, because if I help many people with such motivations, I won’t have to worry about my account balance. I have already made a lot of such and similar dreams come true with the participation of my dreamers.

Maciej Maciejewski: What is the best way to cope with the discouragement that may arise?

Ryszard Gaczkowski: I admit that I am very difficult to discourage. My advice – get to love what you do. What is fascinating is that when you love, you believe, you trust and you cannot get discouraged. If they throw you out the window, go back in through the chimney. If you really have burning feelings, you can develop technical skills, but if you really love to play, it will be fun to look for means of expression and perfect harmony. You will practice for hours until you are done. And if you love, you don’t feel tired. Fall in love with MLM because it’s the perfect instrument. You will learn to play and then you will provide your audience with unforgettable emotions. They will be moved, they will be happy, there will be tears of joy in their eyes. You will know that you are perfect when you see gratitude on people’s faces. Second advice. Visualize. Design your future and then combine it with emotions. For example, a new car with the smell of leather. An own house with fireplace, family, safety. A promotion with a walk along the red carpet, applause from colleagues. Further, read a good book or call a positive friend. But most of all, make another presentation.

Maciej Maciejewski: How can a leader support their team when discouragement arises? What is the best thing to do then?

Ryszard Gaczkowski: People watch your reactions to problems in changing circumstances. Show them how you do it, in thought, in deed, in words. Life fluctuates. Changes take place in a second. You can’t be everywhere at once. You cannot lift the whole world alone, but you can be a support. Talk, educate key leaders, because it will allow you to reach everyone. You want to help, stay close. Provide support. Show examples of those who were in a similar situation but got up. They put in effort and they made it. Present the winners. They always have it uphill. And yet they are winning. Listen, talk. Only when you have learned the problems can you provide support… Send a book, a quote, a song, good word. Anything to strengthen faith. If you have the facts on hand, the company operates honestly and ethically, creates equal opportunities for everyone around the world, acts fairly, is subject to external control, has an ideal marketing plan, background, vision of growth and unlimited income generation potential, there is nothing to fear. If you work with a company that cares about you, has an original, proprietary product, wins awards you can be proud of, then there is no reason to be discouraged. Just think about how to bring balance into your cooperation. Try to be an equally serious partner.

Do you have any bad experiences? Hurray… That means that you are richer! Say thank you. I just got the best lesson and now I know what to avoid! Once you understand that failure is the best teacher, you will prevail. And go back to what is good. You had a great idea and it did not work out in real life, with live people? Turn around if possible.

Find the main road as soon as possible. It may seem slower, but if proven, it will surely lead you to your destination. I am always looking for the bright side, even in seemingly hopeless situations. Can I be wrong? Of course. That’s human nature. But if I am wrong, I can feel it, hear it and see it. It makes me uncomfortable. I turn the knobs on the life console to the right and left, until again there is no disturbance in reception and the picture and sound synchronize. I am a constructor of electronic circuits. It is a profession of explorers. I have experienced over and over again how the nuances made a device work or not. A tiny mistake caused a failure. It’s the same in life. MLM is team work. Together we reach for the highest peaks. We hold one rope together while climbing. We have to be reasonable because the lives of these people are in our hands. Everyone is important. Everyone has to remain vigilant, but the greatest responsibility rests with the leader. They know they can’t go wrong. Your attitude is a kind of protection. The value system becomes a pillar and support for other people.

Be positive. That’s your shield. Then everything that is destructive has no influence on you. Only that which is based on sound principles can survive, so these principles should be set and followed. Have a vision of the future and have faith. Improve relationships. Did you make a mistake? Don’t worry, because being human means making mistakes. One more tip – forgive, because you never know when you’ll need forgiveness. Teach responsibility. Only then will your team be successful. It’s easier when you have paved the way, because you are an authority. Then you can shake hands calmly. However, if you do not have all the experiences or sufficient knowledge yet, you have doubts, it is better to ask for help from those who have followed the path that you and your team are to go. People need to know that you know the solution or that you trust the right people.

Most often, the more experienced ones know the answer. Sometimes you have to trust your gut… Youth is wonderful because it drives civilization, but a child begins to understand a parent’s concern only when they becomes a parent themselves. I respect my children’s choices, of both my own children and my business ones. I keep telling them “if your decisions will not hurt anyone, if you treat others as if you would like others to treat you, then do what your imagination tells you to.”  After a while, I would sometimes hear “you know what… sorry, you were right!” I would like everyone to be successful. That would be perfect. Unfortunately, you cannot dream for anyone or make their decisions, but you are able to inspire, believe in people or awaken potential. You can discover desires, you can tell them – do it, you can do it, I will help you. It’s like pushing a spirit of hope into another human being. If you do this skillfully, the mind’s structure of molecules changes, problems disappear and a sea of possibilities opens up.

Maciej Maciejewski: How do you think one can raise one’s own motivation? Reading books, participating in training?

Ryszard Gaczkowski: If you want to be successful, first of all determine what you want to achieve, because you need to adapt your action plan and ways of motivating you to it. If you have broken down or got discouraged, that means you have lost sight of your purpose. Write down what you want to achieve on one side of a sheet of paper, and what you will do, give up or sacrifice on the other side. Each mastery level requires a minimum of ten thousand hours of training. This is how it is. If you take a calculator, you can count how many days it is. Do it, then act quickly.

Only those ships that are in the open waters can catch the favorable wind. The faster you complete this task, the faster you will reach mastery. If you truly want to win, you will overcome your own limitations.

Every success comes with overcoming pain. You want to learn faster, follow the winners. Look for models among those who perform best in your company. Look for those who made the most money and helped the most people. If someone built a house on their own, has a good design, a proven model, poured solid foundations, laid brick by brick, fixed them with a strong mortar, and you see that this house has been standing for several years, has survived natural disasters, then you can go all in. You can be sure they know everything. If they are interested in your winning, they will surely tell you honestly. Learn from practitioners in your profession. A dentist will not learn how to be a professional dentist from an orthopedist. Although each of them finished medical studies. A specialist learns from a specialist. If you want to make money, look at those who are making money. What can you learn from theorists with empty accounts???

Tell me who your master is and I will tell you where you will go. Motivational literature is available everywhere, on every shelf. Read daily. Listen to inspiring speakers and professionals. Today no one can say they have no chance. Stay with the wise and you will be wiser. If you want to win, work on yourself. However, even if you read all the books, take part in all training courses, you will only learn through practice. So when you act, you will never lose your motivation because you will still be in the process of education, creation and finding solutions. The scale of your sensitivity will increase. You will hear all the signals on multiple frequencies. You’ll always know whether the direction you take is right or wrong. The best teacher is experience. Once you understand everything inbetween words, you will discover that MLM is an art. Even a stone is malleable and a good sculptor will forge an angel out of any material.

Maciej Maciejewski: What is the greatest drive for further development in your cooperation with Flavon today?

Ryszard Gaczkowski: We are in a great moment. After years of work, we have developed an ideal program. I am very excited about the future. I am motivated by the enthusiasm of those who saw our company for the first time or rediscovered it and now see an opportunity for themselves. We have everything we need to create a beautiful reality. We can work in the family. We are opening new markets, great leaders emerge and the best moments lie ahead. I believe this year will be a harvest time. There is much to be done and everything to be won. I know the enormous potential of our plan. I am sure. Everything I own is thanks to cooperation with Flavon – my house, apartments, cars, garden and permanent, very high commissions. I am surrounded by friends. I am already touching the sky. I know how I did it. Nobody and nothing will turn me off my way or tempt me to change my values. I only engage in fair ventures. Flavon is the company I bet on. I intend on winning together with it. So now my goal is for many people to have the same comfortable conditions for work and growth as soon as possible. For them to have a chance to live healthier, more beautifully, and enjoy life. I would like all club members to have reasons to love our company. It is very nice to know that you are close to many friends. I am very grateful to them, so I want them to know how much I appreciate them. Together we can mobilize the greatest resources of kindness and plentitude. It’s good to have faith from the bottom of your heart that we will make the world a better place.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you for the interview.

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