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Speed, volume, exclusivity – 2BE GROUP from S’OUVRE INTERNATIONALE – talking about a good business. Gran Canaria 2021

by Maciej Maciejewski

Once you’ve sped up in Porsche Carrera, you won’t be able to fix your hair. Once you make a turn when driving Lamborghini Aventador, you’ll only want it faster, you’ll want more. Once you start Ferrari Testarossa and you listen to the engine… you’ll never want to get out. That’s how MLM business feels in 2BE TEAM from S’OUVRE INTERNATIONALE. Speed, volume, exclusivity. Amen.

Between 18 and 25 May 2021 I was in paradise. Just to be there and die is the best description of what I have experienced. I had the most amazing time with an extraordinary team of 130 people who have built their MLM business with S’OUVRE INTERNATIONALE. Everything happened on a beautiful, sunny Gran Canaria Island. It was associated with the 5th anniversary of this network marketing company, one which easily allows people to generate a high income with a small capital. A very high income. One which allows them to enjoy their work. And their lives.

As soon as we’re done sifting through the photos, we’ll publish a feature on this event. As for now, there is a first, very interesting film made during the getaway of the vibrant 2BE team. The video features consecutively: Wojciech Piechociński, Katarzyna Sokołowska-Macowicz, Łukasz Szymańczak, Wioletta Meller, Marcin Chabierski, Artur Kaszyński, Marlena Szcześniak, Mateusz Jeż, Klaudiusz Budzyński, Edyta Kwaśniewska, Anna Wieteska, Dorota Śliwińska i Katarzyna Kowalczyk.

It is, among other things, thanks to work and devotion of these vibrant young people that this MLM business, so unique amongst the greatest Polish companies in network marketing sector, has been moving up so quickly on our financial results ranking for the whole industry. 5 years on the market and they have already reached the 5th place. This is lit! Why has it happened? Well, it can’t be any other way. Just listen to these people…

Maciej Maciejewski: Welcome everyone, I’m Maciej Maciejewski from Network Magazine. Dear all, I get into the swimming pool, and I can see Wojciech Piechociński, amazing! Hello Wojtek.

Wojciech Piechociński: Hi Maciek, welcome everyone.

Maciej Maciejewski: We’ll chat a bit, as yesterday there were great things happening in The Canary Islands. We took part in a conference organized for the 5th anniversary of S’ouvre Internationale. Wojtek, the company… I personally liked the most the information regarding new products. The company has introduced products that S’ouvre will soon place on the market. Please tell me what caught your attention? What are your observations regarding the conference?

Wojciech Piechociński: When it comes to the conference itself and the introduction of new products, it is as you have seen yourself, these products have been prepared perfectly, of course, it’s not possible to reveal everything yet, however, what I can tell you is that they will make a sensation on the market as they are products that would appeal to everyone, everybody uses them. Secondly, there are also products for specialists who work in beauty salons, and that’s another group of recipients. And, of course, there is one product that would energise everyone, one that is fully natural, based on 100% natural ingredients. This product is prepared extremely thoroughly, as usual. Speaking of the conference itself, the gala…, I can say that it was only the 1st anniversary gala that took place in Poland, all the following ones took place abroad.

Maciej Maciejewski: Dominican Republic, Tenerife, Cyprus…

Wojciech Piechociński: Now Gran Canaria and the next year probably…

Maciej Maciejewski: I understand, we can’t reveal more details as for now, we’ll inform of it next year…

Wojciech Piechociński: Indeed, they can ban us if we keep revealing everything… so we can’t. I must admit that there were appearances of the people in senior positions, the president of the company appeared as well. It was all beautifully framed in terms of audio- visual framework.

Maciej Maciejewski: The conference wasn’t long, it was short and very pithy, everything substantial. During the whole 2 hours there was a certain theme, what was it?

Wojciech Piechociński: Above all, the key point was that we’re about to expand to the whole Europe. We’re currently in the UK, in Italy, and, of course, in Poland, as we originate from it. However, in a couple of weeks we’ll start in the whole European Union, so people from the whole European Union will be able to join us. They will be able to build their structures, earn money and withdraw their money in their own currency. They will be able to build in their own language, in their own area, the business will be suited to their own culture, their own working styles. I will be something exciting. I always say, if someone looks at S’ouvre and believes that S’ouvre has done a great deal in Poland, well, it has. It has done a great job.

Maciej Maciejewski: In 5 years…

Wojciech Piechociński: We have reached a 5th place in the ranking you’ve done.

Maciej Maciejewski: Yes, the 5th place in Poland.

Wojciech Piechociński: Exactly. And in that ranking there are companies operate on the Polish market for much longer.

Maciej Maciejewski: Yes, even for 30 years.

Wojciech Piechociński: Right, 30 years there, 15 years, and they are behind, so to speak. So, if someone thinks it’s a pretty good result, then the Europe in comparison… I’ll put it differently… Poland compared to Europe is this much, compared to that much we will do there.

Maciej Maciejewski: Wojtek, please tell me one thing… Yesterday, during the conference here we’ve seen that it’s possible to achieve success with you… in your company. Technically, there are appropriate tools. Tell me why it’s worth it, according to you, why one should do network marketing?

Wojciech Piechociński: Well, let me put it this way, why one should do Network marketing? If someone has at least the slightest desire to taste a bit different lifestyle, a lifestyle in which you wake up when you’re fully rested, you work when you want to, with whom you want to, in a way you want to, you travel to places like that, attend similar galas, and, most of all, with team like that. In my opinion, this is the reason why. That’s why I’m doing it. It is difficult to tell it in one sentence as I often speak for a couple of hours on why it’s worth to do MLM business. However, if someone feels that the place, they are currently in isn’t perfect, maybe something doesn’t suit them, maybe they often thought about changing something. Maybe they are overwhelmed by life in such a way that they got used to it. Sometimes it is this way. Some people are like that, they wanted to change something, however, their life has turned out into what it is today, and it has overwhelmed them. We got used to live in a certain way and that’s it. The will to change something disappears. But if someone had already felt it before, if they had the feeling that they weren’t comfortable, they didn’t feel good, then it really is the industry that is at least worth trying. Seriously, at least try, don’t pass it by with indifference. And I believe it is the most important thing. And another thing is to have such a great, integrated team as you will see in a moment here. Our crew is coming now, we have fun together and it is really nice.

Maciej Maciejewski: And it’s the star attraction here, the people. We will show them to you in a moment.

Wojciech Piechociński: Greetings!

Maciej Maciejewski: Tell me, what do you like the most about Network Marketing? What do you appreciate MLM for? Why is it worth doing?

Katarzyna Sokołowska-Macowicz: I believe there is no other opportunity that would provide you with a lack of financial glass ceiling, a possibility of high earnings with a great team, and while keeping your own values. In every corporation, in every company, you need to follow certain rules. In here, on the other hand, we create our own rules. And if you find a team like have found here, I have found Wojtek Piechociński’s team, 2Be, it is a place for me. As, you know, a company, a product, there are many great companies with good products. S’ouvre stands out from others with the quality of its products, but for me it’s always the people who are the most important. And here, thanks to the people, I can develop, I can fulfil my dreams. My dream is time freedom, financial freedom. It is also a certain slogan often in marketing as people talk about it, but for me it has a real meaning. When I couldn’t work after my accident, network marketing gave me an opportunity to make good money, to support my salon, my employees, to ensure an adequate standard of living for my family, so all these things can be done here.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you.

Katarzyna Sokołowska-Macowicz: Thank you very much!

Maciej Maciejewski: please tell me in a few sentences, everything substantial, what do you like MLM for and why network marketing is worth building?

Łukasz Szymańczak: For two reasons. Firstly, because in my history I had my own business, I had been self- employed for 14 years, I ran a driving school, I sold things, and for me, the most annoying thing in such life was that I didn’t have any influence on my own busines. That is, legal requirements were changing, people were changing, there were things happening all the time and I didn’t really have control over it. When I’ve learned about network marketing, I saw that I can control everything. Everything that happens in the whole structure, with people I work with, I can influence every one of them, pretty much everything. And my point is that I can take control of my own life. And it’s a business of relations.

Maciej Maciejewski: Network marketing has many nice aspects for which people appreciate this system of making money, which of them do you like the most?

Łukasz Szymańczak: It’s a good question. I can tell you that, coming back to my previous self- employment, for 14 years I couldn’t afford to go on a trip like that, I could never afford it…

Maciej Maciejewski: So, travels.

Łukasz Szymańczak: Yes, travels too, but also what you can achieve here. I had never dreamt of a new car as it wasn’t realistic for me. My wife asked me why we don’t go on trips abroad, I simply replied to her that we have made a certain decision, we have built a house to live in a nice place, so we need to spend holidays in Poland as we’re financially restricted. Quid pro quo. And network marketing gives you that freedom, as once you have reached a certain result and you earn more, it just takes to work more, and you can make progression easily, which, of course, means earning money. You control everything.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you.

Łukasz Szymańczak: Thanks a lot, cheers!

Maciej Maciejewski: Why network marketing is worth doing?

Wioletta Meller: You know, Mr Editor, I have always enjoyed being a part of a team. I have always been looking for people around me, and I have been drawn to such teams where I could contribute my bit and see something growing, see something big. I believe it’s just amazing. I contribute just a bit, and if you look at 2BE team from above, it’s something I would neither invent, nor set up myself. I wouldn’t have such charisma to drive it further. And looking at it from above and seeing there my own contribution to it, feels amazing, just amazing! I believe that if someone likes working in a team, if they enjoy being a part of it, if they feel the need of being among people, and if they’re looking for something like that, then it is a great value. And my goal, and something I value it for, and what’s great about this, and what surely counts for me in this, is to find an environment where you can develop, in which I can totally be myself. I don’t like being employed, I don’t like having a wall, I don’t like having boundaries. And 2BE team is a kind of a team that… when I joined it, I was 22, I was freshly out of college… no, it was my 3rd year in college. I didn’t know who I was, what I could do. And I came here being 22 years old and someone led me, pulled out what was the best in me, what I couldn’t even describe myself. And a couple of years later, I am quite good at it. So, the environment in which you can be yourself, wow, and it’s all without all that unnecessary hoity- toity attitude. I don’t feel like I work in a corporation, I don’t feel that only on Friday I can dress comfortably and on Monday I must wear a suit. There’s none of that formal framework.

Maciej Maciejewski: You could easily take out your phone or laptop and work here.

Wioletta Meller: Of course, of course, so I believe that these are the advantages, to the nines.

Marcin Chabierski: There are many advantages, but if I were to focus on one, I think that it’s about who can do this business, that’s the greatest advantage for me. The fact that people who have no experience can do it. And maybe at school they haven’t learned any skills for which anyone would pay money on the job market, and we’re not even talking about big money. For me, the fact that I could start doing this business is the biggest advantage. Let’s face it, in any traditional business, I wouldn’t start doing it without having a couple thousand, 10 thousand, or a couple hundred thousand. In regular employment I don’t have the skills for which someone could pay me, say, 20 thousand per month as most people are not paid that much. And in network marketing anyone can register. And how many people are there who had a great passion, a strong drive to do something big, but didn’t have the environment to develop and stayed in a job earning the amount of money that hasn’t been enough for them? So, for me, the fact that anyone can do it is the biggest advantage.

Maciej Maciejewski: I think you’re the best proof for the fact that in MLM business anyone can achieve success if they really want to achieve it. I remember when you started with Souvre you were a very young man, a coal miner, I think you were even going underground at work.

Marcin Chabierski: Yes, that’s right.

Maciej Maciejewski: How old were you when you started? 17?

Marcin Chabierski: When I started doing network marketing, I was 21.

Maciej Maciejewski: You were very young; you were mining underground. And what about now? You’re reaping the rewards!

Marcin Chabierski: Yes, it’s the third trip I could participate in. I believe that if someone learns the system of work we have in our company, or in our 2BE team, it is only a matter of time for them to reach a high position. You just need to follow the system. I have followed it for nearly five years, I hope there will be another fifteen. I hope that in five years Maciej we will meet on another trip.

Maciej Maciejewski: For another interview.  

Marcin Chabierski: Yes, it was a pleasure, thank you.

Artur Kaszyński: To me, it is undoubtedly the possibility of gaining financial freedom, since a job well done gives you the opportunity of having a stable, regular income. There are many people wondering about how to make a passive income and there are many ways to make it, or to get closer to it, such as real estate, investments, starting your own business. These are some examples of how to generate it. However, the biggest challenge is that it entails a high risk, high competition, and a big capital investment for a start which is, to be honest, unavailable for most people, as it’s not easy. Not everyone can start their own business, buy houses to rent, a flat to rent, or real-estate developments. When it comes to network marketing, it occurs that everyone without experience, without investing money, without capital, can get all the necessary skills needed to develop their own business and, in fact, they can achieve financial independence and make a decent living from it, which is unavailable in many other places on the market.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you very much.

Marlena Szcześniak: Wow! There are many of them. If I were to choose the key ones, then… firstly, I can work at any time I want, with whomever I want, wherever I want. For instance, even here. We’re now in Gran Canaria, on holiday sponsored by the company, but we’re working at the same time. And it’s great that we can do it anywhere. As I am a mother of two girls, I appreciate the flexible working time, the fact that I have time to prepare them for school, for pre-school, and I’m able to work. And I have always dreamt about having a job that would allow me to have breakfast, dinner, and supper together with my family. It is the key point for me as I am family oriented.

Maciej Maciejewski: So, it’s the family.

Marlena Szcześniak: Yes, my team is mostly made of women, about 70% are women. And I get the impression that the women who become mothers find it more difficult to make it career-wise, as they always care about their children. And there are advantages in here as there are many programs for women, for instance ‘I am a mum’ and every woman who starts cooperating with us can take part in this program. A trend today is 500 + [name of a child benefit in Poland], with us there is 400 +, so one can benefit from this program. You can receive a car, and you can also get a subsidy for your housing loan, for instance. So, it’s family-friendly which is fantastic. And I guess I love network marketing for that too. And I am a person who was dragging her heels over taking it up.

Maciej Maciejewski: Just not to do it…

Marlena Szcześniak: Yes, as were the most people.

Maciej Maciejewski: Women, Polish mothers in MLM.

Marlena Szcześniak: Girls, we’re waiting for you here! You’re most welcome!

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you very much.

Mateusz Jeż: From my perspective, as a man who has always been looking for alternative ways, it depends if someone wants to look for other ways. If someone accepts the mainstream in which everyone has a regular job, that’s another story. From my perspective, in my life I have always surrounded myself with, and was impressed by, people who were setting up their own businesses and were looking for alternative ways. And, as I have always been comparing network marketing with self-employment, I remember my father running his own business and there were many things, such as: he couldn’t sleep, had his staff on his shoulders, he was often the last one to get paid. There were many people observing from the distance and saying: ‘Oh it’s great as you have your own business!’, and I have seen it from the inside. And I saw that things weren’t that simple. Now as I am comparing it to network marketing, there aren’t any fixed costs, and, in fact, it’s not us who pay the people, it’s the company that pays them.

Maciej Maciejewski: You put up less money.

Mateusz Jeż: Yes, about putting it up for a start… we are talking about absolutely no financial contribution. And, what’s the most important, I have observed that if you have your own business, you can have a certain inner dissonance, when sometimes there is a great employee in your company, and you are unable to give them as much as they want. You’re unable to provide them with adequate conditions for their development, and often their potential goes to waste. I observed that sometimes employers realize that such a person will be out as they have a need to develop, and the employer is unable to provide a renumeration that would make this employee satisfied. They can have their own ambitions. In network marketing, if such a person comes around, they can fly. There’s no ceiling, there’s no limit, and it’s amazing. There are people like that and, when you start working in network marketing, it occurs that you start attracting those people, those who have always wanted to fly, but were always bumping up against the ceiling. And it’s amazing when those people start flying. There’s a great environment and you take incredible joy in it. And, in the process, a side effect of those individuals’ development is an incredible lifestyle and things that are just unbelievable for the common people living a mediocre life. It’s difficult for them to believe in it. People often watch network marketing from the outside and the most important idea emerging in their heads is that it can’t be true.

Maciej Maciejewski: They don’t believe in it.

Mateusz Jeż: No, they don’t as it looks too good to be true, doesn’t it? And in fact, when someone really delves into this model, in the great way it is constructed, in which the director and the ‘employees’, it’s difficult to call them that as nobody feels like it, well… the partners… there is such a great order in all of it that those people cooperate with one another. A director isn’t someone just put on business cards and pictures, it’s a person who is with us, we do it together. There are no negative feelings towards him, as it happens in case of regular company directors, it is simply a cooperation. Our wellbeing means his wellbeing. The company’s wellbeing is our wellbeing.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you.

Mateusz Jeż: Thank you.

Klaudiusz Budzyński: You know, Maciek, being on this trip, you can see this team, this energy, the staff. There are a lot of positive and negative things to say about network marketing. Many people appreciate the time, independence, and so on. But, to be honest, people want to earn money in order to have fun, to enjoy their lives, and Gran Canaria is in everyone’s reach. Just not with such a great team we have. The team here is amazing, 130 people who can celebrate together, who share the same goal, who can organize themselves well, who can walk across the city with a loudspeaker. It’s amazing. So, If I were to choose one, as you have asked me for one, the most important reason to do it it’s the people and the values present here. From here, I would like to thank the whole team I got to, as it is often the fact that it’s not us who chose the company or team, the team choses us. And I am happy to be a part of this one, a partying one, one with a good attitude.

Maciej Maciejewski: So… it’s seemingly money, and yet, it’s people.

Klaudiusz Budzyński: Yes.

Maciej Maciejewski: So it’s not the company that creates an atmosphere on such events, it’s the people.

Klaudiusz Budzyński: Yes, that’s right. Money is just an addition. Money is important up to a certain point, but if it adds up, it doesn’t represent the same value anymore. There are people here who are on different levels, some earn more, some less. However, at this moment, there is no barrier. Everyone here is equal. Everyone can enjoy. People support one another. There are 130 people here, how to organize it? And yet there aren’t any brawls. It’s something amazing, it’s amazing! The people in network marketing are the best aspect of it. I can’t imagine doing such a business with such opportunities, financial and others, but without the people. I just can’t imagine it.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thanks.

Edyta Kwaśniewska: Why? Firstly, I don’t work from – to, I mean flexible working hours. I was very taken by that above all, as I have been working full-time for over 20 years, so I know the difference. So, as much time you invest in MLM as much money you earn, to be honest. As in a regular job, whether you put effort or not, and that’s the truth, and I work in the public sector, you earn the same money. And in here I like the fact that the more work I put in, the more I am committed…

Maciej Maciejewski: The more you earn.

Edyta Kwaśniewska: Yes, the better financial opportunities I can see. As it is, firstly, a teamwork, a long-term job, it’s not that the financial benefits are instant. But if you have a good team… For one thing, it’s the people. Above all it’s about the people. Most importantly, I have met people who are ambitious, super committed to this business, and that rarely ever happens.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you very much.

Edyta Kwaśniewska: Thank you. Greetings!

Anna Wieteska: Flexibility is super important to me as I also have my own beauty business that I can continue doing and even combine it, combine it beautifully. Apart from that I am a mum so if I need a day off, there is no problem, I can take it. For me it’s amazing that you can achieve something so wonderful, you can do something great. And, at the same time, you can have such flexibility and freedom to choose when and how you work. It’s fantastic, I don’t know any other way like it. Moreover, it’s the fact that we meet so many great people. Even this trip. I knew five people here, and now it seems I know 130 new, fantastic people. I don’t know where one could meet so many positive individuals.

Maciej Maciejewski: In such a short time.

Anna Wieteska: Exactly, in such a short time. As it is all important as well, how long it takes, the fact that at the beginning there is a little more work and less compensation. It changes in time; These things switch places later on; you devote less time, and the compensation is higher. It’s amazing. It’s like a leverage. It’s very similar to investing, and, as I have been doing economics for many years, for me it’s a nice economic effect, a leverage. This is amazing.

Maciej Maciejewski: Thank you.

Anna Wieteska: Thank you.

Dorota Śliwińska: Freedom. Simply freedom as I work whenever I want to. Of course, you need to adjust to when other people have time, but it’s the freedom. When you have worked for a couple of years in a corporation, you served a client who had time only when they were after work… So basically, I had to be at work at 9 am, as that’s when I would start it, but I had to stay until the last client, I was working in finances. So, my clients would start coming from 5 or 6 pm, sometimes until 8 pm. Therefore, I greatly appreciate the freedom now, the fact that we can work from home, online, I don’t need to get ready and run to work.

Maciej Maciejewski: Especially nowadays.

Dorota Śliwińska: Yes, especially now. It doesn’t matter if I have a meeting online or not. Of course, a meeting in person is more valuable for sure, and it should be done this way. However, it’s the freedom, it’s absolutely freedom.

Maciej Maciejewski: Kasia! You’re in the swimming pool finally.

Katarzyna Kowalczyk: For the second time!

Maciej Maciejewski: Please tell me which attributes of network marketing you appreciate the most and why MLM is worth doing?

Katarzyna Kowalczyk: Why? For the lifestyle. For having the freedom of time. It’s not only the financial freedom, but also the freedom of time. Nowadays, to be honest, I know many ways of earning money, and people have the possibilities of earning money, there is just one problem, they haven’t got time to spend it. And that’s what I appreciate network marketing for, the fact that it gives you freedom. And, frankly speaking, I didn’t appreciate it at the very beginning when I registered, but today I can honestly say that I really appreciate it. I can work from any place in the world, I work with whoever I want and, in fact, however I want, whenever it suits me. As a matter of fact, I can adjust this business to myself, this business simply adjusts to my needs.

Maciej Maciejewski: And in network marketing, after an interview you can do this.

Katarzyna Kowalczyk: Hahaha, it’s fantastic!

Maciej Maciejewski: And that would be the way to end it. Thank you very much.

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