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Amway’s XS named exclusive partner of Orlando Squeeze

by Maciej Maciejewski

Following a recent merger between Major League Pickleball and the Pro Tour of Pickleball, Amway’s XS Energy and Sports Nutrition will become the exclusive sponsor of the Orlando Squeeze.

sources: Pixabay

XS will now support the Squeeze at competitive events as a season-long sponsor and collaborate on upcoming philanthropic opportunities, events and skill clinics designed to inspire fitness, adventure and quality experiences for the fans and community. 

– We are thrilled to embark on this adventure with XS Energy and welcome their storied brand to the Squeeze family. XS provides the fuel and recovery needed for athletes of all levels, with a mission that resonates with our desire to improve the performance and health of not only our team but our community as well. Pickleball has truly captivated the nation, and we are confident XS will help energize and strengthen this momentum – said Ryan DeVos, Amway founding family member and Orlando Squeeze owner and GM.


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