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Farmasi rebrands iconic Rio Arena in preparation for Brazil launch

by Maciej Maciejewski

As Farmasi readies for it anticipated expansion into Brazil, the company has embarked on a campaign to engage with the Brazilian community, beginning with the rebranding of the iconic Rio de Janeiro Arena.

sources: Flickr

Now known as the Farmasi Arena, the venue will serve as a hub for Farmasi’s activities in Brazil, including events, product launches and community gatherings, and will be a landmark that symbolizes what the company described as a “fusion of international excellence with local passion and flair.”

Farmasi’s rebranding is an effort by the leadership to show its dedication to becoming a key player in the country’s beauty and wellness sectors.

We are incredibly excited to enter the Brazilian market, a landscape filled with potential and passion for beauty and wellness. Our success in other countries has shown us the power of combining high-quality products with a strong, supportive community. Brazil offers a promising new horizon for Farmasi, and we are committed to making a significant impact here. The renaming of the Rio Arena to Farmasi Arena symbolizes our promise to be at the forefront of beauty and wellness innovation in Brazil said Sinan Tuna, Farmasi CEO. 

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