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Mary Kay releases advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship Report

by Maciej Maciejewski

Network marketing business Mary Kay announced the release of a special report titled Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship: From Commitment to Action.

sources: Pixabay

The report details company’s commitment to championing women’s causes around the world through the significant strides the company has made in the four years since the founding of the groundbreaking Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator (WEA) multi-stakeholder partnership.

In 2019, in partnership with six United Nations agencies, Mary Kay founded WEA as a driving force for promoting women’s entrepreneurship and economic participation worldwide. The 2023 Special Report details the various flagship programs and impact statistics of WEA, emphasizing its global reach and unique approach in addressing the core challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.

Deborah Gibbins, chief operating officer of Mary Kay, said: Through the Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator, we have created a robust platform that not only supports but celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of women globally.

The report includes remarkable achievements such as:

  • the reduction of poverty rates in an SDG pilot village project in rural China capitalizing on women entrepreneurship and leadership development;
  • the launch of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Regional EXPO and in-country satellite events in Europe and Central Asia region bringing together women entrepreneurs, investors, and business partners. These 2023 events, co-organized with 33 local partners, reached over 15,308 participants, including 1,047 entrepreneurs and 75 investors, and included 27 seminars/panels and exhibition spaces;
  • the successful implementation of various training and mentoring programs conducted by high-level partners around the world such as the online Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate Program;
  • the WEA Digital Innovation Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs received 250 applications from Women-led startups from 54 countries.

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