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QNET FinGreen program advocates for financial literacy for women

by Maciej Maciejewski

QNET is striving to improve financial literacy for women in Turkey. Through a partnership with the Foundation for The Support of Women’s Work (KEDV), QNET’s program FinGreen is working to address knowledge gaps and foster financial autonomy and inclusion for vulnerable groups, including women.

sources: Pixabay

In Turkey, only 54% of women have a bank account, compared to 83% of men, earn a lower wage on average and are traditionally not a part of the labor force. To empower women through financial literacy, QNET and KEDV are leading financial workshops and training sessions that assess, train and advocate for women in Turkey through qualified teachers.

– From wage gaps to cultural stereotypes and systemic barriers, financial challenges impact women differently than men. Many women struggle to achieve financial independence and the capacity to sustain a livelihood well into the future, which further underscores the importance of our FinGreen program to educate women on financial literacy – said QNET’s marketing manager in Turkey, Irmak Sütçü.

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