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Farmasi collaborates with Florida International University

by Maciej Maciejewski

Farmasi announced a three-year partnership with Florida International University (FIU), making NUTRIPLUS the official nutrition partner and DR. C. TUNA the official suncare partner of FIU Athletics.

sources: Pixabay

NUTRIPLUS products and wellness regimens will now be extended to the more than 400 FIU student-athletes to help with the rigorous physical demands of participating in collegiate-level sports.

– We understand that under the South Florida sun and within this esteemed university, Olympic-caliber athletes and future stars are being nurtured. That’s precisely why we are committed to supporting them. As FARMASI inaugurates its US headquarters under this very sun, we believe this partnership will not only bolster our expertise but also broaden our outreach, offering us valuable insights for future product development. History has shown us that remarkable product innovations often arise from collaborations with universities – said Wille Rodríguez, FARMASI vice president of marketing.

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