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Expo 2020 Vision Global Virtual Event. Jeunesse – a pioneer in the best virtual events in the world?

by Maciej Maciejewski

An American direct selling company Jeunesse Global has created a new online platform to deliver global interactive virtual events for its members. It is the world’s first system streaming live simultaneously in 20 languages.

Scott Lewis

As in recent months live events have systematically been side-lined around the globe, Jeunesse Global was challenged to reorganise its annual EXPO World Tour.

The Jeunesse EOPO 2020 Vision: Global Virtual Event was broadcast in real-time 10-13 September 2020 from Hard Rock Live in Universal Orlando Resort. It was a fully professional event with impressive staging, 360-degree visual coverage, on- stage entertainment, and a live DJ performance. There were 65,693 views of the event from 106 countries. The viewers learned the company’s best practices, took part in targeted masterclasses, received recognition, and connected with the Jeunesse vision.

This event featured over 60 in- house speakers, as well as external experts. Jeunesse Chief Visionary Officer Scott Lewis welcomed the attendees on the opening day, presented the current company information, and shared his vision for 2021. He also presented his business prognosis for the coming years. The company’s co-funders Randy (CEO) and Wendy Lewis (COO) walked onto the stage to welcome the viewers, introduce the audience to the programme, and to share the vision of Jeunesse Kids foundation.

Anthony Robbins, the USA’s No. 1 life and business strategist, currently one of the world’s best coaches and speakers, also appeared on the stage. He delivered an amazing 3- hour masterclass that invigorated, inspired, and challenged all Jeunesse distributors to take concrete action to build and execute their vision of the dynamic growth of their MLM business and to achieve their goals.

– When the world shut its doors to live events, we knew we would have to reconceive the format of our Jeunesse EXPO 2020 Vision World Tour – said Lewis. – In the face of this challenge, our team was able to develop a virtual event platform that I believe has the potential to disrupt the entire industry. To see our vision of a high- energy, interactive and truly global virtual event come to life in such spectacular fashion was absolutely surreal. We are so proud of the Jeunesse team for their creativity, hard work, and ingenuity and are incredibly grateful for our Jeunesse Family around the world who trusted in our ability to deliver an innovative, world-class virtual event – he added.

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