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The wonderful Natur Day Spring Conference was held online

by Maciej Maciejewski

At the end of April this year. via the Internet, we had the opportunity to participate in a fantastic business conference organized by the Polish company Natur Day, operating in the network marketing system. The realization of this project was at the highest level. The organizers used powerful technical facilities.

The Natur Day Spring Conference is a cyclical event in the MLM business, always devoted to the subject of entrepreneurship, well-being and health. There, we have the opportunity to meet people who are always willing to share their successes and encourage others to act.

Of course, there is also a place for a health session, during which – with the help of professional lectures – you can gain reliable knowledge about new products. In a special panel, the company’s management boasted plans for the company’s development, and you could also listen to lectures by experts from the Natur Day scientific board.

– Emotions have not faded out yet. It’s been two weeks since our international online conference, and I still hold and feel a lot of energy. And such… you know, inner pride that a little over 3 years ago I became interested in the development of this Polish project! If I had to sum up this event in one word, I would use the word HONESTY. It emanated literally from EVERY statement, both from the people who formed the foundation of this project – I mean the company’s management board, and from people at every stage of involvement with whom they were connected during this almost four-hour show. Such emotions cannot be directed or played. It just feels inside! It is on the basis of this value that we create our international team – commented Paweł Samarec.

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