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DuoLife Founders Club. An over-the-top dream cruise

by Maciej Maciejewski

I have been observing, describing and commenting on MLM business for 20 years. I have experienced so many things on this subject that I could give them to all Polish journalists to the fullest. Or even more. And I thought that nothing would surprise me in network marketing. I was wrong. I was very wrong. Because the DuoLife company took me on an exclusive catamaran cruise in the Adriatic Sea … Amen.

“Duolife Founders Club is our new incentive program. For a job well done, i.e. a bit of charisma and consistency, we reward our leaders with the possibility of using a luxury catamaran. As WINNERS, our best managers live on a beautiful boat and visit the most magical corners” – says the press release.

Although Maciek, who is Leszek’s son, does not build a structure in any network marketing company, had the honor of having recently participated in one of such wonderful, unforgettable expeditions. Something beautiful. A wonderful sea, picturesque sunsets, majestic, medieval cities, and this fancy, luxurious catamaran, where a three-person crew of very nice professionals lives, taking care of guests 24 hours a day. One more thing about the people-to-people contacts that are important on any journey. There is always a strong team there. A very strong team of amazing people from DuoLife. Life is good.

Waves were rocking the boat a bit, but there goes nothing. We met in Split. Marina Kastela. A quick coffee at the marina and we set sail. Where? Believe me, I had no clue, and to be honest, I was neither interested in it nor cared about it or even bothered about it. Because I’m in heaven. In such conditions and in such company, on such a luxurious means of transport … No problem. And all as part of the DuoLife Founders Club.

Then it’s just us and the sea. Beautiful sea. And the daily celebration of delicious food prepared by a gentleman whom I named Mr. Golden Hands. I had not eaten such food in any exclusive hotel in the world. But why should I be giving you a cheap fairy tale with golden adjectives … See for yourself:

Thank you very much for these 3 days in heaven. So many specialists have been looking for paradise for thousands of years. And no one knows where it was. And it’s right there! Amen. In general, the DuoLife company is lucky. Or maybe they have a very good sense? Each exclusive yacht must have its permanent, professional crew. This yacht has the best seagoing crew in the world in the world ever. And even the moon. The captain, cook and attendant of your dreams. World Championship!

On every vacation and on any trip you can have beautiful, state-of-the-art equipment and electronics, super extravagant, hyper wonderful weather, and even health and fitness as a fiddle and a lot of money … but if you are not taken care of by locals… it can be bad.

With these people, a several-day trip turns into an expedition of a lifetime. Superb. Captain. Lord of the seas and oceans, a true genius and sea wolf. Jack Sparrow is a lame amateur and a deck cleaner next to him. I saw Vasco da Gama haul him heavily at the stern. Because the Captain’s mind was not of greed and he belonged to the whaleman’s creed! Cook. This is a real masterpiece. Mr Golden Hand’s. 17 stars of Michellin. You can’t see him at all, there’s no guy on board, but when you eat, your eyes pop out of their sockets and your tongue falls on the table. Gordon Ramsey could pass him an apron. And this lovely, wonderful attendant. The essence of painstaking work, commitment and competence. This is an ANGEL! ! !

This is the crew of the catamaran from the DuoLife Founders Club project. The best one. I don’t know what the other participants will remember the most about the cruise, but they made the biggest impression on me. Overall, it was exclusive and in wonderful natural circumstances, but people make impressions. Because the yacht’s skills are the sum of the skills of the entire crew. And being together in one boat is completely different than being together anywhere else. I would like to thank the company and all of you for such a beautiful experience. And I wish all networkers from the company a lot of charisma, competence and persistence to be there someday. It’s really worth it. At all costs. Because that’s what it looks like. Professionalism in business. Amen.

Łukasz Godyń’s comment: “During the next cruise as part of the DuoLife Founders Club, everything was exceptional – the atmosphere on board, the atmosphere of the DuoLife Yacht, the emotions that accompanied us, and most of all the people – the top leaders of the DuoLife Club – whose successes we celebrated. It is thanks to our leaders that we can constantly develop and achieve our goals at such a fast and spectacular pace. I would like to thank the leaders of the DuoLife Club for being on board the DuoLife Yacht, and above all for the effort, commitment and work done for our organization. I am sure that the nearest future looks warm for you and that you will soon achieve another spectacular success. May evenings such as the DuoLife Founders Club gala dinner happen as often as possible”.

Paweł Lenar’s comment: “The reason why it is worth working ONLINE is that you can be anywhere you want OFFLINE… and this is LIFE! You wake up in the morning and you decide what YOUR DAY should look like. Your boss, supervisor or manager does not decide about it. The MLM system is the future. This is the greatest value of properly applied technology in the 21st century. You have one life, it is worth having it for yourself and your family. And there is no one right way to create the life of your dreams. Besides – Get started today. You have to make a specific move to win this game. Act wisely and you’ll be there with us too! Soon”.

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