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ROLF KIPP: MLM SYSTEM – an extremely ingenious business model

by Maciej Maciejewski

A day in June 1995 changed my life. I was on a business trip to Miami when I coincidentally stumbled upon an article about Forever Living Products. I can still remember the title: “The still giant continues to grow. The company had recently broken revenue records and was planning to expand to Europe”. That sounded exciting and interesting.

Rolf Kipp & family

I’ve always had big ideas, aspirations and dreams. And I was always fascinated with the finer things in life. And yet I knew I would never get them with the work I was doing back then. That made me even more receptive to new opportunities and new business ventures.

I jumped at the opportunity when I came across Forever Living. The fantastic products and an ingenious business model offered a tempting opportunity to flee the constraints of my routine life. I had no choice but to grab the bull by its horns. Initially, multi-level marketing was a side line, and after one and a half years it became my full-time job. My income grew steadily. Only five years on, I was a Forever millionaire.

Dreams and aspirations

Something that was so small in scale developed into the world’s largest Forever business with millions of sales partners in numerous countries around the globe. I generated the highest possible monthly multi-level marketing income that have ever been recorded in Europe. I was handed the largest profit-sharing check ever awarded in the history of Forever. And I am one of the most successful European networkers.

I found it – that perfect business. I get to lead the life I wouldn’t even have dreamt of in the past. I have the best of health, luxury cars, homes located in the most beautiful places on earth, dream vacations around the globe and time, lots of time to enjoy my life. Sometimes it occurs to me that I am living a fairytale that is real.

Many of my dreams and aspirations, that seemed so far away have become reality. Undreamt-of possibilities and horizons opened up. My dream of financial freedom and independence has come true. Have your dreams come true yet? What will life be like for you in the future? “We are all architects of our own fortune”. Is how the saying goes. When are you going to start building your happiness? I can help you make your dreams come true.

A million a month

I at least doubled my income every year I worked for Forever. That means sales volume in January was always half of what it was the following December. Looking back, it’s safe to say that every single hour and dollar I invested in building my business was worth it.

Of course, I didn’t earn what I am earning now back in the early days. My first check was not more than three or four hundred German marks. The more I grew with the business the more I got my head around the idea of multilevel marketing and the massive leverage effect it has, the more my income grew.

Today I am sure that after eight to ten years it is possible to earn a million a month. That is, only if the person operates the business with as much persistence as I did. The potential is there.

There are more and more people looking for a serious business idea, a secure income and an alternative to regular employment. More and more people are choosing to eat healthy and high- quality foods in order to live a more vital and beautiful life and sometimes, even one that lasts longer.

Run a marathon, not a dash

If there’s a catch to this business, then it is time. Forever is not a fast business. It is something you start today and in four weeks you are done with your work. Anyone serious about setting up a large organization should figure it will take at least three to five years. Forever is not a 100- yard dash, it is more like a marathon. You are not rewarded for starting, only for persevering. Those people still on the bandwagon three, four or five years down the line will harvest the juicy fruits.

Why this book?

You are reading this and learning about the easiest business on earth. Ever one of us can succeed with Forever living. Still, not everyone knows how easy it really is. That’s why I have decided to write it down. This is a book about really doing things. One that tells the story about how I made my way to the top Forever. It’s a handbook that will help you to be successful as well. Trust my many years of experience with the best business model now and for the future.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It has already been invented- the perfect system. You can all adapt it exactly the way it is Only those that take the same steps as I did will achieve the same results as I did. The only difference is that I started 20 years ago and ideally, you will start today.

Rolf Kipp

Naturally, there is no elevator that will take you to the top of Forever. You have to go up the stairs. That is why this book describes a modern approach to working. I’ll tell you about what works in this business and what doesn’t. I will tell you about my ups and downs, about my tears and smiles and the price you have to pay. But I will also write about the once in a lifetime chance of making the most of your life. The chance to make your dreams come true with Forever has never been better than now. Walk with me off the beaten path. I invite you to join me on the journey to the world of tomorrow.

The above publication is an excerpt from the book “The Most Beautiful Business on Earth” by Rolf Kipp – one of the highest-earning networkers in the world. The book can be purchased at:

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