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Americas Congress Online. PM-International does not wait for the pandemic’s end

by Maciej Maciejewski

Pandemic on the March but, despite the impediments touching overall business functioning, both direct sales and network marketing do not seem to stand still. Few days ago, PM-International, a network marketing concern has settled an exceptional educational event. During this extraordinary time, the venture called Americas Congress Online was run online.

Vicky & Rolf Sorg

The message from all the ones to represent MLM business was crystal clear: „The engagement of distributing partners of PM-International is the key to an organic increase of the project around the world”. That is how the intention of the event can be understood.  Let us remind you that the Americas Congress Online thing was conducted last week.

Taking both North and South America into consideration, the event appeared to be the biggest initiative in PM-International history. In front of their monitors, the thousands of participants were urging for news, getting know the history of business and gathering knowledge in the field of network marketing structure development. The happening was broadcasted live on PM TV – the TV channel belonging to the company.

– I am proud of our cooperation – said the CEO of the company, Rolf Sorg. – In this extraordinary circumstance you show flexibility as much as great leading features. Our business goes in pair with adhered values, following the path of continuous improvement. Together, we break the ice to the future of direct sales – he admitted.

In the first part of 2020, PM-International company has noted mote than 50% increase of sales all around the world. Moreover, Rolf Sorg is convinced that, taking into consideration the 2019, there is a great field to improvement and growths will still be noticed. – Currently, our market potential covers 18 million of regular customers and 48 million dollars of sales all around the globe – he said.

Only this year in September, the sales growth of 88% was observed in North and South America, Last month, the company opened new business districts in Belgium and Netherlands that are fully operative at the moment. Another steps are to corner markets such as Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, and China. The further expansion in both Americas is performed. However, market expansion is not the only thing to be focused on. PM-International invests in both administrative and logistics branches within the company in USA, Germany, Singapore and Luxembourg, where the head offices are located.

During Americas Congress Online event, Rolf Sorg has announced, that a well-known footballer Rivaldo has become FitLine brand’s new ambassador. Thanks to the cooperation with the Brazilian football legend, PM-International is going to strengthen their trademark not only in USA, but also all around the world. Moreover, another company’s ambassador, Vicky Sorg informed that the PM We Care project is about to be enlarged. At the moment, the company sponsors around 2300 children what makes it the biggest World Vision corporative sponsor. Let us recall that World Vision the contributor of humanitarian aid within which another 500 children from Zimbabwe is going to be taken care of by PM-International. The company will be also involved in sponsor the areal nutritional program.

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