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Jenna Zwagil of MyDailyChoice business is promoting her book

by Maciej Maciejewski

Another bestseller in the MLM business? MyDailyChoice Co-Founder and the driving force behind the HempWorx brand Jenna Zwagil released her memoir “Breaking All the Rules”.

The book reached the bestseller list in the Multilevel Marketing and Two-Hour Business & Money Short Reads categories within the first day and was praised by bestselling author of You Were Born Rich, Bob Proctor as a book that “will change the lives of a lot of people.”

In Breaking All the Rules, Jenna shares how she made the decision to change, focus, study and work relentlessly on herself while embracing rule-breaking.

– Rules are supposed to make our lives better. There are some rules that are helpful, of course, like rules that ensure physical safety and promote good habits. The problem is one day you’re following rules that make sense, the next thing you know, you’re following rules that are guaranteed to keep you broke and unfilled. I hope people are inspired by my story and find the strength in themselves to accomplish their goals – Zwagil says.

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