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NewAge Europe Reports Record Growth and Engagement

by Maciej Maciejewski

NewAge Inc. announced that it is experiencing record growth in its European market, including exceeding records for net revenue growth, new distributor enrollment and attendance at its virtual events.

NewAge Europe saw triple-digit organic growth at the end of 2020, led by Region President Cameron Bott, and the company expects this momentum to continue into 2021.

– We are seeing the incredible growth in Europe that we experienced in 2020 now just accelerate in 2021 with all the new Brand Partners joining us – Cameron Bott said. – Our digital and social media marketing and selling activities are expanding exponentially and having a tremendous impact on our revenue growth. The pandemic has (affected) how we conduct business everywhere, but we have rapidly responded and adjusted our model and as a result are using the change as an opportunity and a growth catalyst.

The company recently created high-end online technology platforms for its virtual events to allow for live broadcasts in 12 different languages. More than 18,000 current and prospective Brand Partners participated in the company’s most recent live streamed event in 21 countries throughout Europe, with a social media reach of nearly 200,000 people.

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