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USANA Signs Research Collaboration Agreement with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

by Maciej Maciejewski

USANA Health Sciences along with its Chinese subsidiary, BabyCare Ltd. announced a research collaboration agreement with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). Through this partnership, USANA and BUCM will share research to unite modern nutritional science with Traditional Chinese Medicine and potentially improve the health and wellness of people around the world.

Together, the two entities will evaluate the effectiveness of the ancient Chinese healing art of replenishing qi, develop nutritional regimens tailored to different body types, create new health products based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and study traditional ingredients. USANA then has the right to commercialize any findings from the collaboration.

– Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is an educational base for cultivating high-level innovative Chinese medicine, a research powerhouse for knowledge and technological innovation in Chinese medicine, and a top-ranking Chinese medicine university in China. Our mission is to promote global awareness and practice of Chinese medicine and to contribute to the development of human health and the progress of civilization – said BUCM president Dr. Xu Anlong.

This collaborative research will also bring scholar and scientist visits to the University, as well as provide scholarships to Traditional Chinese Medicine students studying at BUCM and set up post-doctoral workstations. BUCM has also established a U.S. Center for Chinese Medicine, which this partnership will serve to support.

– Since USANA was founded, we have remained committed to quality, advancement in nutritional technology, and continuous scientific validation. With this agreement, USANA has set a clear vision and long-term strategy of bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine and the results of this collaboration into the growing health product market. We believe through the cooperation of BUCM and USANA, we will improve health and promote Chinese medicine around the world – said USANA CEO Kevin Guest.

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