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Business MLM in Asia. Coway Company Honored with Red Dot and iF Design Awards

by Maciej Maciejewski

MLM system awarded again. Coway was recognized for its product design excellence for the 15th consecutive year by the Red Dot Design Award and for the 13thconsecutive year by the iF Design Award.

Included in the awards were:

  • AP-2021A, a tower-type air purifier constructed to look like art
  • AP-1720H, an air purifier designed to mimic furniture that blends into the home
  • P-3100R, a discreet under-sink water purifier

– The Red Dot Award and iF Design Award are a true recognition of Coway’s consumer-centric product design – said Hyun Joo Song, head of the Product Center at Coway. – Coway aims to create a healthy and convenient living environment based on intuitive product design. We’ll continue to improve our products’ functionality and aesthetics through design that reflects how our consumers live.

Every year, the iF DESIGN AWARD identifies outstanding design, its relevance for business and everyday life and awards one of the most important seals of quality in the world. Awarded in Germany since 1953, the iF label is a reliable sign of good design for consumers as well as the design community.

Designers, manufacturers, architects and interior designers who want their products or projects evaluated by internationally recognized design experts have been turning to the iF DESIGN AWARD for decades. They do so to prove that their company puts design in the focus of its business and to attract international attention. Winning an iF DESIGN AWARD will help you stand out from the competition, elevate your branding and reach new target groups.

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