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How a virus with the crown has turned my business upside down

by Maciej Maciejewski

I had a dream… Seriously, I once had a dream like that. There was an empty city, not a soul. And there I was, and I felt like screaming, ‘wake up’. What was the meaning of it? Well, it’s a job for psychologists and psychiatrists. Anyway, nowadays I feel exactly the same.

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I feel extremely comfortable as an observer, and the current situation is showing me interesting images. I believe that everyone is and has the right to experience this situation in their on way. In a way that is needed for their development, although there are many who resist it. Some of them entered a slow life mode and use the additional free time for improving knowledge, working on family relations, planning, creating. Others are in panic, creating apocalyptic images and spitting venom on everyone who has a different opinion, or on those who won’t spit with them. Others are resting from ‘work’ and somehow are ‘sufferring’ their kids. And some are focusing on how to help others. This situation perfectly exposes the level of consciousness in each and every one of us. It’s the time to implement plan B, C, or even D. Meanwhile, some (or rather the most) do not even have a plan A. And the best part is, they don’t even intend to create it.

The majority of people have chosen the easiest option, that is, victimhood – all the blame can fall on the virus. They all focus on now, as if yesterday didn’t influence it and like there is no tomorrow. What happened to faith, hope and love? Where are they?

Why some see in this situation a ‘better tomorrow’ and others ‘the end of the world’? Why some focus on fatalities and don’t let it go while others focus on the hundreds of thousands of people who survived? Only you can decide what to focus on. Do you know what’s next? Have you got an open mind and your eyes wide open, or is you face covered with a mask?

The beginning and the end. This virus is the end of a certain world. I always see a beginning in every ending. Due to my attitude I have nobody to talk to. Or maybe thanks to it? I used to be a misfit as everyone else were employed or had their traditional businesses. And there I was, with my network marketing. Now, again, I’m a dissenter as in my MLM system nothing has changed and those who are employed or have a company are experiencing a mayhem.

At the time I was making a decision about doing network marketing, everyone around me was thinking I’m mad. Today I am rolling my eyes as, apart from being stocked up on toilet paper, coffee, sugar and having my fridge stuffed, nothing has changed in my life.

Due to the fact that I have been building my online business for the last 2 years, I can feel safe now. The situation around us doesn’t influence my pace of work. And there are wars, crises and cataclysms around me… I have been conducting video meetings as usual. Online workshops, webinars, interviews, same-old. My clients still shop at their online shops, as usual. I don’t have to change my plans. I don’t need to reorganize my day and make room to create my workspace at home. I still don’t have to do anything. Okay, true. I have to give up my offline meetings and a delicious coffee in town. Besides, last week my turnover increased by as much as a half. I have nothing to complain about and nothing to be afraid of. I even started feeling guilty about the fact that other people’s lives have been turned upside down while in mine there is calmness and a lack of panic. I looked at myself in the mirror and said ‘Daria, what’s wrong with you? Why are you not afraid? As usual, you just have to do things differently than everyone else!’ I’m not afraid as my MLM business has survived 40 years in 160 countries across the globe. It survived wars, cataclysms, various political systems and economic crises. All is well and it can’t be any other way.

The reason why I started this business 3 years ago was to feel safe today, to be sure that it will not be shaken by any reality that can change overnight. My business doesn’t depend on latitude, weather, stock market, or politics. It doesn’t generate any costs and all I need for work is a mobile phone, which I can easily arrange in the current circumstances. I have chosen this business 3 years ago, accompanied by smirks on the faces of many wise men. I’m curious about what those wise men have to say nowadays. Do they have any options? Any alternatives? Do their jobs still exist, or do they have nowhere to go back to? In my business nothing changes. I hope a lot changes in the peoples’ mionds, though. Be like a lighthouse…

I know there is a reason for it all. And I know it will pass. I care about my health, I am a happy person and therefore, I’m in no danger. I have trust in what is going on around me and I can’t wait for better days to come. A new world is coming. When there is a storm around you and you feel calm, you can just let it pass, watching the others curse the oceans and seas. You might as well be a lighthouse on rough waters and show them the way to a safe harbour. Let each of them decide how long they’re going to stay there.

Remember that your optimism may meet with incomprehension. For us, the the concious and open people who have a zest for life, it will be a time of many opportunities. Use, but don’t exploit. Show people a chance, an alternative, help, educate, but also give others time to get used to this situation.

Do not convince the unconvinced as in this situation they will only have eyes for their sinking ship and won’t see the lights of your lighthouse.

And let’s respect one another. Thank you for being there. Stay healthy. I see you soon. P.s. This text relates to the current situation in terms of business and it only refers to MLM business. I am far from commenting on the current situation from medical, economic, biological and political perspective. I’m even further from all conspiracy theories. Thank you for your attention.

The author of this text is a promoter of ‘MLM po ludzku’, a ‘humane MLM system’. Humane meaning taking actions and making decisions in line with your own personal values, on your way to freedom. She is in love with the potential of network marketing and its splendours, while still aware of its miseries and challenges that accompany this type of business. Instead of inflating egos with a short-term motivation, she prefers taming fears and changing beliefs as those are the things that keep people stagnant. She believes that everyone is powerful before they realise it themselves. She writes about her humane approach in her blog ( )and on social media (Facebook/mlmpoludzku). Personally, she’s an energetic woman on her spiritual development path and a mother of 13 year old twins. Instead of meeting the expectations of others, she has chosen to fulfill her own dreams.  

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