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Tupperware Brands honored in the Fast Company 2021 Innovation by Design Awards

by Maciej Maciejewski

Tupperware Brands received an honorable mention award for its ECO+ To-Go Cup from Fast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards in the materials category. The awards celebrate “creative work at the intersection of design, business and innovation”.

– Receiving this recognition by fast company in the innovation by design materials category is a testament to Tupperware’s dedication to offering consumers innovative, thoughtfully-designed solutions that align with their values – to protect the environment and find innovative solutions to waste reduction. The Coffee To-Go Cup and its ECO+ material is just one example in how we are working to nurture a better future every day, providing reusable, durable and on-the-go products to lessen our footprint – said Kartik Khare, global vice president, product strategy and innovation at Tupperware Brands.

With a focus on sustainability, Tupperware designed the ECO+ To-Go Cup with the goal of addressing waste management issues caused by single-use coffee cups. The result is a product made of both circular polymers, which are derived from single-use plastic waste that are broken down to a molecular level and recreated into high-quality food-grade plastic, and renewable polymers, which recaptures by-products from the agricultural or forestry industry and remodels it into high-quality food-grade plastic.

– Design is not just a beauty contest. It’s something that can change the world and create solutions in a time when we face pressing global issues such as systemic racism, climate change, and a global pandemic. Many of these entries showcase these challenges while providing hope for the future through their steadfast commitment to elevate design – said Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company.

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