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INNUBIO. Polish countryside, Polish hemp, Polish MLM business

by Maciej Maciejewski

Polish countryside, Polish hemp, Polish business. Could such a combination fail? Not a chance! On a beautiful September weekend, I took part in a fantastic trip organized by the network marketing company INNUBIO. It was a huge dose of super professional education combined with great fun.


The INNUBIO company organized for its business partners a great optional trip to its plantation and to the hemp processing plant (Innubio Farms & Laboratory) near Hrubieszów in the Lublin Region. A beautiful, networking, health expedition. I am lucky to have such a cool job. Sometimes it’s the mountains, sometimes it’s a forest. If not a forest, then a glacier. If not a glacier, then a river. This is the life. Alchemy of Nature.

The whole team met in a phenomenal, historical place, which is the old Sulewski Brewery in Hrubieszów. This was our anchoring point. It started with a short information meeting, during which the company’s management board presented the latest achievements of INNUBIO and the most important plans for the near future.

Then we all went to a plantation where the company grows it’s amazing hemp. I must admit that there was something to hang on to. For an hour I felt like I was in heaven. We also managed to visit the famous laboratory where the hemp products from the company’s offer are made. There, one of the company’s specialists – Piotr Zaborniak, provided us with an amazing educational lecture. I must admit that the guy has a great deal of experience, knowledge and passion in what he does, and this is an extremely difficult subject to grasp. If we want to be successful in any field, this is how we should approach it. Before, I did not even think how complicated and laborious the cultivation and processing of hemp was. Here you really need extraordinary knowledge and determination. I recommend listening to the conversation I managed to record during this trip (“Piotr Zaborniak in the Conversations about good business series”).

– This amazing trip showed how much we can achieve and change in life, how much we can take care of our immunity. My gratitude is immense. We bet on nature and cleanliness, we have passion and big hearts, and all of this together gives great quality. The power and smell of hemp works wonders. Super energy and amazing personal growth. Thank you for this magical time, for top quality products, for continuous development, for business opportunities, for an amazing hemp adventure – commented Danuta Książek.

On the second day, another new, incredibly valuable and at the same time very pleasant experience. Canoeing on the Wieprz River. I was a little scared, because the most recent I was kayaking was 30 years ago on the lake, and the river is a completely different story. But we made it. Something beautiful. Wonderful nature and still wild, picturesque landscapes. You swim and admire. Katarzyna Łosik – thank you very much for canoeing together. I could go with you to Sweden. We made it. I will remember for the rest of my life.

We also visited the Goths village in Masłomęcz. Their original seat was probably in Scandinavia. According to written sources, the Goths were supposed to come from the mythical island of Skandia, from where the Amali tribe, led by King Berig, set off on three boats to the new lands, and the newly created homeland, located opposite the mouth of the river, was named Viskla – Gothiskandza (New Gothia). These events, which took place around 70 AD, were at the same time the beginning of a great, several-hundred-year-long journey of the Goths through the territory of all Europe. At the end of the 2nd century AD the Goths set off to the south-east, reaching, among others, the Hrubieszowska Valley. A wonderful, professionally prepared place where you can acquire a lot of inspiring historical knowledge. I recommend it for family and school trips.

Late in the evening, we went to the company’s fireplace, where many hours of, of course, health and business talks were held while consuming INNUBIO products, delicious food and delicious local drink. It was an extremely successful trip. After many months of banning this type of group meetings, everyone in the DS/MLM industry will certainly experience and nurture such valuable experiences a bit differently – stronger and longer. Thank you for the invitation.

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