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Natura & Co sponsors Amazônia Exhibition

by Maciej Maciejewski

For more than two decades, Natura & Co has been an active leader in protecting tropical forests and creating sustainable and ethically sourced cosmetics and beauty products. In a new sponsorship of the Science Museum’s Amazônia exhibition, the company is now raising awareness about the importance of the world’s tropical forests in a new way and calling people to take part in preservation and regeneration efforts.

source: Pixabay

– The climate crisis really is the defining challenge of our time–the private sector and public institutions as well as citizens across the world need to work together to step up and push for change. There’s one obvious and simple key to arresting climate change: arrest the destruction of tropical forests like the Amazon – said Marcelo Behar, vice president of sustainability & group affairs for Natura &Co.

This exhibit showcases the work of Sebastiao Salgado, a photographer from Brazil, who has spent years documenting the Amazon Forest and the immense changes the region has undergone. In 200 black and white images, some never-before-seen in the UK, viewers are introduced to 12 different indigenous communities and given a glimpse into a world that is quickly vanishing.

– As a Brazilian company, Natura &Co holds the Amazon very close to our hearts and we have long been committed to protecting the rainforest with its wealth of biodiversity and traditional communities. We are pleased to partner with the Science Museum and support the Salgado ‘Amazônia’ exhibition to demonstrate the beauty of the Amazon whilst helping to raise awareness of the effects of climate change in the region and the crucial need to take action before deforestation reaches a tipping point. It will take a global effort to save the Amazon and we at Natura are determined to play our part – Behar said.

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