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Direct selling & network marketing companies respond to crisis in Ukraine

by Maciej Maciejewski

Raypath, PM-International, Nu Skin, Oriflame, Amway, Young Living, 4Life… A number of direct selling & network marketing (DS/MLM) companies released statements this week announcing their efforts to provide relief for the people of Ukraine as well as strong declarations denouncing Russia’s actions.

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4Life continues to provide support to The Children’s Home in Ukraine, a specialized institution in Boyarka, Ukraine that houses more than 100 children, that the company has partnered with for more than a decade. Currently, 4Life’s Ukrainian leaders Irina Bolshakova, Grigoriy Kravchenko, and other 4Life distributors are taking refuge with the children in the institution’s basement to help them survive and stay safe during the air raids. The company’s executive team says it is in constant contact with Ukrainian friends and business partners, and is strategizing ways to provide ongoing support to those suffering in Ukraine.

Young Living described the situation as “nothing short of a nightmare for the people of Ukraine and peace-loving people everywhere,” and declared that the company unequivocally stands with Ukraine and condemns the war. The company detailed the ways it is providing relief, including advanced salary payments to employees and pre-war level commissions to brand partners in Ukraine; care package deliveries; transportation for staff members and their families seeking to evacuate Ukraine; and providing basic hygiene supplies for the people flooding into neighboring countries. The Young Living Foundation is also partnering with Asociatia Casa Share and British Ukraine Aid to support displaced families and matching donations up to $100,000.

Amway stated that its priority is the safety of all Amway employees and Amway distributors in Ukraine. Its teams across the globe have assembled donations of supplies and money for Global Impact’s Ukraine Relief Fund, UNICEF, hospitals and shelters in Ukraine, as well as direct donations to employees in desperate need of safe passage and necessities. The company’s U.S.-based World Headquarters, as well as other Amway markets, will be matching these donations without limits.

Oriflame released a memo stating that its “main priority is to provide personal safety and every possible support to our employees and their families, as well as to help our brand partners and people in Ukraine.” Oriflame operations in Ukraine have been closed to ensure safety for the company’s 115 employees there and, effective immediately, the company has ceased manufacturing in Russia as well as product exports from Russia. Oriflame has decided to keep its Russian social selling business open to support the distributors for whom Oriflame is their only source of income, but expects supply chain disruptions.

Nu Skin described the tragedy in Ukraine as “devastating” and announced suspended business operations in Russia effective immediately. “Dear valued team elites and blue diamonds, It is heartbreaking to watch the recent tragic events unfold in Russia and Ukraine. We are concerned for the wellness of each of our Nu Skin family involved in the conflict as they navigate an uncertain and challenging situation. With the operational obstacles and complexities this presents, we are suspending all business operations in Russia. This means that beginning immediately the sale and purchase of our products in Russia are suspended, and current orders that have not been fulfilled will be cancelled and refunded. These changes are applicable until further notice. You will likely have additional questions. While we may not have answers to all of them at this time, but please reach out and we will do our best to answer. As we expect a rise in incoming calls and questions, please allow for some time for the teams to get back to you. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and stay in communication with you. We sincerely hope our Nu Skin family stays well and safe and we will find our way through this challenging situation. We anxiously await a swift and peaceful resolution to this conflict” – he wrote Ryan Napierski, Nu Skin president and CEO.

PM-International. PM We Care, a foundation initiated by this MLM-based company, has allocated €1 million to help people who have been affected by the sudden events in the bloody war in Ukraine. Trucks are already on their way. “As the war on the territory of Ukraine is developing rapidly, now is not time to talk but to act. That is why PM-International AG donates €1 million through its PM We Care foundation to immediately help the affected people and refugees from Ukraine,” said Rolf Sorg, founder and CEO of the company. Vicki Sorg, the ambassador of the PM We Care charity, said: “The support budget will be used for humanitarian aid, to directly support people in need and send trucks with specific stocks, such as clothing, toiletries, food, and more.” The independent partners of PM-International which build their network marketing based on their partnership with this entity are also actively involved in this aid campaign, thus directly contributing to its effective and rapid organization.

Raypath International. This Polish MLM company also decided to join this noble trend. The company is going to allocate 1% of its revenue for broadly understood support for Ukraine. At this point, we should express our thanks, notably, to the CEO and all the distributors, who, with their charismatic work and the generation of turnover, have a direct impact on the fact that such an idea can materialize.

Comment by Irina Etz and Łukasz Gerlach: – As you can see, at every step, the world is now being touched by this barbaric war. Facing an unimaginable tragedy, entire societies unite to help. The people involved in the network marketing industry – as the people of action – do not remain indifferent. The Polish company Raypath reacted immediately. Its owners have shown how noble they are, and they are transferring 1% from their profit to help Ukraine. We are proud to have been working for four years with a company that has always cared for people, is socially engaged, and has demonstrated its nobility during this difficult time. Working with Raypath, we are really helping: after all, every trade made by the company’s partners, every product bought by our customers increases the funds we donate. You work more – you give more. We are already seeing a very positive response to this campaign. Customers are more likely to buy products, and we, as partners, feel we are involved in something truly important. We can see the amazing people, leaders, and consultants within our international structures. The fact that we have built together – the help of the company, the sponsors, the work of our partners, our work – international business, gives us a sense of financial security in these difficult times and the strength to support the weaker. We encourage all consultants registered in Raypath and all of our network marketing colleagues to engage in support. Together, we can stop this madness.

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