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How to successfully build your MLM business? Here is a proven recruiting system. In seven steps

by Maciej Maciejewski

Do you struggle with inviting new people to a network business and, despite your best efforts, you are faced with repeated refusals? Do you feel down and lack the will to go on? Or maybe you recruit without any problems, but you don’t know how to motivate new people to work as efficiently as you do?

Konrad Gandera

You start to wonder if it makes sense, but on the other hand… You see those who build teams of several thousand people, get cars as a reward for their good work and generate more income from the network business each month. So what secret lies behind that some are doing great in the MLM business, while others have to make do with only crumbs of this huge cake? What is the secret to the success of top network business leaders?

I have analyzed the feedback that I receive more and more often from the market and noticed that one question is being repeated over and over again. “Konrad, what to do and how to effectively start working in network marketing to have a solid result?”

After much thought, I decided to do something that no one had ever done before. I will now reveal my model of working in network marketing, which helped me build a team of several hundred business partners and, together, generate over PLN 1,000,000 of turnover in 2018 alone. It is a seven-step system in which me and my team have been working for several years. It not only allows you to effectively overcome your own limitations, but also to successfully recruit new people for your business.

Why is the system so important in a network business? The largest giants, such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, Orlen, ING, mBank, Pizza Hut, have extensive networks that are run according to strictly defined procedures. These companies don’t act as separate entities with different colors, logos, or customer service standards.

See how McDonald’s works. Each employee knows what to do, how many seconds a bun should be in the oven, how to fry meat, etc. The process of preparing each dish is described in detail in the form of a procedure, and the locations are run according to a well-thought-out system. Let’s be honest… McDonald’s doesn’t serve healthy food, and most people know it. However, people go there because they know that no matter which Polish city they are in, McDonald’s will be served just as well and as quickly.

The system that you are about to learn can be successfully applied regardless of which MLM company you work in or decide to work in. It was created based on the experiences of great leaders in this industry who achieved spectacular success. Working “by feel”, without a plan and with no specific system, is a straightforward path to failure in a network business. Without a system, you’re going in circles. You can’t invite people effectively, and if you manage to introduce new people, you don’t know what to do with them. How to train them and lead to great results?

Most often, partners do not know what to do, so everyone acts in their own way, which does not translate into their results, or yours. Frustrated with this situation, they start to walk away in search of someone who will be able to guide them. This is how big dreams of high earnings, renewable income and big MLM business fail. What you now get is the essence of the most effective and selected strategies so that you can work effectively immediately. So you can avoid mistakes that are often made by beginners and find out that recruiting new people can be pure pleasure. But first, preparation…

Step 1: Make the real decision to join.

Note that I wrote “join” and not “act”. Many people put pressure on themselves to act from the very first moment, which is very limiting. That is why I recommend that you start by registering in an MLM company of your choice as soon as possible. So as to take the first step as quickly as possible without unnecessary delay.

Joining does not mean anything, and it does not oblige you to anything. You sign up to see what the company has to offer from the inside and whether it can actually help you achieve your goals.

I remember hesitating to publish my first sales book on Facebook. Lots of thoughts flashed through my head: is it really going to work out, am I really the right person to write about it, etc. Finally, I took that first step, which was to write the first sentence, then the next and the next. After the premiere, it turned out to be one of my best decisions, because the e-book was already downloaded by several thousand people, and many of them decided to become my business partners. This also has an impact on how effectively you will be recruiting new partners afterwards.

How to talk about a business that you did not check out personally? This is where the most common accusations against network business often result from. Because when someone asks you: “Okay, but are you already working there?” – what will you tell then?

Note to remember: the most important thing is not to act, but to join. Only by getting to know an MLM business, its products and system from the inside, you can decide what to do next and answer the most important question: “Does this system and the company’s mission appeal to me?”

Step 2: Build your confidence.

In the network business it is the same as in sales; it is difficult to sell products that you are not confident about. In the company I work with, we visualize it with the help of the bridge of faith.

Imagine five pillars that prevent the bridge from collapsing. The bridge is, of course, your network business, which will only develop if its pillars are really solid. Here are the 5 pillars of said bridge:

  • Self-confidence.
  • Faith in the network business.
  • Faith in a given company.
  • Faith in the products.
  • Faith in the work system.

Important! These foundations must also be built in a person who is willing to become your business partner. This is a must when you want to work in a duplication model, which (if you don’t know what duplication is, see my article on MLM basics) is a powerful force of network business and allows you to generate above-average revenues.

That is why you should care that the people you acquire as business partners also act with the same power as you. But for this they need an unwavering faith in themselves and in the capabilities of the MLM company and the product. Otherwise effective invitations or product presentation will go for nothing.

Perhaps you have once spoken to someone who acts with passion. When they talked about their business or project, you felt excitement in their voice and absolute belief in the value of the product and the company they are working with. These people attract crowds, because they are passionate. First you must become such a person, and then your partners in your network business.

How to strengthen your faith in the company and the products it offers? If you want to follow the steps in this article successfully, you need to build faith in the product. There’s no other way for that except by using it personally. Share products with your family and friends (free of charge). When they say that it really works and, for example, they got rid of some ailment, you not only gain excellent proof of effectiveness, but also strengthen your faith in a given business. In addition, your mom, aunt or uncle can additionally tell other family members that they are satisfied and who they have these products from, and that will be a good advertisement for you.

You can then tell the story at a meeting with a candidate about one of your relatives, how they struggled with a certain problem, and managed to get rid of it thanks to the products of company X, in which you work. Of course, this is just an example, since products in a network business are different and solve various problems. The most important thing is to choose the one that suits you best.

A note to remember: the foundation of effective MLM operations is self-confidence, faith in the network business, the product, the company and its work system. Then your presentations are exciting for people and evoke positive emotions, and those are the key to having them say “Yes” to you. And now the action…

Step 3: Always active contact list.

I will share with you my recipe for building a contact list where you will never run out of potential business partners. Many people practice the rule to prepare a contact list of at least 100 people immediately after joining a network business.

However, it is easy to hit a wall here, since while it is easy to enroll a dozen or so people, already at the twentieth person there is a problem and it’s hard to come up with anything. Many newbies get discouraged, and let’s be honest: without a list, it’s hard to do well in network marketing.

I do it differently and I recommend it to you too. Every day, add three new people in your notebook or electronic notebook, with whom, for example, you met or remembered about their existence. Only three people a day, and after the first 30 days of doing this, 90 new people will appear on your list. After another month, this will be 180 people and so from month to month you will build a sizable database of new contacts. This way, your list is still “alive” and you never run out of people you can do business with.

Of course, not everyone on the list will become your partner. It is perfectly normal to find people who will not cooperate with you. Not only that, there will be quite many of them. Therefore, it is crucial that your list is constantly growing. So that as more and more people refuse, they will be replaced by others.

Tip: I keep my list in the Excel contacts database and in the Evernote app – I highly recommend it. It works on both computers and phones. Thanks to this, even if I do not have a paper notebook with me, and there is someone whom I can add to the list, I take out my phone, save their contact and return to my duties.

A note to remember: not everyone will want to do business with you. So your list should always be alive; that’s why you should add new people to it every day. With this, you will never run out of contacts with potential business partners or customers.

Step 4: Inviting new people – how to do it effectively?

Now one of the most important steps; after all, since we have a list, it’s time to invite a new person to present them your MLM business and all the possibilities. Let me warn you in advance that sending spam messages on social media gives zero effectiveness. It undermines your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of others.

Get in touch with those with whom you have already established a relationship. Then not only can you refer to such person’s current situation, but they too will more willingly accept your invitation to the talks. What is the perfect invitation to business?

The art of invitation is saying enough to encourage a person to meet you, but not so much that there is insufficient information.

Such that it effectively encourages a person to accept, but also does not reveal too many details. The worst thing you can do at the stage of inviting someone is to start a long argument and business presentation. You will likely quickly create negative associations with the other person about rumors they may have heard about the network business somewhere. Therefore, when inviting someone, do not go over the top, but rather outline a few key benefits and the topic of conversation. Also remember that the better your relationship with a given person, the less likely they will be to say no.

Avoid promising pie in the sky. Encouraging someone to meet with promises blown out of proportion is easy, but then a problem arises, because you have to fulfill them. Therefore, the benefits that you talk about during an invitation should be realistic, not artificially inflated.

I advise against using tricks, like inviting a person for coffee, and then presenting your business out of the blue. This is an inelegant and downright dishonest approach. After some time, people will not even meet you for regular coffee out of fear that you will start offering them something.

It may happen that in a meeting with a friend, when you talk about what you do, the topic of network marketing arises on itself. Then, if they are interested, you can tell a bit and add that if they want more details, you can make an appointment again, because today you prefer to focus on the nice meeting. This works positively because you show that you prioritize talking to your friend and devoting time to them, and you do not want to force yourself to do business.

A note to remember: Opportunities will present themselves often, but how you use them is up to you. Experience is only gained with subsequent invitations. Even if it does not work out once or twice, do not break down; instead, keep on trying and remember that this is how the best of the best achieved their success. They would try every day and didn’t break down seeing hundreds of failures.

Step 5: A presentation that no one can resist.

How to present a network business to encourage rather than deter? The lion’s share of people at the meeting goes straight to the point, overwhelming the other person with various opportunities that result from multilevel marketing.

Imagine how you would feel if a salesman ran up to you in the store, did not examine your needs and persistently offered you a toaster even though you were there for a washing machine. It is uncomfortable and evokes negative associations, and remember that a presentation meeting absolutely cannot arouse such negative associations. Therefore, the best strategy I can give you is… focus on the other person. Establish a relationship with them and you will see that they will tell you about their beliefs, doubts or problems. You, in turn, will react to what they say on an ongoing basis and ask additional questions that will deepen your knowledge of this particular person.

What could these questions be? For example: why did you choose to meet me at all? What are you currently doing? What happened in your life that made you take this job? If we met a year after our cooperation, how will you know that it was a good decision? Remember that these questions are not a rigid script to be spoken in a soulless tone. They are supposed to result from the conversation’s context, not to be asked like in a sort of bad interview, where you move on straight to the offer.

It is also worth showing that this is not a business for everyone. In this way, you make it clear that you do not work with everyone, but only with those who actually have good prospects. Thus you establish the rule of inaccessibility, and this greatly increases the value of the presented business in the other person’s eyes.

Use online tools to get to know a given person better. When the police are about to detain someone, they always make a preliminary screening. You can do the same, but don’t overdo it – you don’t have to stalk anyone. We live in the digital age, and I myself deal with acquiring new partners for network business through social media. Social media is more than funny kitties and videos. It is a valuable source of knowledge that you can successfully use to get to know your potential colleagues better. Of course, not everyone actively runs their profile on Facebook or Linkedin, but there are many people who do. So if you invite someone to a meeting, you can go to these profiles and check where that person works, what they are interested in or if they have a pet. Then, from the very beginning of the meeting, you can raise a casual topic that will break the ice and build a relationship between you, for example: “I saw you posted a dog’s picture a on your profile, what breed is it?” Of course, this is an example, but I want to show you how many tools you have at hand.

A note to remember: remember to make full use of what you have available for free on the web. Each of us craves attention – just an ordinary listening and conversation. When you show this to the other person, you build relationships and relationships build business.

Step 6: Follow up and closure – another meeting, breakdown of objections and excuses?

Even the best presentation does not guarantee that the other person will say “yes” right away. Usually you will hear “Let me think about that” and then you need to judge whether it is a classic excuse or an objection that you have not built enough value and provided too little information, so the best solution is to show more benefits and arguments in favor of the business. Many MLM beginners want to recruit at the very first meeting, and this is usually hard to do.

If someone asks you for time to think, it is worth asking additional questions as to whether the person would like to learn more. Maybe there was something they didn’t understand? If you have tools in your network business company (and every good company should provide you with such tools), use them in the follow up process. Professionally prepared presentations and a graphically presented system of the company’s work will do more than the best verbal presentation. There was a reason why we say a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

During the interview, remember to follow the candidate’s possible objections all the time and provide a tool for each of them to help you break them down. There’s not much you can do with classic excuses, as after you present a specific argument, the candidate will always find another excuse.

What if, despite your best efforts, you fail to finalize the action? Nothing. You just keep going because there are some things you can’t help. I absolutely advise against soliciting and flooding such a person with further questions or proposals. Put them on a reserve list and be sure to continue your relationship with them. Perhaps someday things will change and they will express their willingness to join your network business.

Some time ago, a friend of mine with whom I met twice 3 years ago (first meeting + follow up) wrote to me! It turned out that her mother needed a few products from the company I work with and wanted to buy them cheaper through the online store. Therefore, it is worth doing meetings and improving them with follow ups, because it also builds relationships that can pay off even a few years later.

A note to remember: during a meeting, analyze whether your candidate has excuses or objections. In case of objections, provide specific arguments and tools from the company that will help break them down.

Step 7: Duplication – introduce a new person to the work system.

There is a rule at work in our MLM business: “What is good is not good; what is good and duplicable is.” Some people think that when they successfully invite a person, when they join the given network business, their work is over. Meanwhile, the whole adventure is just beginning. What sort of leader and guide you are for these people will determine whether they will achieve results, which in turn will also translate into your success and earnings.

Observing how some people operate in our industry, I can clearly see that the vast majority of failures in MLM come from the fact that new club members are left on their own. Lack of sufficient support from those who introduced them to the business means that they do not have a specific work system to help them succeed. So they often decide to take chaotic actions. Unfortunately, these, instead of building their network business, bomb the entire effort.

And if you are reading this article and you have not yet joined the network business industry, remember to choose a leader who has mastered the entire work system – both online and offline.

A note to remember: You must repeat steps 1 through 7 for each new member in your organization. Because this duplication will work for their benefit and yours. However, nothing positive will happen if you do not build their confidence, a sense of meaning in this work, and fail to teach them to introduce new people.

There is also the question of regularity and steadfastness. Just as entrepreneurs patiently build their businesses and endure successive failures, you also need to be prepared that not everything will work out right away. However, you now have an advantage over the others. You got a proven work system that shows you what to do to succeed in a network business step by step. Let us once again recall the most important assumptions of the system:

  • Make the real decision to join.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Build your list of contacts.
  • Effectively invite new people.
  • A presentation that no one can resist.
  • Follow up and closure.
  • Duplication – introduce a new person to the system.

If I were to give you the absolute best advice and conclusion from this article, it would be this: When you make the real decision, build your belief and ground your bridge of faith, your most important task will be to repeat steps 3 through 7 and teach new people in your team to follow the same steps.

How long? As long as you achieve your dream success! You can’t build a robust MLM business overnight. It is a series of many small steps that, if repeated over a long time, will give great results in the form of new partners, good earnings and passive income. However, there is one “but”…

All these steps only show their enormous power in action. When you read certain information, it often seems trivial. We assume it can’t be that simple. We ignore the tips of experienced people, do our own thing, and then we are surprised that we didn’t succeed. So do this business correctly – according to the 7-step system – and you will be surprised how quickly the results appear, i.e. the income from the network business in your account will grow month by month.

I prefer 1% effort of 100 people than 100% of my own work. (J. Paul Getty)

Work smart, not hard. The MLM system is a business where a very large group of people do very little. Currently, social media and the Internet are the key to building an effective network business. Learn to use these tools correctly and you will see that building a business and recruiting new partners has never been so easy. This is one of the strongest and most effective trends, so it would be simply foolish to underestimate it and not take advantage of it.

Currently, our business is developing wonderfully thanks to the use of online tools. If you want to educate yourself well on building MLM business via the Internet, get the completely free e-book “How to build a business using Social Media?” to learn to invite and recruit new partners effectively, without sending intrusive and spammy messages.

If you’ve made it this far that means you really care – you want to act, instead of making excuses. Thanks a lot for your time. I have one more extremely important request. I have put a lot of heart and time into this article for you to take the highest value out of it. I will be very grateful to you if you share it on Facebook so that as many people as possible can see it.

Do you know people who want to change something in their lives or are wondering if the network business is okay? Or perhaps you want people to be more open to what you are doing, but don’t know how to explain to them exactly what network marketing is? Be sure to send them a link to this text (e.g. on Messenger), because it will surely increase their awareness and make it easier for you to acquire new contacts. Thank you very much in advance and I bow my head for your help. Regards, Konrad.

Editor’s note: the author of the text runs a very interesting blog – we recommend following it. He is an extremely enterprising young man who is happy to provide people with any educational guidance. He has a vision of living in a world in which people are humane for one another and create an environment that appreciates, congratulates on one’s successes, supports and grows people so that they use their potential, exceed their inner boundaries and create a better lifestyle for themselves, their families and those they meet on their way. Now he is working to ensure that more than 1,000 people on his team experience the lifestyle they want and achieve lasting success. His guiding principle is to educate people about social media marketing and network business as he is a practitioner of these two areas. For more information, go to his blog at

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