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3 key attitudes to understanding the MLM business

by Maciej Maciejewski

One’s mental attitude is the whole of the beliefs that guide us when making all decisions – both in business and everyday life. A particular attitude in entrepreneurship and business is affected by many factors. I shall do an auto review today. Or self-criticism.

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Attitudes determine actions. The action, in turn, gives the result. Sometimes good, other times not so much. That’s life. The main thing is to learn from experience. To draw conclusions and educate oneself. Therefore, I shall describe the attitudes I had while building my own business in the MLM industry. Read on and draw conclusions.

When I started my adventure with network marketing, my idea of this industry was so distant from the actual reality of this business that the mere thought made me turn red, because to this day I feel silly. After a short while, a smile appears on my face as well. Why? You probably have an mustached uncle or a neighbor who, at every opportunity, will tell you the story of a good friend from the past who used to be on an eight-thousander, or if not them personally, they certainly know someone who has been there and knows how it is. This was also the case with me when I started my business in such a scary-sounding money-making model as MLM.

So much for introduction, let’s move on to the valuable content that I consider crucial in my development over time. The attitudes that I will tell you about are the type of actions and feelings that accompanied my activities. The first attitude is called EXAGGERATED ENTHUSIASM, and although the name “exaggerated” strongly indicates and brings negative feelings, this phase, which I went through at the very beginning, brought some decisive conclusions to my experience.

Starting work in business is the moment when your ego starts to get its first wind and there is a great danger that you will gently start flying away because you are just becoming “the Chairman” and although you only have a handful of a few pennies in your pocket, the prefix “entrepreneur” goes to your head like champagne bubbles. So remember this tip:

Keep natural, authentic. Because people trusted you, not your title.

EXAGGERATED ENTHUSIASM also entails a very bad reception among your close ones, who as a rule negatively perceive any professional changes towards building financial independence in our lives. However, if we are talking about an adventure in multi-level marketing, the situation may turn out to be brutal for you. It’s worth keeping a cool head, take some time to familiarize yourself with the knowledge and strengthen yourself from the practical side. And having a few conversations before you go to town may turn out to be beneficial for you and your business.

Such an ultra-intrusive enthusiasm, which is carried by the cited attitude, also gives a strong positive argument, however – namely, no barriers. Boosted with positive energy and enormous power, like Heracles, you rush to the goal as much as you can, taking no failures into account. This spontaneity gives you the strength to act. The reason to believe that the chance to make your plans come true is enormous.

After exaggerated enthusiasm, which lasted for a few, maybe even a dozen or so weeks, it was time to move on to the stage that I call I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOTHING. Have you ever had the feeling at first that everything is so trivial that you wonder how it is that some levels take so long to work out? I was in this group too. When the dust has cleared after the excitement period, the time has come for a substantive approach to the MLM business. Dash and daring can only get you so far, but there comes a point when you simply fall short on skills.

When I was moving to the phase of developing my hard and soft skills, my team members were dropping out one after another at such a pace that I was unable to acquire new ones. Personally, I believe that this is where the biggest filter arises for leaders. That is the time when:

  • It is necessary to do a lot of work (recruit new people and train them).
  • You have to analyze your effectiveness and observe where there are still some gaps in your performance. You must be sure to pay attention to the way you’re communicating with new people.
  • You need to implement a system (simple, duplicable, trivial enough for a child to grasp).

What may irritate you in this phase of work is the lack of visible results despite all the work. The only right advice – if you have more time, work even more, consult with your upline the people who show willingness to cooperate and support yourself with the upline’s authority in engaging them. Believe me, them talking to these people may turn out to be crucial for their perception of this business.

I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOHING is the feeling that you know a lot and yet know nothing, and this is also due to a loss of self-confidence. You understand the ideas yourself, and don’t understand why the majority of society doesn’t get it. You work more than at the beginning, with more dedication, and the results are much more difficult to achieve. It is a mountain which is unique to climb; it reveals unique views, all the while requiring a lot of attention and work.

And now it’s time for the final of my three key experiences in the MLM business and to draw conclusions from it. After the two attitudes described, which were so unlike each other – EXAGGERATED ENTHUSIASM and I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOTHING, the moment has come when it is worth describing the MORE FOR THAN AGAINST attitude.

What do I mean by calling these final behaviors that? An explicit direction and a result that you have clearly stated in your head. MLM is a race against none other than yourself. It is a path on which you overcome your own weaknesses. This is where you make a profit and loss balance. At this level of consciousness, you already know that passive income in the network marketing system is not what you thought at first, which is to do your thing, close the door behind you, and say arrivederci to everyone. It’s a lifestyle that you enter and take full advantage of because it has become your passion. When? Just as you were crossing the path of the first two stages I described above. There is no finish line here, since you keep moving it meter by meter, because there is always room for growth. Just as you think that you have already worked out a lot, a new situation arises that requires you to have the right attitude and skillful interpretation of behavior. You do not react to the emerging challenges emotionally; you know well that emotions will appear anyway, it is just a matter of preparing for more difficult situations properly.

MLM is primarily the people you create your organization with. Thoroughly-dug, strong foundations will determine its strength.

This attitude is characterized by calmness, self-control, no decisions taken rashly, under emotions. At this stage, you will notice that you can’t buy experience, and you appreciate the role it plays. It is also the moment when the word MLM ceases to be a burden for you when you have to say it when asked what you do. Why? Because you have grasped its strength compared to other earning opportunities.

To sum up my considerations, I would like you to answer a very important, fundamental question after reading this material: where are you? It is important to be able to respond and locate yourself on the timeline in your MLM business. This will help you anticipate and understand the various behaviors in the current situation you are in. So go do your thing. I’ll be rooting for you!

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