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Recruitment in MLM business. Where to get people from?

by Maciej Maciejewski

While working on expanding your MLM business, you also change the level of your competences. You develop your skills, your perspective on problems, your efficiency. Issues that at first seem to be serious obstacles turn out to be insignificant trifles after some time…

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In the initial stage of work in their MLM business, most new entrepreneurs wonder where to recruit new people. Where to find candidates to show your project to and then bring them into business? Pretty soon, it turns out that this is a faulty assumption and a very wrong question. And there are no right answers to wrong questions. Let’s start with the fact that we do not drag anyone into the business. Of course you can do that, but it is a recipe for a quick failure. We don’t need anyone who can be persuaded – we need co-workers. Good grade partners with goals, ambitious, teachable and courageous.

Such people cannot be dragged into anything – they have strong personalities and their own opinions, they are self-confident and always open to values. You are to offer specific attributes, the opportunity to achieve passive income. The right people will appreciate it and join you when you show it to them.

After a while, you start to understand and you have no problems with it anymore, but your new people do. I know it sounds like a fairy tale – don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to get there. Let’s start with the fact that the world of multi-level marketing has changed significantly in the last five years. This is the result of business going online. In its decades of history, network marketing has operated in completely different conditions. Now we live in the era of e-commerce and the time of e-business.

The network business, characterized by high flexibility, has caught a new wind in its sails! There has never been a better time to start your business than now. However, don’t forget that although the old methods are still working and are great, you also need to add new ways of doing things to your network builder competency or you’ll be left behind. So we have two ways to search for candidates – I will discuss them now.

Let us call the first method the traditional one because, like traditional jazz, it has been functioning for many years. There are three groups of people around you. These groups include people you can build your MLM business with, but there are also people with whom you will never, ever build anything. Your task is to separate the interested ones from the uninterested ones. You do this by showing them the business. The three groups are:

  • People you know well: family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.
  • People you know poorly, but meet them: a hairdresser, a lady in a shop, someone you met while walking the dog, people from the gym, etc.
  • People you don’t know. Of course, they are the most numerous group. They are friends of your friends’ friends and potential new business partners.

The work system is very simple – you write a list. Put all the people you know on the list. You will probably forget about half of them at first, so you will keep adding to this list. Discuss your list with your sponsor, then choose the people with whom to start business talks. You will have to meet them and show them the project. These people will answer for themselves how much they are interested in this idea of making money. This way you should make your way through the entire list.

The statistics you can rely on in this case are as follows: 50% of those on the list will not have time to meet, or they will be unavailable, or they simply won’t want to meet. You can meet with the remaining 50%. After a business talk, 20% of them usually want to start a business; they see something for themselves in it (i.e. 10% from the initial list). Another 20% are unconvinced, but not downright against the idea – you can sign them up for a trial period, if you succeed. Personally, I do not recommend soliciting them. You need active people. You can come back to the unconvinced ones later, but for now, make them your clients instead. You will find more people for business on the contact lists that your new partners will write. The numbers will be similar there.

You will learn quickly that there is no problem with the candidates. They are on the lists. In the meantime, you will be meeting new people. After all, they are everywhere. You will also learn to reach out for those you know less. You will talk to someone at the gym, arrange a business meeting, offer your hairdresser to increase the turnover of their salon, etc. Your sponsor will teach you this. So to sum up, on the list of your friends, both close and distant ones, you have enough contacts to find a few people with whom you will start a business. That is not a problem.

The problem is elsewhere. Before you get several YES answers, you will have to go through a dozen NO answers. And it will be like that every time. You should accept it. You may not like it, you may get pissed off, throw shoes and hurl insults, but you just can’t control it. This is the statistics. Your good candidates are mixed in with people who are totally uninterested in your business. And the way to find them is to talk to everyone and discard the negative ones.

This is how it has been working for several decades, and of course it continues… but new things have also arrived! The Internet has appeared, and the time has come for social media. So the second way of searching for candidates for the MLM business has nothing to do with searching. This is a method that can be described as “organizing the candidates”. How does this work?

Your potential contacts are the entire adult community present in social media in the countries that interest you. It can be, for example, several million Facebook users in Poland. In the Internet age, you will learn to work with cold contacts, i.e. with strangers. You can start by building your personal brand on Instagram and Facebook. Then you regularly create content that includes business placement. The idea is to generate a stream of people who will get to you with a question about what you do.

These can be really big numbers. And remember. These people will be really interested. This will give you plenty of freedom to act, and most of all: you will not be bothered by refusals. It is very important that in this case you can create a system that will automatically screen people who do not like the idea.

So you find candidates in a traditional way (a list of friends and acquaintances of their friends – warm contacts) and in a modern way – the Internet (cold contacts). You’ll be using both of these methods over the next few years. It will be a great time and a great adventure! So don’t worry about where to get the candidates – they are everywhere.

The author of the text has been actively building his business in the MLM system in many countries for over 20 years. He actively participated in the creation of the first network structures in Poland in the 1990s, and later in Ukraine and Russia. He saw the development of this business from scratch in markets with varying economic potential. During this time, his organizations grew in the markets of Western and Eastern Europe, and now they continue to grow. He lectures in three languages and knows that practical knowledge is invaluable for those working in network marketing. He runs an interesting blog at:

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