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Are you working or are you looking for the Holy Grail in MLM?

by Maciej Maciejewski

Whoever is merely looking for the Holy Grail in the MLM business will definitely not find it. How do I know? Because I used to look for it as well. I thought that I would find it in another company, or in a new team under the wings of a different leader. But in truth, the Holy Grail is in you. In your commitment and self-esteem. Its name is WORK.

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The time to be lazy is over. After years of looking for the Holy Grail in the MLM business, I finally understood that you just have to work. Does that mean I wasn’t working? I was, but not effectively. This was for a variety of reasons that I couldn’t see then, and now I can see them all. At a glance.

When I started a few years ago, we used to arrange house meetings and participate in promotions at supermarket stands. And although my results were really good, I was running this business on my own. I kept telling myself that I had no luck with people. It might have been a sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but today I know people are simply lazy. The hard workers come along sometimes, but MLM is not for the lazy. That’s all there is to it while working in network marketing.

We keep meeting people all the time, and we’re constantly looking for those who want more in life. I wanted that. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with network marketing? Because it’s a great way for me to combine my work and my life? And if you want to live life your own way, you must have the courage to go against the tide. Because despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, MLM is still seen as a charlatan way of recruitment to a cult and making money on others. In fact, you have to start from the beginning, that is, from our human nature, which makes us prefer to stay in comfort rather than change anything.

We continue our seemingly comfortable work and although it starts to bother us, we can see that we are not using our abilities. It is out of laziness – out of the convenience of doing what you know being better than the unknown, out of fear and lack of self-confidence – that we do not change it. This is easier than viewing MLM as a normal business model and as an opportunity. This system is currently the solution that fits best in socio-economic changes. What obstacles did I encounter while looking for the Holy Grail in MLM?


It’s time to cure the all-encompassing social disease that is laziness. The time to be lazy is over, but the time for lazy people is not. They will be there all the time, and they will multiply. In fact, the word that suits me better to describe laziness these days is comfort. We’re just bloody comfort-oriented. When we have an apartment, cars, holiday trips abroad available to everyone, I can see that it is such a level of comfort that we do not need to reach out for more. We have achieved so much more than our parents did, so why chase for more? Why engage in additional work in network marketing? Why earn more when what you have is enough in general? Sometimes you complain and look with envy at your friend’s another success, saying that some people have all the luck…

Strange times. Raging inflation, unstable economy, mortgage installments getting higher every day – and yet people still prefer to live in the delusion of a comfortable life than to finally take off those stained pink glasses and start looking at reality from a real perspective.


You can read tons of books and continue to dabble in fear of being judged by others. To me, wasting time on what others think or say about you is a sign that you are still not mentally strong enough to focus on your own development without looking at those who will always have their two cents to add. People look at others for years, not having the courage to make decisions about key issues in their lives.

However, I fully understand these kinds of fears because I believe that each of us is in the process. And sometimes you may need more time. I also notice that others’ opinion is often more important than your own. Often, when talking to women, I see these wonderful sparkles in their eyes, plans that MLM would be a great alternative to having a second income in addition to a full-time job, and then… after talking with their husband or partner, there is a refusal. I really appreciate my friends’ opinions. However, when I made the decision to cooperate, I did not ask them for their opinion. They were unable to advise me because they had nothing to do with this business. If you need consultation, it should be with someone who has business experience in MLM. Fear accompanies us when we do not believe in ourselves. We will get rid of the fear of judgment when we truly believe in ourselves and in our abilities.


I did not believe in myself, so I wasn’t spectacularly successful when doing this business. I put it on the shelf for a few years, longing for people’s energy, longing for that promised Holy Grail in the form of good earnings. So what happened that made me come back and act with full POWER? I changed. My life changed. I believed in my POWER. I believed in myself.

Sounds like cultist slogans at an enthusiastic rally? Maybe, but without self-confidence, we are not able to interest people in MLM opportunities. My return to the trade happened a few months ago. While running my traditional business, I also felt the effects of the pandemic, or rather the uncertainty that the coronavirus has caused among entrepreneurs in every sector.

What did my path look like? From flipper to networker – and now I in fact combine the two. When I have a slower time in real estate, I focus on MLM. You can perfectly merge traditional business with MLM business. It’s just a matter of being open to new solutions, looking for opportunities and diligence. Laziness is vanity, and you cannot get water out of a stone.

Time to get to work; diligence and resourcefulness are in our national DNA. That’s right. I see us as a very hardworking nation. Resourceful, which was sometimes referred to as wangling, but somewhere along the way we fell under the delusion of comfort as the greatest achievement in life. And yet, life is not about comfort, but about experiencing it… And to experience it, you just have to WORK first.

Everyone has their own professional and life experiences. Each of us comes from a different background. Each of us is different and we enter MLM with this baggage. It is a work system that verifies your attitude to life, your fears, and also checks how persistent and patient you are. There is no better or worse MLM company. Looking for the Holy Grail is a waste of time. You have to roll up your sleeves and work smart. Don’t drag along those who don’t show commitment. For me, this means confronting my attitude and real-life refusals that result from someone else’s beliefs and have nothing to do with me all the time.

This work system is for tough guys. Seriously. But it’s worth it. It’s always worth it. And in this case, it also pays off. And it’s not just about money. Here you get something more. A new range of competences, courage and faith that you will always get along in life.

You will always manage because building a team in MLM is a really good school of life. Are you ready for such a lesson and the bold search for the Holy Grail in yourself? For the confrontation with your comfort zone, sometimes with your fear, and the building of self-confidence? Network marketing is the greatest personal development opportunity, and, therefore, it is worth taking up this challenge.

The author of the material is a mother and entrepreneur. She has a huge range of experience and knowledge; she is also a volcano of energy. Nothing is impossible for her to do. She works because she wants women to be financially independent since it gives them freedom. She showed her work and the way she went through in her e-book, which can be downloaded for free at You can see an interview with her here: “CORONABUSINESS. How to make money in the time of a pandemic? Part 39 – Aneta Joanna Kaniak”.

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