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LEADER OR STAR? Grandma Zosia’s paradigm in the MLM business

by Maciej Maciejewski

What an amazing business MLM is. Not only because it does not require a financial contribution, and the cost of registration and first purchases would buy you accounting services in a traditional business at best. So there is no need to talk about starting costs here, because they are ridiculous. It is amazing in a completely different area…

You start your own business, but you are not alone with this burden. This is not a typical business situation in which you start the fight against the market and for the market, with no one to help you, but many competitors around and many official controllers hindering your actions instead.

In the MLM system, you get a recipe in your hand. There is a mode of action, there are statistics and there is social evidence that this business is effective and profitable. There is a win-win cooperation.

I don’t know where this comparison came from recently. It came, moved in somewhere between my ears and it doesn’t want to leave me at all. I think how differently multigenerational families, one-generation and childless families sometimes behave.

A 10-year-old plays an inter-class match at school, and not only the class supports them, but also their dad, mum, grandfather and aunt. They do not always cheer them on with their physical presence and shouts during the match, because unfortunately, they might be at work (we all have mouths to feed). But they cheer them on while sending them to school – since morning, they keep telling them: “I’m with you, I keep my fingers crossed for you, you can do it, you’re the best!” Then the whole family boasts about the junior’s successes to all and is truly proud of them.

How many times have you heard people talking about the successes of their daughters or grandchildren? “Ania got into medicine”, grandma Zosia tells her neighbor, grandma Stasia, with excitement. “I’ll bake her favorite cheesecake on Saturday. She said she would visit. I am so proud of her! I remember picking her up from kindergarten, her parents worked from morning to evening and she stayed with me in the afternoons.” Her eyes shine, she enjoys the success of her granddaughter. It is family pride and love – do not be afraid of these words.

These are examples of deep family ties. It’s value. This is how life should be, my friends. This is what family is for; this is how the rules of functioning in the world are made and passed on – through example. We enjoy health and success, not only our own, but also of every family member.  We brag about it.

I also see couples living without family ties. I can see the pursuit of career, material goods and I can see all that glitter. Bragging about one’s possessions. And I hear one subtext – I have it, I got it, I am better. I have a house, I have a car, I have another, even younger wife. Me, me, me – it’s a joke, not healthy rules.

Here’s what’s on my mind lately. It stays there and brings up business situations. After 30 years of activity, when you have seen and heard it all and want to understand the processes, you see certain rules. This is a winner. Someone who makes a lot of money. Holder of badges in their lapel, titles and diplomas. They worked a lot. They are a great motivator (sometimes manipulator). They know all the techniques of building an MLM business. They are immune to failure. They are consistent, stubborn, and sometimes obsessed. They are a successful person. They are at the top and they are alone. They are social proof: yes, you can make money here. You can have houses, carts, money, time. You can put on airs, swim in complacency.


The most important thing is missing – there are no next generations of winners. There are no more houses, no cars, no financial independence. There is no group joy.

What happened? Take a guess. What happened is what always happens when a pseudo-leader focuses on themselves exclusively. It’s such a pompous mindset: I’m great, others are lucky to have me. It is such a star, benevolently showing us the direction at night.


The market has social media. People are smart. They learn and understand. People communicate. The fact that someone has loads of cash is by no means an indicator. The indicator is something else entirely.

What is the mood in the group? How many new awards are there? What is the level of these awards? Can you see that this group is in its growth phase? Can you see team commitment there? Is this an ongoing process?

So what is the market looking for? It’s simple. People are looking for solutions, which is obvious, but people are looking for real leaders. Ones who not only have money, but also genuinely enjoy the success of their partners. They are proud of it. It is their priority.

Such leaders think: “I already know how it works, now I will lead you. I will not let you make the mistakes I made. I will be by your side and you will win. Afterwards, I’ll be more proud of your success than you will.”


A pseudo-leader boasts of their achievements and feels good about it. A leader boasts about the successes of their partners and feels good about it.

These are the thoughts that have been haunting me lately. I wonder if I am the only one? Maybe you also have a similar opinion? Or maybe a different one? Will you share it? Regards.

The author of the text has been actively building his business in the MLM system in many countries for over 20 years. He actively participated in the creation of the first network structures in Poland in the 1990s, and later in Ukraine and Russia. He saw the development of this business from scratch in markets with varying economic potential. During this time, his organizations grew in the markets of Western and Eastern Europe, and now they continue to grow. He lectures in three languages and knows that practical knowledge is invaluable for those working in network marketing. He runs an interesting blog at: www.marekstaszko.pl.

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