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How to lead a new MLM business partner?

by Maciej Maciejewski

Recruitment, i.e. inviting a new person to an MLM business, is the beginning of the road, not the end. Now you have the responsibility of leading your new partner to their promotion. Where to start? What is the most important at the beginning of one’s path in network marketing? How to become a good leader, i.e. an example and motivator for someone else?

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When explaining the difference between commitment and involvement, I always show the example of an egg. Have you heard the comparison to scrambled eggs with bacon? For such a breakfast to be made, a hen is involved and a pig is committed. In leadership, there is a very fine line between the two.

If you want to devote yourself totally to your team… you will probably get their recognition, but you definitely won’t endure. You’ll burn out after a while. You can’t do everything for everyone. However, with your attitude and work, you must set an example for your team. Above all, do what gives you money. Make your turnover grow and make your people produce results. How to combine the two? By being an involved person. By your example, constantly invite new people to business, develop yourself and add new people to your contact list. And that’s all you have to teach the people in your team. Don’t do it for them.

Give them a fishing rod, not a fish! If you are already a leader, your task is to CREATE NEW LEADERS. To do this, you have to rely on duplication. The MLM system means continuous, systematic, repeated steps, only repeated by new people. You will need a work system and a ready-made action plan. Nobody likes to shoot in the dark. Save your team stress, time and mistakes. Develop a system that will allow them to easily duplicate your career path in the company you work with.

Your MLM company probably has training courses ready. I bet there are hundreds or even thousands of them. Every one more important than the other. Everything new and unknown to every beginner. A lot of teams make the same big mistake of learning first and acting later. And in fact, at the very beginning, you do not need to know the marketing plan by heart or the exact composition of products, prices and rules that are to win you the interest of a potential customer. It’s nice that you have all the training, tools and scripts, but if you flood your new coworkers with information at the beginning of their journey, the only thing you will achieve is their terror and feeling of helplessness. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

In fact, there’s only one thing you need to teach a new person to start with, and that’s to effectively invite people to watch your business presentation. That’s all it takes. And it all comes down to the 3 Step System. A new business partner does not need to know the entire salary plan in your company by heart. Let them understand exactly what needs to be done to achieve the first and second promotions in your project. After all, every other project is done the same way, right? Only with more people.

STEP ONE. Show the new person what it takes to achieve their first promotions. How to arrange structure to make sure they get the promotion. Show them how much money they can earn from these first promotions and where the salaries come from at this stage. Show them the first goal to choose and the path they must follow to achieve it.

Personally, I use the video I recorded, in which I clearly presented the first three promotions in our company and described exactly how much needs to be done and what needs to be done to achieve it. In the first video, I also showed how much money can be made on these levels. Then, after my new club member has watched such a video, I check if they understood everything. Do they really know what and how much needs to be done to achieve the first, second and third promotion?

This is also the time to set their goal. What is very important? They themselves choose what promotion they want to achieve and when they want to achieve it. Nobody is anybody’s boss here. No one is entitled to stand over another with a whip in hand and place emphasis on our actions and results. Everyone is their own boss and we set our own goals. Once those are established, we arrange an action plan to be implemented and move on to the second point.

STEP TWO – inviting. This is what everyone should learn to begin with. Effectively inviting to watch a presentation. It doesn’t matter if you want to invite someone to watch a live webinar, a posted video on YouTube, or to a tabletop meeting. An effective invitation should be short and with specific appointments for the next meeting, i.e. follow-up.

You can also record a video for this. Together with our team, we have created a video in which we play the so-called “dry conversations”, that is, we play out pretend conversations inviting people from the warm and cold markets. Family and friends as well as complete strangers. After watching the second training, my new club member calls me and I do the same together with them, that is, I play out different scenarios of such an inviting conversation with them. If they are ready to do that on their own, if they do it well, with ease and with a smile, then I invite them to step three.

STEP THREE. Your new business partner already has a conscious goal. They can also effectively arrange someone to watch a presentation, but don’t have a contact list. In training number 3, I show them how to quickly and easily create their first list of people, whom we then contact together and show them our project.

These three trainings are really not much. You will not overwhelm your new club member with this, and you will make them focus on the right actions that bring specific turnover from the very beginning. The person introduced in this way will be grateful to you because you have just given them INDEPENDENCE, and yourself – another future leader who will duplicate you.

Just remember – be yourself. The “copy-paste” methods, unfortunately recommended by many network marketing leaders, are useless. Before someone asks me if I want to receive a business proposal, I am being showered with more and more speeches on an easy, fast and perfect marketing plan. You know what I’m talking about? This behavior is nothing short of SPAM which is illegal and unethical. Facebook can permanently block you for flooding someone without their consent, e.g. on Messenger. Is it worth the price?

Take the example of someone who has already achieved the success you are striving for, but for God’s sake – be yourself! Do not copy anyone’s behavior. Don’t pretend to be anybody. Show the world your uniqueness. In this way, firstly, you will be authentic and gain trust from the start, and secondly, you will attract people similar to you. This is a way to build a team that understands and supports one another and that you will be happy to work with. This is a method of building a real Dream Team. When you pretend to be a bighead and a smart guy, you’ll only get tired and won’t convince anyone. If you are quiet, calm, serious, then do not pretend to be the life of the party, or people will think you’re crazy.

In conclusion – do not flood your new partner with the sheer volume of training, knowledge and responsibilities. Create a ready-made and simple action plan that will be easily duplicable by anyone. This will allow you to invite new people to see your business presentation in the first week already. If someone does not make any invitation in the first week of their activity, they most likely never will. Above all, make sure that the new person remains themselves. Support, set an example and lead. Be the support, motivator and someone who believes in them above all. Good luck.

The author of the text builds her private network marketing based on cooperation with the MLM project, with which she was announced in one month as No. 1 RECRUITER out of 80,000 business partners associated with the company. She claims this to be her greatest honor. She is the co-author of the blogs at and Together with her husband, they published the book “Blogowskaz – how to set up a blog on WordPress and make money with it”. She says she loves people. Perhaps that’s why she feels like a fish in the water in MLM. Her team are very much her friends. She specializes in interpersonal relations, and in terms of technical matters, helps in professional building of a contact list through various channels and ensures that she will warm up any “cold contact”. If only you give her a chance.

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