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Medifast prepares for growth with new research and development center

by Maciej Maciejewski

Medifast announced the opening of the Medifast Product Innovation Center, a new research and development hub that has been designed to support innovation as the company focuses on expansion. The new center integrates a state-of-the-art office, lab and pilot plant spaces that Medifast anticipates will enhance research and development, packaging engineering, quality assurance and food regulatory efforts.

sources: Pixabay

– The Medifast Product Innovation Center is a pivotal investment for our continued growth. The business’ revenue has more than doubled twice in five years, and we are eager to provide a space to fuel our progress as we look to build on our success in the weight management industry and continue to focus on new segments in the broader health and wellness market. Scientifically developed products are one key component of the OPTAVIA program. This space will allow us to deliver high-quality, unique products to our independent coaches so they can support customers on their journeys to lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time better than ever before – said Dan Chard, Medifast chairman and chief executive officer.

With this center’s new science technology capabilities, the company expects to expand the OPTAVIA offerings to include other healthy habit areas by prototyping on small scale production equipment for powders and bars as well as quality assurance for finished goods.

Medifast team members will now also have access to innovative workspaces, collaboration areas, modular accessories, high-powered IT connectivity, “hoteling” desks for visitors and more, in a center that was designed with health and wellness in mind through motivational branding, natural lighting, ergonomically designed adjustable sit or stand desks and a designated room for nursing mothers.

– The Medifast Product Innovation Center advances our ability to support our scientists and engineers, deepening their technical capabilities. Within this dedicated space, we can ideate new product platforms, test products for optimization and develop new products more efficiently and effectively – comments Doug Zimmermann, Medifast’s vice president of research and development.

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