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How to get people to cooperate in MLM business via Facebook?

by Maciej Maciejewski

Facebook is the king of social media. It is used by more than 1.6 billion people around the world every day. If Facebook was a country, it would be the largest one on Earth. No wonder that most companies and brands use this portal to contact their target groups and thus, their potential customers.

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It is no different in the direct sales system and network marketing, where entities, but also people working within MLMs actively use Facebook to gain contacts, establish relationships, build their image, brand and acquire new partners for cooperation. So I will tell you what to do to attract new people to the MLM business through Facebook.

An attractive and eye-catching Facebook profile? Of course! You should start with the proper preparation of your private Facebook profile. To make it eye-catching and at the same time attractive to your potential partners in the MLM system, you should remember about a few basic elements.

Facebook profile picture. The first thing others notice is your Facebook profile picture. If you want to make a good first impression, there are a few rules to follow. The profile picture should show you. This should not be a group photo, but one that shows just one person. Pets, children, cartoon or movie characters are forbidden in a profile picture – no exception. After all, whose profile is this? Yours or Pluto the dog’s?

The profile picture must show the profile’s owner. It should be clear and, above all, the face should be clearly visible in the photo. Large perspective photos are right out. Do you want to show off Mount Everest behind your back? Great, but not in your profile picture. Remember your profile picture is how you make the first impression. How do you want to be perceived? As a cheerful, joyful and sincere person? So make sure the photo expresses you in this way.

When adding a photo, remember to add a description, i.e. just add a post. Some people who visit your profile will click on your profile picture to enlarge it. This way, apart from the photo, the full post will also be shown to them. Most people do not use this advertising space. However, it is a great place to write what you do and put all the links you want there, e.g. to your blog, landing page or offer.

Facebook cover photo. As with your profile picture, this is a very important place. In this space, you can confidently communicate what you do and give a call to action in order to redirect people to, for example, a page where they can download a free guide from you. In the case of a cover photo, it is also worth adding a description to the post to use this space and include information about what you do as well as all important links.

Description, presentation and information on Facebook. In this space, it is worth inserting the necessary information and links that will encourage Internet users to visit the websites you care about. I put a link to the blog there and a link to the blog page where visitors can download the guide from me by subscribing to the mailing list. If you have such possibilities, you can also do it, but it would be just as good if you put a link to a survey you created there in order to let people establish cooperation with you.

Adding people from your target group to your friends. If your profile is well prepared, you can proceed to the next stage, which is inviting the right people to your friends group. Please note that Facebook offers us a limited number of people in the friends group, which is only 5,000. Contrary to appearances, that isn’t much and you need to carefully choose the target group to which you will direct your activities.

You can, for example, choose people who already operate in the MLM system. How to do that? There are several ways. Join Facebook groups that are about network marketing. The people you find in these groups have something to do with the topic of multilevel marketing – either they collaborate on their own or are interested in it. You can send friend requests to these people. Another possibility is a fanpage related to MLM or even official fanpage of companies that operate in MLM. Simply join and view the posts that appear there. Reactions to posts such as likes or comments are left by those who are probably already active in the network marketing industry. You can send a friend request to such people.

It’s a good idea to send a welcome message in the next step. You can do this right away, when you send a friend request or when the person accepts your friend request. It is important that such a message is neutral, no sales or recruitment. Just say hello and write why you are sending the invitation. This may be information like: “Hello, Facebook offered me a being friends with you. I can see that we operate in a similar sector. I sent you an invitation because it would be nice to have an inspiring person among my friends. Best regards”. As you can see, this is a simple message of courtesy and without any sales, MLM recruitment or spam.

The same can be done in any target group. If you want people who, for example, are sellers, you can do the same by joining the appropriate groups or appropriate fanpages. This way, you can reach almost any target group, e.g. entrepreneurs or those who deal with insurance, telemarketers, hairdressers, people from the beauty industry and whoever you want.

Publish valuable content! It is worth attracting people so that they themselves would like to join you in MLM. You can do this by posting valuable content. What is valuable content? In fact, this topic could be developed into a separate thread, so in a nutshell… They can be quotes or nuggets of wisdom from books that you are reading or have read before. These can be business books, investment books, guides, biographies, books about marketing or the broadly understood personal development. In such books it is easiest to find something inspiring, something worth sharing with others.

It is also worth publishing photos, videos, or even live streaming. Such multimedia content will attract much more attention than just plain, gray, boring text. Share your results, brag about your achievements both big and small. It’s also worth following other people who run their Facebook profile well to get inspired by the posts they publish. It’s not worth doing copy/paste posts, but it’s always worth getting inspired.

If someone reacts to the content you post, it is worth reaching out to them. Then there are two options: you can develop deeper relationships for a long time by messaging with this person, or you can act directly. Which way do you choose? That’s only up to you.

Finally, I would like to add that the strategy of acquiring people to cooperate in MLM using Facebook works for those who use it systematically. This isn’t a method that will cause an avalanche of people willing to cooperate overnight, but by using it systematically and persistently, working at 100%, you will have results.

The author of the text has been dealing with online marketing for over 11 years and has already helped thousands of people promote their brands in the online world. He specializes in blogging and email marketing. He has conducted hundreds of proprietary trainings. He is a co-owner of and He runs his network marketing podcast called “Marcin Gurtowski’s Podcast”. Together with his wife, they published a book Blogowskaz”, in which they teach how to create a profitable blog. He successfully combines his online skills with network marketing, which he considers to be one of the best and fairest forms of income building. He focuses on building a community by providing valuable and helpful content. With this, he gains trust, and this makes people want to join his team. His goal is not to have to introduce himself to anyone in his trade.


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