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SUNRIDER & QNET. A story about how network marketing is developing in Africa

by Maciej Maciejewski

Sunrider International opens maternity center in Ethiopia. QNET launches operations in Nigeria. Here’s a short but true story about how the MLM system thrives on the black land. We invite!

sources: Pixabay

Sunrider International donated more than half of the price of each ticket to its 2021 Grand Convention to benefit three separate nonprofit partners. One of these partners was Engage Now Africa, an international nonprofit that works with local and federal government agencies to offer aid, care and infrastructure. Through funds raised by Sunrider’s campaign, reaching $25,000, Engage Now Africa was able to construct a new maternity clinic which will now serve more than 30,000 women and children.

– The Wonber Maternal Health Center will be a very needed facility in this remote area in Ethiopia, because currently, women do not have a center to deliver their babies or receive prenatal and postnatal care. Women are forced to deliver their baby in their home, often alone or with the help of a midwife – said Diana Bingham, East Africa director of engage now Africa.

QNET announced it has expanded its operations into Nigeria. At the same time, the company also unveiled its partnership with Transblue Limited, a Nigerian company that provides businesses with freight support, advisory services and end-to-end compliance management services to expand product accessibility across Nigeria. QNET expects this collaboration will allow it to leverage Transblue’s robust market presence and local expertise to craft an enhanced customer service experience, provide training to local distributors and facilitate faster access to products.

– The entry of QNET in Nigeria is in line with the government of Nigeria’s vision to partner with the private sector to effectively achieve the desired economic recovery and transformative growth. At QNET, we intend to play our part by boosting entrepreneurship in Nigeria through our well-established global e-commerce and direct selling ecosystems – comments Biram Fall, QNET regional general manager sub-Saharan Africa.

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