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TEAM SPIRIT IN MLM BUSINESS. How to get people to want to join your group?

by Maciej Maciejewski

How to get people to want to join your network marketing team? Show them it’s worth it! Show that your team stands out. Show team spirit. Make those watching your team want to join you. How to do that? Enjoy your reading.

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Team profile. Do you have a profile on Facebook or another social networking site? I suppose you do. But do you have your own facebook group or fanpage led by your entire team – or at least a few people from your team? This is very important. You have results. You already have a built structure. You can already show off your results, but can every new person in your team do the same?

Not necessarily. That is why a group shows the overall results. In the group, show how you work every day. Show how you support each other. Show the teamwork. Do interviews and live training sessions together. Make this group a substitute for what you are. How wonderful is your team?! What knowledge do you have? What values do you share? Announce your team’s promotions in the group.

Show how important the team is to you. Show the opinions of the people in your team about you. Opinions on whether and why it is worth learning from you. Why is it fun to be in this community. Your words are ok, but public opinion influences the way people outside your team look at you the most. In the MLM business, this is called the social proof. Someone gave you a beautiful “thank you” for the training in a comment? Someone thanks you for introducing a new person to the team? Someone was touched by the fact that they joined your wonderful team? Great! Show it off!

Make the group open to everyone or let it be closed and add people you already have in the so-called “process”, i.e. those who are already wondering whether to join you. Let them follow your growth, let them see your results and let them know what they have already lost for not having joined you some time ago already.

Build Trust. How to build trust with someone who doesn’t know you? It’s simple. Show them that you already have an action plan for anyone who would work with you. Nobody likes to shoot in the dark. Nobody likes buying a pig in a poke, so reveal some secrets about your plan. Emphasize that you have one. Show the results of everyone who implements this plan. Remember to highlight that your action plan is simple and duplicable for everyone.

Don’t brag about your knowledge too much before you get to know someone. Colloquially speaking, dumb it down as much as you can. If you flood someone with great knowledge and experience, they may become discouraged from cooperating with you. Why? For a simple reason. They will think that in order to be effective, they must know and do everything you know and do. Do not scare them away; simply encourage them with your willingness to help, a ready-made action plan, and take care of them during first contact.

My above-average recruitment results are due to the fact that I am warm to everyone and I sort of mother them at the beginning of the road. This is what this is all about. Already during the first phone call, when you flood them with your heart and interest in that person – you will win! To be interesting – you have to be interested. Remember that. Remember, too, that nothing builds trust like transparency. So let them get to know you. Show your results, show working methods, show failures and successes. Those who show themselves gain authenticity in the eyes of Internet users.

Don’t be bossy. Be a partner and a good friend. Nobody likes being ordered around (unless they have such a fetish, and apparently every has its enthusiasts). Show that your team does not have a boss and employees. Show how you are all equals. Emphasize that no one judges anyone around here; on the contrary, everyone is appreciated for their presence and involvement.

People want to be assured that no one is standing over them with a whip and pushing for them to pick up the pace or provide results. Show that each person decides for themselves how much money they want to make, what promotion they want to achieve and how long do they want it to take.

It’s all known and trivial – but people really like to hear such assurances. Show your integration trips. Show a smile during video conferences. Show the variations and communicate to bystanders how great your working atmosphere is as much as you can. Show fun and joy. Let everyone know what a tight pack you are. Just like that…

Make “show” turn into “do it”! Artificial mood. Pretend relationships. Forced smile and false words may do the job, but only for a while. Maybe you will make someone join your team with empty talk, but they will definitely not stay and will not want to develop it. Be a good friend to everyone who joins you. Don’t make yourself better. Actually help. Actually have an action plan in place for each of your new business partners. Support them in their work and praise them for every bit of work they do. Appreciate their activity, presence and commitment. Let them make mistakes. Don’t judge. Don’t criticize. Don’t discourage.

Meet with your team regularly and, apart from business, let something more connect you. Obviously, not everyone is likable. Everyone is different and has a different worldview, but be tolerant. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself and you will earn their respect and trust.

Remember that it is important how a person feels after talking to you. It only proves what sort of a leader you are, but it also simply shows what sort of person you are. Therefore, treat everyone as royalty and they will repay you in kind.

Set an example. Besides praising. Apart from giving directions, supporting and helping – you must set an example of a good leader yourself. A good leader is one who, above all, is still in phase 1 all the time, i.e. in the phase of acquiring contacts and inviting people to business. The money in any industry comes from trading. In an MLM system first of all. Including yours. So set an example.

Make an order on the first day of your new billing period. Conduct business meetings regularly. Present your business. Also add someone to your contact list every day. Show others it’s not difficult. Show them where the results come from. Lead your team and walk them to victory with the right decisions and actions. This attitude will create a true team spirit and it will be visible to those who stand by and watch you. Let’s get to it! I keep my fingers crossed!

The author of the text builds her private network marketing based on cooperation with the MLM project, with which she was announced in one month as No. 1 RECRUITER out of 80,000 business partners associated with the company. She claims this to be her greatest honor. She is the co-author of the blogs at and Together with her husband, they published the book “Blogowskaz – how to set up a blog on WordPress and make money with it”. She says she loves people. Perhaps that’s why she feels like a fish in the water in MLM. Her team are very much her friends. She specializes in interpersonal relations, and in terms of technical matters, helps in professional building of a contact list through various channels and ensures that she will warm up any “cold contact”. If only you give her a chance.

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