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QNET’s switch to cloud-based security provides boost to productivity and bottom line

by Maciej Maciejewski

Operating in e-commerce can be a magnet for cybercriminals who seek to mine valuable customer data and operating information. Securing digital infrastructure is essential for companies who want a robust online presence, but for QNET, that security had been both a high priority and incredible challenge.

sources: Pixabay

Previously, the company’s security was implemented through piecemeal products without a deeper understanding of how each component independently operated.

– It was like Jenga you’re afraid to touch anything because everything might come crashing down. There was extreme pressure at all hours of the day and night. Trying to do anything was extremely difficult, and the applications were often very brittle – comments Ameer Deen, QNET chief technology officer.

Recently, the company switched to a more holistic system through Microsoft Security’s cloud-based solutions and has found the approach more functional and secure. Cloud-based security provides QNET’s team ongoing feedback on the infrastructure’s performance and has given the company’s IT team the confidence to take a more proactive role in managing the company’s security needs.

– Though the fundamentals are pretty much the same as on-premises, what truly changes when you go to the Microsoft cloud platform is the operating model and how you interact with your infrastructure. Automated workflows, APIs, tools, powerful UI, and improved governance bring repeatability and stability – Deen said.

Cyberattacks can take a company offline for hours or days, inflicting damage that impacts a company’s financial standing and reputation. QNET is finding that this new cloud-based strategy, backed by an experienced company with AI and machine learning capabilities, has mitigated those risks, better securing not only the company’s online presence, but its financial investment as well.

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