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Coway receives AA rating for its ESG initiatives

by Maciej Maciejewski

Coway Ltd. has earned AA in the 2022 MSCI ESG ratings. MSCI, an organization that provides critical decision support tools and services, uses a rules-based methodology to determine companies’ exposures to environment, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities.

MSCI’s rating system ranges from AAA (leader) to CCC (laggard). The rating of AA resides in the leader ranking of the MSCI scale and affirms Coway’s commitment to ESG initiatives, including its goal to become net zero by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) by 50% by 2030.

Through intentional environmental protection and sustainability efforts, Coway successfully reduced 104.4 tons of GHG emissions by generating renewable solar energy, currently recycles 99% of the waste generated from its products, services and business sites, and established an ESG Committee under the board of directors for strategic ESG management.

– We’re pursuing ESG management at a company-wide level to fulfill financial performance as well as environmental and social responsibility. We’ll continue to improve our ESG management systems for our sustainable future – a representative of the company stated.

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