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Juice Plus+ rebrands image to attract younger audience

by Maciej Maciejewski

Juice Plus+ announced its biggest rebrand since the company’s launch in 1993 and a renewed ambition to become the number one plant-based nutrition brand in the direct selling industry & network marketing. This new brand identity is designed to attract a younger, more diverse audience with a bolder tone in its logo, photography and fonts, and features packaging that could be deemed “counter-worthy.”

The company is embracing “nature’s colors” in its new visual identity, with a brighter color palette that draws inspiration from the fruits, veggies and berries that are important ingredients in the products. New Juice Plus+ marketing materials will also feature a more modern tone of voice that aligns well with the company’s relaunch of its social media accounts.

– The competitive environment has changed so it’s time to reintroduce Juice Plus+ to the world. We want people to know we are here and in fact, we’ve been here, innovating, for almost 30 years. We’ve always taken advantage of the latest advancements in plant-based nutrition and look for ways to bring our products as close to nature as possible. We want a brand that is beautiful enough to earn a spot in your kitchen or bathroom. It’s not just a new logo, it’s a complete refresh of our visual identity. We are so excited to inspire healthy living around the world with the new Juice Plus+ brand – said Sasha Laman, vice president of global marketing at Juice Plus+.

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