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Oriflame launches business in Germany

by Maciej Maciejewski

Oriflame announced its launch in Germany. Germany adds to Oriflame’s list of over 60 markets that it operates. The official launch of sales in this country took place on November 30th. Germany joins the European region of Oriflame under the leadership of vice president Koppany Berkes with country representative Lilian Facht managing this new market.

This is the first time in more than 20 years that Oriflame launches in a new European market. This presents a unique business opportunity as Germany features one of the largest Direct Selling markets in the world: 60% of German consumers trust family and friends’ recommendations as their #1 buying information source.

Country representative Lilian Facht said: – In preparations for the launch of this market, we received a lot of positive feedback from social selling entrepreneurs in Germany and neighboring countries, who expressed their interest in joining Oriflame as brand partners and recommending our products to customers from day one. We welcome these founding members into our global beauty community and wish them great success.

Brand partners in Germany will utilize the latest version of Oriflame Success Plan, those recently launched business digital tools such as Oriflame App, as well as the constantly developing product range of beauty and wellness products. Oriflame’s newly launched e-catalogue will be available in Germany for shopping and ordering. The opening of Germany will give the Oriflame leaders around the world the opportunity to build sales teams in this market.

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