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Mannatech to launch in Thailand

by Maciej Maciejewski

Mannatech, Incorporated announced the next phase of its planned ASEAN region market expansion, with an official launch into the Thailand market scheduled for 2023. The company pointed to the country’s high population and a pre-existing direct sales market opportunity of approximately $3.1 billion and dietary supplement market of $3.9 billion as key factors in their decision.

The company now expects Thailand to be its “bridgehead for pioneering the Southeast Asian market.” – In 2023, Mannatech is expected to enter the Thai market and create a new growth engine. Mannatech has been exporting domestically developed products to overseas branches in Japan, China, and Australia, so we have the confidence that our products and business capabilities will work overseas as well – said Roh Jae-hong, general manager of Mannatech Korea.

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