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Juice Plus+ launches first TV campaign

by Maciej Maciejewski

For the first time, Juice Plus+ has launched an ad campaign in the US that will appear on cable TV and streaming services. The campaign is designed to serve as a reminder that the foundation of health lies in eating fruits and vegetables.

Before its launch this week, Juice Plus+ conducted consumer testing with 1,500 US participants who had never heard of the brand. When shown three separate scripts, the respondents felt most engaged by the messaging that encourages consumers to include more fruit and vegetables in their diets as well as diversifying their intake of naturally grown food.

– With over 1 million customers and 200,000 partners globally we knew the time was right to share our story with new audiences. Addressing a common issue in the health and wellness world, we’ve stripped back the overcomplicated messaging around a healthy lifestyle. Our concept for the ad is ‘goodness is our natural state,’ going back to the origins of our products and how each ingredient is grown where nature intended it to be grown. The ad is an exciting step for us as a brand, so it was important to show the essence of the Juice Plus+ ethos: keeping wellness simple and achievable by prioritizing fruit and vegetables, in any form – said Sasha Laman, Juice Plus+ vice president of global marketing.

As part of this campaign, Juice Plus+ is also partnering with nonprofit organization Food Finders, which provides nourishment to families in need.

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