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LACORE acquires Jeunesse Global

by Maciej Maciejewski

LACORE, the global leader in multi-client turn-key social selling and marketing is pleased to announce the acquisition of 100% ownership and managing interest of Jeunesse Global, a recognized top international network marketing company.


The acquisition by a LACORE affiliate company will bring Jeunesse Global’s industry-leading skincare and wellness products to LACORE’s umbrella of companies, strengthening its position in the international health and beauty market. LACORE will assist Jeunesse in creating an unparalleled infrastructure to support its extensive distributor network across 30 offices in 8 global regions, servicing customers in 124 countries around the world.

LACORE CEO Terry LaCore began his career in sales and distribution as an independent distributor. Never forgetting what it takes to build an organization of trusted retailers and customers – he has leveraged his 25+ years of expertise to develop a global ecosystem. As a product and technology innovator, Terry has developed worldwide support services uniquely positioned to support the social selling industry.

– We are excited to welcome the Jeunesse Global team to the LACORE family and look forward to working together to continue delivering high-quality products and innovative solutions to our customers – said Terry LaCore.

Terry LaCore is immediately appointing Jason Borné as CEO. Borné brings an 18+ year relationship with LACORE and over 30 years of networking experience with a focus on leadership development, sales and training. Borné will work alongside a newly established distributor advisory group, and corporate sales training leaders to drive Jeunesse revenue and the quality of both the customer and distributor experience.

– I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of Terry LaCore and his team’s vision to launch Jeunesse Global into a new era with servant leadership, and a win-win distributor first driven business to service customers across the world – stated Jason Borné.

LACORE is also naming Demont Rainge as COO. Demont Rainge has over 20 years of experience in operational control and Global Supply Chain. He brings a wealth of both knowledge and experience in strategic planning, manufacturing, as well as all other aspects of Supply Chain, with a proven track record of driving growth and efficiencies globally. LACORE will also be appointing representatives to the Jeunesse board of managers including Terry’s trusted advisor Jenifer Grace. Teaming up with Terry in 2008, and then joining full-time in 2010, Grace leads legal and operational aspects at LACORE. She enjoys learning both the new aspects of each business, as well as each area of the law involved with its operation and protection. Grace brings a practical and positive approach to problem-solving.

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