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Herbalife announces senior executive changes

by Maciej Maciejewski

Herbalife announced a leadership succession plan. As part of its succession plan, the company is announcing current chief operating officer Mark Schissel’s retirement after 16 years of service. Frank Lamberti will be appointed to chief operating officer.

sources: Pixabay

Frank Lamberti will oversee product innovation and supply chain, digital content and infrastructure, distributor and sales analytics, and back office operations. He joined Herbalife in 2005 as vice president of investor relations and has served in numerous leadership positions, including most recently, as regional president of the Americas. Before that, he was executive vice president, distributor & customer experience.

In addition, Herbalife announced the expanded role of Ibi Montesino, EVP and chief of staff, and the appointment of Rob Levy to regional president of the Americas. Ibi Montesino’s expanded role will encompass all distributor-facing business including sales, marketing and distributor operations, as well as all aspects of employee relations. She joined Herbalife in 1998 as an assistant. Then, she transitioned to product marketing. She served in multiple capacities including vice president of sales and marketing for the entire North America market. Currently, she is executive vice president of distributor and customer experience.

Rob Levy has been appointed regional president of the Americas and will be responsible for all strategic, sales and marketing functions across the region. His oversight will include North America, South and Central America, Mexico and Brazil. With 28 years at the company, Levy has run every region during his tenure, and was key to the company’s expansion to numerous markets. He is currently serving as executive vice president of worldwide distributor affairs.

All three executives will assume their roles effective July 1, 2023 and report directly to Michael Johnson, chief executive officer. – I have worked with Frank, Ibi and Rob at various points during their careers, and I have complete trust in them. I know they will bring wisdom, passion and hard work to these roles. I’m proud and excited to be on their team – said Herbalife’s CEO Michael Johnson.

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