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DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB – an incentive program with a yacht in the lead role

by Maciej Maciejewski

Incentive programs in multi-level marketing are an important element influencing the good results of business partners. It is, among others, thanks to them that MLM companies can boast of high turnover and attract new associates. One of the most interesting incentive programs in the MLM industry is FOUNDERS CLUB which is offered by DUOLIFE.

It all began in Malta

It is on this small island in the middle of the hot Adriatic Sea that the co-founders of DUOLIFE SA decided to buy a yacht and establish the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB program. As the president of the management board of DUOLIFE SA Bartosz Królikowski says: “We decided that it would be a fantastic place to invite leaders here and spend time with them”. And it hapenned! The yacht was bought and the dream of the DUOLIFE co-founders became a reality.

The idea behind the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB is to integrate with the members of the DUOLIFE Club and appreciate their hard work. It is on the luxurious DUOLIFE YACHT that co-founders and leaders have the opportunity to meet in person, have a nice time together and conduct inspiring conversations that will allow Club Members to move forward all the time. Not at online conferences, not by chance during company events, but next to each other, live, in beautiful natural circumstances. This is what defines the power of this program.

DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB is to inspire and motivate to action. As stated by Beata Kapcewicz, an international speaker and trainer, a mentor of brave brands: “I think that if Club Members see their friend or leader on such a yacht, it will spark inspiration to dream, to reach for more, to gain new qualifications, to dare to dream again”.

These words probably best summarize what DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB is and what intentions motivated the creators of the program. The idea of a human being in the center of attention, the desire to integrate, inspiration to fulfill one’s dreams and expanding competences are the main assumptions of DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB.

A luxury cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

The idea of DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB was born among the waves of the Adriatic Sea and is continued there as well. The luxurious DUOLIFE YACHT is moored at the rocky coast of Croatia, and this is where the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB cruises take place.

The program is designed for the best and most active leaders of the DUOLIFE club. To get into the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB, you must go through the qualification process. It is an incentive to work hard, to increase your results and competences. This, of course, requires a lot of time, sacrifices and dedication. At the finish line, however, there is a reward in the form of an unforgettable cruise with the co-founders of DUOLIFE SA.

DUOLIFE YACHT meets all definitions of comfort and luxury. Club Members who participate in the DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB are welcomed with a special welcome drink. Then, stepping on the red carpet, they go to the yacht. There, special gifts await them along with branded clothes.

During the cruise, a 3-person crew watches over the satisfaction and comfort of the participants. Drinks, snacks and delicious regional cuisine are served on board. The cruise itself lasts 4 days and takes place off the beautiful coast of Croatia. Delicious food, family atmosphere and a luxury yacht are conducive to many interesting, substantive discussions, having fun together and celebrating… life.

Management Board of DUOLIFE SA and participants of the program have the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange experiences and inspire each other in order to work even harder, and thus, celebrate the moments together even more joyfully during subsequent joint cruises.

An ocean of opportunities for new club members

Incentive programs like DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB increase the credibility and attractiveness of DUOLIFE in the eyes of new club members. They have the opportunity to see that from the first day in the company, they have the opportunity to take part in something special, and their hard work will be rewarded.

Seeing the prospect of a luxury cruise among the best leaders and co-founders of DUOLIFE SA, the new club member is motivated from the very beginning to act and increase his/her turnover. It is worth quoting the words of Łukasz Godyń, vice-president of the management board of DUOLIFE SA, who stated: “From the beginning, we have dreamed of changing people’s lives in such a way, to broaden horizons, change perspective, show the ocean of opportunities that DUOLIFE gives them and the fact that what we do”.

Such words and awards in the form of DUOLIFE FOUNDERS CLUB are sufficient motivators to start your adventure with multi-level marketing.

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