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LifeWave Corporate. The Holy Grail in the field of health and social networking business

by Maciej Maciejewski

LifeWave is a business with a vast potential which only comes along once every 100 years on the sales market. The products and their effectiveness have surprised even the founder himself, David Schmidt, who launched the project in 2004. 15 years later, after launching many amazing products, he introduced to the world a new one, named X39, it is the ‘Holy Grail’ in the field of health, that activates stem cells and rejuvenates them.

LifeWave technology is inherently very simple to use, it’s available in the form of non-transdermal (not penetrating the skin) patches that are placed on the skin. It has no side effects and it is based on phototherapy, the science that uses light, causing effects on a cellular level. Nothing gets into the body- no chemical or natural substance, no drug, no pill, no injection. The uniqueness of this technology is proven by international patents. The effects are numerous and much- needed for the contemporary mankind and for the animals.  From pain relief, improved sleep pattern, and increased energy levels to faster wound healing, better health and well-being.

The LifeWave company and its scientific achievements are in fact in the top rank of the  latest, the most spectacular, and the finest in the field of studies on regeneration of the human body.

Millions of dollars were invested in over 80 research studies, both clinical and pilot. They were carried out to support all the claims made by LifeWave. There is a long list of benefits when it comes to using just one product – a patch worn on the skin, placed anywhere on your body, and you can’t feel it when it starts working. Every patch reflects infrared radiation generated by the body and sends it to stimulate points on the skin, at the same time, it causes multiple, highly beneficial bodily reactions at a cellular level.

David Schmidt knew that he was dealing with something extraordinary when he started letting out samples of X39 in summer 2018. The opinions were very positive and surprising. The sales increased from the baseline of approximately 25 million USD in 2018 to over 130 million USD in total annual sales generated at present, when thousands of new, independent distributors join LifeWave every month.

New markets for this business open regularly in various parts of the world. Currently you can find LifeWave products in over 100 countries. In the next 10 months LifeWave will expand into Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Japan is the fastest growing country in the world.

The potential is huge. USA, as a second largest market (in terms of sales volume) is also growing very fast. Europe has already known LifeWave since a couple of years, and it has just realised the full potential of X39 product. Poland is one of the top 5 European markets in terms of sales. As a Polish LifeWave Group, we’re just starting. From products that have no competition and are not really difficult to distribute and to grow this business. Nowadays, thanks to LifeWave products and the transformation of the company into a global business, we are approaching our first billion dollars of turnover, and the world begins to recognize us as an important player on the MLM market.


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